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Your mind is the root of all pleasure
Men seeking erotic email
Your words of passion...thoughts of desire...description of trembling need are the guideposts of sensual pleasures few can equal while you undress his conscience and make love to his thoughts.

It is a sensual experience none can ignore or hide experience that makes him tremble with desire for you.

You may never been undressed by words alone before. How can someone make you feel so, at home…so right...without initial touch, smell or sight...yet become so vividly real you cannot get them out of your mind.

They make you feel understood…in a way you never knew you longer for, but now know was the first step of what you'd been waiting for.
The sound of that voice...
Men seeking phonesex
It makes you pause...filling your thoughts with steaming sensual images...his words drawing you into places full of people, pleasures and actions so intense...your flesh begins to ache with need and desire. Sharing...interacting and responding to his images whenever those thoughts arise.

Reveling in it all anywhere...anytime...driving down the road...sitting in the park...traveling a thousand miles apart.

All those thoughts...those words...those desires...served to you. Sometimes with the lilting song of a tentative new lover. Sometimes through the low soft growl of passion unleashed like a wild animal...a creature bewitched by your sensual intensity and unable to do anything other that respond to your desires.
Chemistry makes us ache for both the romantic poet & the wild animal inside
Men Seeking Women
The warmth of your breath. The taste of your lips. The caress of your fingertips. The music of your pleasure replacing your words. The shuddering twitches that set you free. All wrapped in the touch of warm flesh...the release of passion.

From the intense unstoppable first time to the exploration of the limits of our senses in new and powerful is the dance of desire we follow...moving to the drumming rhythms of passion...the path of madness that makes prisioners of us all, but without the madness the pleasure is greatly diminished.
Remember that an ad ....
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The Erotic Muse
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A Need Beyond Sleep
Friday, August 18, 2017
A Need Beyond Sleep
I wake in a fever, wanting you pressed against me
Draped across your body, inside you and deep, 
Recipricating coarse animal need
Tingling flesh...goosebumped skin...pounding heart
Sharing insatiable sexual greed
Desperately reaching, seeking relief, 
Desire pulsing underneath, 
Generating powerful heat
Moving together, touching one another, 
Twisting in the bliss of melting into each other, 

Raw passion building higher and climbing 
Fingertips throbbing from pure sensation filling my mind 
Generating heat with each touch, melting barriers and boundaries
Desperate desire throbing within
Seeking relief and joining with you
Waves of passion
Higher and higher they climb
Sharing them back and forth
Sensation overloading our minds
Blinded by the passion in you
Breathing the sunrise and thrusting with the force of a starry night, 
Compressing the sky between your thighs, 
Completely inside, as we gasp and join with a bridge of sighs 
The warm breeze of your breath condenses softly against my neck 
Seduced by the infinite depths of your eyes
Perfect red lines rise from my flesh
Your nails dancing a song of desire along my spine 
Branding me as yours as I make you mine
Our needs remain unsated, our passions still aflame
Answer me from your heart, "What are you doing tonight?"

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Extent of Pleasure
Tuesday, August 15, 2017

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It's Beautiful When You Find Someone In Love With Your Mind
Sunday, July 9, 2017

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Exploring Your Senses
Wednesday, June 7, 2017

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Sweetness of Your Soul
Monday, April 17, 2017

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Thank you for responding to my Blog, I always enjoy your format.
Added: Monday, May 13, 2013 1:17am
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