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Looking for female for friends and more
TS/TV/CD seeking women
I am looking for a female to have a long term relationship with that is ts friendly. I like to go on long walks late night drives quite evenings at home I also like to go shopping and fashion. If you are interest please leave me a message. I look forward to hearing from you soon
Looking for a loving mistress to serve
TS/TV/CD seeking BDSM
Hi I am looking for a loving mistress to serve and to feminize me. I am long time into the life style to me it is a very spiritual thing I so hope that their is someone out their for me I am so tired of all the letdowns I am at the point of relieving that their may be something wrong with me. Before I give up dating all together and enter a life of extreme loneliness and celibacy I am going to give this one more try. If you are out their for me please message me or write me I will be waiting to her from you.
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A few babbleings to my former sister and new ones out thair from a former member of wendy seabreezes swans inner soriety
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Busy summer moving plans
Thursday, July 20, 2017
       Sorry I missed last month and I am late this month with the blog I have been very busy looking after my elderly parents 3 acre property and my summer job. My fiance totally surprised me she very quickly sold her old house and moved a to another bigger home which is big enough for the two of us and her twins. One is female and the other is male they both are almost 19 and are starting college in the fall. My fiance's daughter and I have become very close I do not try to be my partners twins mother I never will take the place of here. I am going to have a busy last bit of summer getting ready to go back to school my last year, my partners twins first year, also downsizing for my move the beginning of next June sometime. It is a bis step for me in my life I a living most of my family to be with the love of my life. Even though I am only moving 14 hours away it is much like my dear friend who is the founder and owner of this website she moved to the other side of the world from were she used to live to be with her partner. I feel so lucky meeting my partner and keeping in touch online. she knows me so well our new home is so me just the way she painted it and brought in all the decor, a little old and new. I love the fact that we both are so open with each other even with our polygamous, B&D alternative lifestyle. We both our are selves with each other almost totally nude around each other exposed to each others most intimate vulnerabilities. We both love living out our most private intimate sexual fantasies with each other and very close friends with benefits. I really credit this to why be are so close and have been together for so long even though we have maintained a long distance relationship for the past twenty years or so. I am so happy that things are finally coming together for us and I love using us as a couple for online dating and dating advice in general because their is so much spice in our relationship online dating does work and for those of you that know my partner she says a big hello and hopes to chat in the chat room when I am home over Christmas. Look forward to reading your comments below. 

Hugs all until next time.
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Opening ones self to each other
Tuesday, May 23, 2017
I know the Month is almost over sorry I am a little late writing in this months dating blog I got busy with the end of the school year. It just came to me after a meeting and a broken promise of chatting on the phone email the next day that a lot of dating couples and married couple. As many of you that know me know that I am very trans open bisexual and polygamous living a full fetish alternative life style. What,  am going to share with you applies to all lifestyles straight or not. I have just realized through my alternative lifestyle that their is tremendous fear in people of totally opening up to a partner and allowing themselves to become vulnerable for me it is easy even though it leads to constant emotional pain.  When I meet other people who want to play they just about every time make some excuse that they have to leave and I never hear from them again, I though it was me, what it comes down to I realized is that i am letting them in seeing the real me who I really am and it makes them afraid of getting close to me and possible getting hurt. Sometimes even a lot of old wounds can be opened up which is the case in person I just meet whom I have known from practically childhood which really hurts. Instead of blaming here knowing what she is dealing with I am working to start monthly educational social support meeting for the fetish lifestyle. I am going to teach them how to be open and deal with very painful life experiences getting and the feeling you get of pure bliss and ultimate closeness with a partner when you achieve that enlightenment on a much higher level of consciousness from my own experiences it is pure bliss with incredible feeling of closeness to a partner gives me goose bumps thinking of it. Looking forward to reading your comets on the subject below. Also you live in any wear in southern new England and can sponsor my monthly group and put me up for the night please send me a message to me inbox through this site it is much appreciated 
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Finally Met
Saturday, April 1, 2017
I am so happy and still glowing I finally was able to meet up with my partner for a while it was so magical that I am still glowing. I am sorry I haven't posted anything since December just that I have been so busy lately with school. The symester is starting to wind down and it will not be so long until my final exams. Finally meeting my partner just felt so right looking into her eyes I just melted. We both felt a strong connection to each other. She told me that the support group that we both used to belong to has just started back up again it was restarted by a couple of close friend of ours they renamed the group in honor of me after a halloween costume that I wore to our very first halloween costume. That was back in the days when they were just coming out with digital cameras and they were very expensive at the time. One of the things we have been discussing is to live a b&d lifestyle which we are both very open to also we are very polymonogomous which should ad a lot of spice to our December May relationship my partner is much older then me.One of the things that we are going to do next time we get together is to look at b&d equipment and see what we can come up with for some real sexy spicy bedroom play. Which I am totally into. I will keep all of you posted on things and those of you that are still single looking for someone online dating works and I hope my little blog helps, even if you have been with someone for many years I hope my blog helps ad spice to your relationships. I know my dear friend who founded this site has helped my partner and I add a lot of spice to our relationship from the blogs she used to write when she first started the site. I am going to try to write in my blog a lot more just as soon as I get done with school. I so look forward to reading you comments below. Take care until next time.
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Online Dating Update
Sunday, December 11, 2016
Just want to update all of you that follow my little blog I am going to beheading out to be with my fiance sometime just before new years eve, hopefully their will be a break in the weather when I make the 740 mile trip to be with her. I will me meeting my two future step children for the first time the oldest is 16 and the other is 14. We both may be online here on this site to chat with some old friends of ours from this site when I get out their we will have to keep it somewhat clean because of the children. You will probable find us both in gender exchange chatroom. Myself and my fiance as well as we two future step children wish you all very warm and happy Christmas and for all our friends down under and my good friend and founder of this site a very cool Christmas being summer their and very happy holidays online dating through this site really works and Myself and my new little family could not be happy my dreams have finally come true being with some one special wear I can totally be myself and a new mother also it does not get better than this. Look forward to reading your comments below look forward to chatting with all of you when I get to my new future home with my little family.
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School and more trouble with Fiance
Saturday, December 10, 2016
Sorry to be posting a month late in my little dating blog I have been really busy with school finishing up the semester and looking forward to a little holiday after a year going to school and working at my Job with special ed young adults. I feel so badly for my fiance and my two future step children the oldest is 16 and the youngest is 14. My fiance lost her partner a year or so ago from cancer and we have always been really close sharing a lot of secrets together I knew her long before she meet her wife.      As some of you know whom have been reading my blog along last summer the transmission went on her work van she was borrowing one from a friend for a while but just recently had to return it and just recently her furnace died while she was at work and the kids where at school she was able to repair the damage from the frozen water pipes herself but she really can not afford a new van and so she is trying to raise enough money through a go fund me campaign to help pay for a new transmission. I feel so bad that their is not much I can do to help.      I really wish I could be with with them to help. What I am doing is through my online business " I am a transition coach to for those that are transitioning and personal shopping" offering my transition therapy coaching services for free and some others that I provide for donations to her go fund me campaign please email me through this site if you have any questions or want to help. I do provide services in person locally in my area.       I really do not like to press my fiance to much to talk about what she is going through I just call her and message once in a while to let her know that I care and things are going to work out for us. It is just really hard when things where just starting to turn around for us. At least one great thing about this site that my good friend and her husband created is the fact that I have so many friends to talk to about it in the chat rooms or through the sites email system or even through comments also blogging helps too.       This is where my fiance and I meet right here on this site in the gender exchange chat room we are an example of how online dating works. I know things will turn around for my fiance eventually she is so amazing she can fix just about anything and is raising two wonderful children all by herself. Thank-you all for your support and for reading my little blog. Look forward to reading your comments below Merry Christmas and happy holidays all. 
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Thank you very much for the video comment, I'm very glad that you enjoyed it.
Huggssss, Ron
Added: Monday, October 10, 2011 5:25am
same to you i wish you a lot of colorful love to
Added: Friday, October 7, 2011 4:05pm
you too
Added: Friday, October 7, 2011 4:01pm
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