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BBW Seeking NSA Sex
BBW seeking men
DO NOT SEND ME CARDS!!! I will NOT respond!

I'm moving this request to the top, since it seems that people can't be bothered to read my whole ad: ***DO NOT SEND ME CARDS!!!***

Single BBW looking for on-going NSA sexual encounters with a man or several men. Interested in fit or average sized men, aged 37-54 only. I will not meet anyone younger than 37.

I have a high sex drive (need it several times a day), but don't have the time to make that happen (can only meet 3-4 days/wk). Safe Sex Only - condoms condoms condoms!!!

I am sexually adventurous, and kinda kinky. LOVE to have my picture taken, enjoy sex in semi-public places (SUVs are fan-fucking-tastic!!), and enjoy having sex in front of other people. I did belong to a Swinger's group, but stopped going. Might be interested in going to a new group with the right person or couple.

I enjoy giving blowjobs (don't swallow), love getting my ass smacked, and with enough stimulation I am a squirter!

I enjoy doggy, reverse cowgirl, missionary, and with plenty of lube I LOVE getting it up my ass! I have experience with MFM, and want to repeat it.

**Do Not Send Cards!!! I cannot reply to them, since I'm not a paying member**

If you cannot be bothered to submit an ad, or fill out the questionnaire, I cannot be bothered to reply to you.

For those who send me "Tickles", know that I appreciate the kindness, and I am not being rude, but because I am a Free Member, I cannot reply to you
Remember that an ad ....
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Sexy Stories
Thought I'd share with you some erotic stories. Some of them are real and actually happened to me (I'll mention when/where in the 1st sentence), and others are naughty emails that I sent to other people. Enjoy!
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So Long to a Favorite Place
Sunday, July 3, 2016
 So sad.  The Crestwood Mall is finally moving forward with demolition, and they started with the parking lot and parking garage.

DAMN!!!  I got some great fucking in those places, an had one of the BEST (and LOUDEST!) orgasms of my entire life in that garage!!!  It's where I learned that I get soaking wet with a little 'tie me up, tie me down'!

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Blackmailed for Bitcoins
Friday, October 9, 2015
Well, as everyone should be aware, the Ashley Madison site was hacked a few months ago, and users' account info, profiles and activities were stolen.

As probably expected by everyone, the scam artists are out in force.  I received an email on Sunday, stating that if I didn't pay them 2 Bitcoins in 24hours, they would inform my "significant other, family, and work contacts" about all of my "cheating" and send them all of my Ashley Madison info including photos.  They then included some helpful information on how to purchase the Bitcoins to pay off the blackmailers!

They did give me some leeway, telling me if I couldn't make the 24hr deadline, they would give me 4 more days to pay, but that then the price would go up to 5 Bitcoins (each Bitcoin equals 244. dollars).  They ended the email with the ominous warning that trying to report them to authorities would be useless.

Well, I don't have and have never had an account with Ashley Madison!  And I immediately copied the header and sent the emails on to the FBIs scam reporting site.

I then got onto FB to warn all of my friends and family about the scam.  I also took the opportunity to come out to them,  to "inform" them that I was a single adult woman who enjoys sex, and that sometimes I use dating sites to find people to have "fun" with.  Not surprisingly, no one was shocked to hear that I like sex!
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Happy Birthday to Me!
Wednesday, May 21, 2014
I'm feeling incredible today!  It's my 43rd B-Day today, and I'm horny as all hell, and need a good fuck or two (or 3 or 4!).

Changed my profile pic to show off my huge DDDs   .  Its an old pic, but I have some fine titties!  I played with them for about an hour this morning, made myself cum several times - now I just need to find a cock or two to play with!

On my way to the sex toy shop in Arnold.  Need to pick up some new vibrating eggs and a clit teaser - I've worn out the motors on the ones I already have!  Maybe I'll find someone there to play with!
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Fantasy Fulfillment - and then some!
Sunday, January 19, 2014
Finally fulfilled one of my long-standing fantasies yesterday!  I called one of my fuck buddies yesterday when I was feeling extremely horny and asked to meet for a quickie.  Well, he was 'up' for it!

We met in the grocery store lot, and I climbed into his crew-cab pick-up truck.  As I directed him on where to drive, I was busy unfastening my jeans and shimmying out of them and my lacy hipsters.  Twisting around on the seat, I braced my left foot on his shoulder and spread my legs to expose my wet and swollen pussy to him. Leaning against the passenger door, I worked my shirt and bra under my DDD titties and began pinching my nipples.  "Oh, you are a freaky bitch!" he said.

"Stick your fingers in me, and see how freaky I can get" I told him.  So, there I was, nearly naked in the front seat of his pick-up, driving down the street with his fingers fucking my wet juicy pussy, and nearly causing two accidents as on-coming drivers looked into the cab!

We finally got to out destination... the self-service car wash, about 10ft from the street and in plain view of anyone who was driving west.

I climbed out of the cab, naked now, and opened the back passenger door to get into the back seat.  Laying down on the bench, I opened up the driver's rear door, hung my head back off the edge of the bench and deep throated his cock!  Playing with my bouncing titties with my left hand, I used my right hand to pleasure my pussy.  G-d! I was soo wetttt!  

Telling me that he was going to cum soon, and that he wanted to cover my tits in his hot spew, he pulled out of my mouth and began tittie-fucking me.  Grabbing hold of my big bouncing titties, he squeezed my DDDs around him cock, twisting and pinching my nipples as he glided and shoved back and forth.  My head still hanging over the bench, I was able to kiss, lick and suck his balls as they swung in front of me.

As I felt his balls draw up tight with his impending blast, I took my right hand, covered in my sweet juice, and fed my fingers to him.  Tasting my girl goo pushed him over the edge, and he began to spurt, coating my heaving breasts with what felt like an entire cup of cum!

Wiping the cum off of my titties for me, my friend thanked me profusely but worried that he was too satisfied to "help me out".  I told him not to worry, that he knew that I could get him going again, and that we would be fucking each other in minutes.  Telling him to climb into the backseat with me (and out of the 38d temps!!!), I pushed the driver's seat forward and tilted the back into the steering wheel.  I then straddled my friends legs while leaning against the back of the drivers seat back (huh?).  This "put me on display" for him...and for anyone driving or walking by.  

Reaching between my legs, I found that my labia were so swollen that my pussy was wide open, just waiting to be filled.  Running my fingers up and down my edges, I began panting, the tingles speeding from my cunt and clit and finding my nipples within seconds.  Looking at my friend, I saw that his attention was riveted to the motions of my fingers.   Leaning forward, I gave him a deep kiss, then moved his mouth to my achingly erect nipples while taking his hand and guiding his fingers to my soaking wet pussy. This man sure knows his way around a nipple!  He doesn't hurt me while he's playing with them, but he sucks for so long and with such fantastic pressure that I end up with black & blue hickys on my nipples for a week!

While he buried his face between my pillowy breasts and his fingers were busy caressing my g-spot and labia, I reached out to find his cock was more than happy with what was happening!  Telling him to grab a condom and to be ready, I moved my fingers back to my pussy.

Rubbing my clit in ever more frantic circles while he continued to finger fuck my pussy, my pleasure was climbing higher and higher, and I was moaning, panting and groaning louder and louder as I got closer to climax.  Making sure he had the condom in place, I then impaled myself on his big hard cock, yelling out "FUCK, that's what I need!".... just as we heard a knock on the window!

My loud sex sounds had attracted a visitor from one of the other car wash bays, and he was enjoying the show!  Too caught up in what we were doing to each other to panic or care, we continued to move, me riding up and down on his pole, him with one hand grabbing my fat white ass while the other held one of my big tits so he could suck and bite my nipple.

Our audience was this big beautiful black man, about 50, with salt-and-pepper hair and well-trimmed beard and moustache.  He said 'Keep going, I won't tell", a huge smile on his face. I LOVE having an audience! It gets me so fucking hot...and he was great, talking dirty about how wet my pussy was, that he could smell my sweet sauce, and that now that he was standing so close, he could hear how wet I was. 

Well, that just got me wetter and hotter!  Locking eyes with this big beautiful black man, I began climaxing, my hips slamming my pussy down onto my friends cock, my DDDs bouncing up down and sideways.  As my pussy started to gush with pleasure, he kept up the dirty talk.  "Girl, those tits are fucking huge! I can't wait to feel them" and "uhm, you are such a freak!", and "I could fuck you all night long".

As I finished cumming, I collapsed against my friend, my skin flushed with pleasure and my body quivering as shivers raced up and down my nerve endings.  His hands caressing my back, calming me down, he told me "you were right - you do know how to get me hard!".  Cuddling into his warm, hairy chest, I laughed a little, saying that "its my secret pussy power!".   The next second, I was startled by renewed arousal, as I felt a hand squeezing my ass, fingers gliding over my asshole.  Looking up at my friend, I saw him starting over my shoulder.  It was our peeping Tom - no longer satisfied with just looking - he has reached through the open window and was massaging my fat white ass... and getting me hot again!

Opening up the door, I reached out my hand and he helped me, nude, get out of the truck.  Smiling up at him, I said "hello.  Did you enjoy the show?" Taking my hand and carrying it to his crotch, he pressed it to the erection that was fighting to get out, and said "Yes, I did". Laughing at that honest answer, I reached around his waist to hug him.. did I mention that he was really really tall? At least 6'5" - he made me feel so petite! 

Hugging me back, he took advantage of the opportunity to bend over me, rubbing his hands up and down my ass and squeezing my butt.  Leaning back in his arms, I cupped my tits and offered them to him, "here, tell me what you think".  Releasing me, he brought his huge hands up to my chest, each cupping one of my DDDs.  "Damn, girl! These are fucking fine!"  Squeezing them, he watched as his attention caused my nipples to flush and knot up.  Even his big hands weren't enough to cover them completely, my milky white flesh and rosy red nipples overflowing as he  caressed them.

"Ahem!" I heard from my friend.  Shit, I nearly forgot he was even there! He started laughing at me, knowing how distracted I get when it comes to sex and finding new partners.  He told me that I needed to get dressed so that he could drive me back to my car.  Normally, he would have no problem watching me fuck someone else, or having a M-F-M threesome (no M-M contact), but since our 'quickie' had ended up being almost an hour, he had to get back to a job site in Illinois.

My beautiful stranger said "let me help you", and still holding my hand, he walked the still-naked me around the pick-up truck to the passenger side, opened the door and started helping me get dressed.  Paying special attention to ass, he kept squeezing and smacking it as I shook it while I was bending over, rubbing it against the monster cock in his pants.

My friend told us to stop delaying, and for me to get in the truck.  My new friend helped my climb up, making sure that I was in securely before closing the door.  Lowering the window, my friend told him, "I'm driving her over to her car at the grocery store.  I will watch her get into her own car; what she decides to do after that is up to her, but she's always wet and ready, so she'd probably agree to do you.  Just know, that I will take a photo of your vehicle and your license plate.  If I don't hear from her tonight, I will be calling the police"

My new friend said that he appreciated the warning, and he would like the opportunity to talk with me more.  So, off we drove, playing follow the leader.  I got into my car as my new friend pulled up along side me.  My departing friend took several photos, including one of me and my new friend sitting in his SUV, then he left to get back to work.

My new friend and I sat and talked for about 15minutes, going over do's and don't's and condom usage, before agreeing to meet at the motel down the street.  We went in together to rent the room on his card (I gave him cash for my half), then drove over to our bungalow.  Wanting to shower to clean off my other friend's cum from my titties, I told him to give me about 5minutes, then he could join me for some good clean nasty fun.

Well, we had a lot of soapy sex in there, then a lot of sweaty sex in the bed, on the dresser, over the chair, then back into the shower.  We were there for several hours - even ordered in some food! 

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Monday, December 30, 2013

Took my mom to lunch yesterday, and ending up sitting at a table right next to one of my fuck buddies!  He was with his gf, but we still had fun 'talking' to each other without letting our table companions know what was going on!

(He also spent so much time staring at my DDD boobies, that his gf told him to switch seats with her!)

He pulled out his cell, and complained that he'd been trying to reach a 'friend' for several weeks, but wasn't getting any texts back.

After a few minutes, I made sure to mention how I lost my cell phone, and how its a pain in the butt (oooh!) having to communicate with my friends thru email.

Well, message received!  I had an email from him waiting for me by the time I got back home yesterday!  We're meeting tomorrow night, and 2013 with go out with a BANG!!  (Hopefully, with several squirting climaxes!)

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Very pretty lady.
Added: Wednesday, July 20, 2016 3:52pm

You sound very hot!  Damn!
Added: Sunday, February 22, 2015 8:58am
Some 'story' you wrote, WOW!
Added: Thursday, February 21, 2013 3:14am
thanks for comments on my blog and just taking it one step at a time at this time.  I will look into maybe some social clubs  when I move but I already belong to kiwanis where I do some volunteer work.
Added: Sunday, February 3, 2013 9:14pm
Added: Saturday, December 22, 2012 12:44pm

oh holy night

da starz dey iz a-shiiiiiinin’

it iz da night

dat i brings down da tree…


Merry Christmas

From PhoenixFyre 

Added: Thursday, December 20, 2012 11:57pm

                                Happy Halloween!

                              From PhoenixFyre

Added: Tuesday, October 30, 2012 11:53pm
Hey Lily, just popping in to say hi!
Added: Wednesday, August 22, 2012 7:43pm
Added: Tuesday, August 21, 2012 3:46pm

Thanks for the comment on my hugging blog.
Added: Saturday, August 18, 2012 9:10pm

tigger says, woohooohooooooo
Added: Friday, August 17, 2012 4:22am
LilyBBW, you are hilarious. Why are you not my friend?
You need some ladies to add spice to your friend list.
Added: Saturday, July 28, 2012 7:31pm

Thanks for the blog comment...I agree with you!! God knew what He was doing when He made's man who fucks it up!!!!! Have a great one!!!!! PM
Added: Wednesday, July 11, 2012 3:11am

Lovely and hot pics.  
Added: Saturday, May 19, 2012 5:31pm
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