Anal Angie
By: Anonymous
Here is a little tale of just one of the converts to anal. If you have fantasies or desires in this direction it may help you to decide.

So you’re the naughty lady that the Boss tells me has fantasies of being broken in gently up the bum, by the right gentleman. I’ll call you Angie for now, “Anal Angie”. Tis very naughty for a lady to let a man know that you would like him to rear-end you. You little Hussy!

There should be just a hint of reticence from you at the very suggestion. Shame on you Angie! Stand in front of the chair, that's it, legs apart. Now bend forward and grab the chair handles with both hands. Yes I know you’re wearing a short skirt and that I can see your panties.

You should have thought of that before letting the Boss know that you want me to bum-fuck you. Now I’m going to reach up under your skirt and pull down your knickers; the gusset seems to come away last. Is that because you are becoming gently excited already?

Step out of you knickers, Angie. When I lift your skirt up over your bum, I can see your little pussy pouting at me from between your legs. Arch your back, and stick your bum out towards me, that’s it, you know you can do it; even though you feel a wave of shame coming over you.

Yes, I can now see your puckered little hole displayed in all its nakedness; the same little orifice that you want me to bugger. And so I shall, but first a lady must be punished for her indiscretion.

About a dozen strokes of my hand on your delectable backside should do the trick. (They don’t really hurt, just a gentle warming up the area as a prelude to the final performance. Now we will go to sit in the lounge with you lying full stretch across my knees.

We’ll really make you comfortable, and get you out of your clothes. I have some cushions readied, so that you can rest your upper body so that you can see the TV. A video is just starting in which two ladies show how much they are enjoying the fruits of having their arseholes stuffed with a juicy fat cock. While you watch I gently massage and purse you aching womanhood which is, by now, quite moist with anticipation.

There we stay a while until you are juiced up with desire, and wishing to give in to all physical pleasure. Yet in your passionate state, almost without noticing I have caressed your bottom; introduced lotion between your cheeks and brushed your little dark hole, which twitches in anticipation of the wonders
to follow.

Then easily, before you know it, while kneading your female sex, bringing you closer to orgasm, I ease my finger into your forbidden zone. How easy it fits, and yet a gasp releases almost involuntarily from your mouth as a new sensation arrives.

Angie never realised that pleasure could be this good.

A new yearning desire makes itself known within you, like you have never known; a deep dark aching that feels as if it comes from your soul; a craven desire of taboo; a want to have your back passage packed and filled.

This is truly “a bitch on heat” because the want now threatens to overwhelm you. You become a clitoris wanting to be released and an arsehole wanting to be fulfilled, oblivious to all else. The fact that I have now positioned you over the side of the sofa and am on my knees naked behind you passes without recognition.

Slowly I introduce my cock into your pussy, while one finger and then two investigate their way inside your anal passage, in preparation of my nice 7-inch fat cock. Then just on the point of your release I withdraw and begin to nuzzle the helmet of my cock against the crack of your arse. Gently, without hurry the introduction of Mr Cock to Mrs Arse begins.

Angie’s sphincter provides scant protection to the anal intruder that becomes more insistent as the pressure builds. Then Angie shows her forwardness, her animal carnal instinct to be pleasured takes over and she pushes back against the cock, and suddenly he is in, invading her virgin space, where no man has been before. Like a woman possessed by the Devil himself, Angie moans with a new found desire as she found herself being filled.

The invader coming ever deeper into her being, so deep it touches her soul. Just when she thought that the passion had reached a new height she was pleasantly surprised to find that when he began to move inside her de her that the pleasure began to transmit to her pussy as the force of the strokes manipulated her sex lips and her now redundant vagina, abandoned for a new pleasure. This ‘double the fun’ increased as Angie’s new trespasser began to ream her rear tunnel.

Wave after wave of pleasure washed over her; she would only realise afterwards how much she moaned and screamed in ecstasy, when she listened to the playback of the tape, because for now she was in raptures, possessed by the devil inside her, and wanting more.

Then the arse stabbing began. She had not expected this, but he withdrew completely and as he did so, he could see that her arse was so relaxed that it was still one inch in circumference. He thrust forward and slipped in with ease. Angie was beside herself, the gentle slippery friction was indescribable; she just knew she needed more; it was so delicious, it sent her to un-thought of ecstasy.

After several minutes, and several orgasms, Angie felt the dick inside her rear and buck like a stallion in the wild west as her assailant came inside her.

Most women who have tried this become lifelong devotees to the art of ‘A’. But it has to be done properly and sympathetically. Its not something you do every day, or week or month, but when the urge takes you, you have to give in.

They say the yearning soon returns. If you have difficulty in finding that someone willing to help, then you know where to find me.

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