By: justin
A couple of years ago my sister-in-law would come over my house during the summer while my wife, Pat and I, were at work to sunbathe nude. Cindy had huge tits and a nice ass. I have always wanted to fuck her and the thought of her naked on my deck kept my cock hard.

One summer day I decided to stay home from work. That morning I was sitting at the table reading the morning paper. I heard the back door opening and looked over and it was Cindy carrying a beach towel and suntan lotion. She looked at me and said, "What are you doing home?" I said, I took the day off". She was wearing a sleazy tank top, no bra and pair of cut-offs so tight you could see her cunt lips. She sat down at the table and said, "you know why Im here, don't you?" "Oh yeah, don't let me bother you Cindy, as a matter of fact I want to join you". I kept staring at her hard nipples poking through her tank top in hopes of sucking them. She reluctantly spoke up "I don't know if that's a good idea something might happen". "Dont worry about it" I said "Were just sunbathing". Cindy stood up and said, "Well, alright after all were both adults".

She was standing right in front of me at said "lets get started" as she removed her top exposing her big tits. I gasped, she looked in my eyes "Something wrong?" she said. "No, they look better than I imagined" I replied. Then she pulled down her shorts knowing I was staring at her shaved pussy. "Come on Jimmy get your clothes off, times a wasting". I stood up and took off my shirt and my shorts. "Oh my, Pat was right, she said you had a big cock", then she chuckled and said, "Is that thing loaded?" "It stays loaded, I uttered.

Cindy grabbed the suntan lotion and started to put some on her arms "need some help?" "Sure" she said with that tease voice of hers.

I began to rub some lotion on her back slowly moving my hands towards her tits. Before long I was pinching her nipples as I heard some slight groans coming from Cindy. I moved my hands down towards her tight ass and told her to turn around. I got down on my knees and rubbed her thighs with more lotion sliding the side of my hand between her pussy lips, she was dripping wet. "Did you get fucked this morning or is that just your cunt juice?" "Thats cunt juice Jimmy from you rubbing my nipples, I haven't been fucked in two days and sure need one"

I knew Cindy liked to fuck Pat told me she fucked almost every guy in the neighborhood married and single. My cock was rock hard I stood up at sat her on the table. I told her to spread her legs because I wanted to taste her pussy. As I commenced eating her pussy she moaned louder and louder until she quivered and yelled "I'm cumming Jimmy suck the cum out of my cunt, please, please, please Jimmy" I had a mouth full of cum. "Fuck me, Fuck me, I want your cock, Pat told me you wanted to fuck me, go for it, fuck me hard like you fuck Pat."

I stuck my hard pulsating cock in Cindy's cunt and started stroking hot and heavy, she was cumming more and more until there was a puddle on the table. "Give me your hot cock juice I need it, I need it now, " and I was cumming and cumming in my sister-in laws pussy.... it was great. We got done and did our sunbathing and fucked two more times.

When Pat got home that night she asked how my day went. "It was a good day, I said. Pat said "I know, you fucked Cindy all day". My jaw dropped and Pat started to smile "Don't worry honey, I knew you wanted to fuck Cindy so we set this up for you and by the way she said she wants more".

"Now fuck me on the table like you fucked her". And I did.