His New Slave - part one
By: fredricka
He bought her at a slave auction. She had cost him a pretty penny, but he thought that she would be fun. Now, that they were finally home, he spoke for the first time. ”Okay, we will set the ground rules, you are to do everything I ask of you, never question my choices, and you will call me Sir. Your name is now slave, and nothing more. Do you understand?”

“Yes” she said as she hesitantly looked in his eyes. When she saw the eyebrow rise, she remembered “Sir”.

“Good, so Slave, start by undressing for me” he says while watching her.

“Yes Sir”, slowly she unbuttons her blouse, from the bottom up, catching glances of him to see if she can discover his true nature. He just sat in a chair, watching nonchalantly, sipping on wine.

“Slowly slave” he says as he watches her open the front of her pants and slowly turns around. Wiggling her ass she slowly slides them downward, bending as she goes. Taking them all the way to the floor she slips them off of her feet, one at a time, as she is bent over.

“Very nice slave” he says, as he sips on his wine.

As she stands, she runs her hands up her legs, to her thighs as she straightens up to a standing position. Reaching behind her, she unhooks her bra and turns around. Rubbing her tits while they are still confined in their bra, the straps fall off of her shoulders, one at a time.

As she bends over to remove her panties, the bra hits the ground.
“No, do not remove your panties slave” he says while sipping wine.

“Yes Sir” and she pulled them back in place.

“Now, come closer to me.”

“Yes Sir” she said as she walked forward.

“Put your left leg on the chair”

She put her left leg on the arm of the chair, spreading her legs. As he looks between her spread legs, he decided that it was not enough, “spread them wider slave”

Slave put her left leg further back and right leg further away from chair, thus showing more of her panties that are now obviously wet. She starts to twitch as her nerves begin to bounce under his indifferent stare.

As he sips more wine, looking between her legs and at her wet panties. He said “tell me why your panties are so wet slave”

“Sir, I am thinking about what you can do to me. I realize that it is your wish, but when I look in your eyes, I can see that you are a kind man. Now all I want is to please you”

“And what do you think I am going to do to u slave?” he asked.

“You can do what ever you want to do, Sir.”

“Push your panties to one side slave” he said as he watched her now exposed pussy. “You have to EARN my cock slave... now rub your clit for me.

“Yes Sir” as she takes her finger and begins to eagerly rub on her wet clit, moaning with pleasure.

“Slowly - and don’t cum until I tell you can.” Nodding, she slowed the motion down. “That’s better, slave. Now tell me how it feels.

As she is squeezed her lips together and slid her finger in a circular motion around her clit, “it is all wet and soft, except for this little nub here” she said as she pointed to her now hardened and engorged clit. “This is hard”

“Good. Now go faster, rub it harder, but you may not cum yet.”

She picked up the speed and added a finger, using two fingers to rub harder and faster. She moaned with pleasure because of the increased sensation.

“Faster- but don’t cum” he said as he sipped his wine, looking with an unresponsive glance,

“Sir, will you touch my tits” she said, in a begging tone.

“In due time...” he said.

“Yes Sir” she said in a disappointed voice, as her fingers went faster.

“You must say please, if you expect me to do anything, and then I will decide if I want to. It is totally up to me.”

“Please Sir, my tits, they beg for your touch.” She said, pleading for the touch.

“Get on the verge of cummmming but hold back.” he said as he sipped his wine.

“Yes Sir.”

“Well, at least you said please... continue rubbing your clit slave.”

“Yes Sir, it feels so good” she moans.

“Now- place a finger in your pussy.”

“I can feel it all the way through my body; that is why my tits want you to touch them. Will you please Sir?” she begged, “It would bring me higher, Pleeaaasssseee.”

As her thumb still fingers her clit, her finger starts to penetrate her pussy, slowly, but with determination.

“Put the finger in deeper now” as he watched her slide her finger deeper into her pussy. A moan escaped her lip as her finger went all the way in. Squeezing her hand together, her clit and pussy start to feel the sensation of the impending cum. “That is nice, now use two fingers”

“Oh yes, I am so wet”, as her second finger went in to meet the first. The way was paved in front of her as her pussy was dripping wet. Pushing her chest in his direction she hoped that he would touch it, if only for a moment and when he did, the sensation was instant. As he gently rubbed her left nipple with the back of his hand, she moaned, loudly. His knuckles barely touched them, but the sensation racked her close to orgasm. Bending forward, she hoped that he would touch more, but she was not so lucky, he continued, barely touching her nipple, moving his hand with her movements. “More… please… Sir” she begged.

“You have VERY sexy firm nipples slave” he said.

“They are very responsive to your touch Sir, they crave your touch.”

“Tell me - when was the last time a man sucked these nipples.”

“Oh Sir, it has been so very long, not since my last master let one of his friends do that, please do that now.”

He stopped, noticed the look of disappointment on her face, changed his wine glass to the other hand, and reached up with his left hand to touch her right breast. He could see in her face the pleasure as he rubbed his knuckles over her nipple; pleased with the response of her hardened nipple.

“Tell me what your last master did to you.” He said, still lightly rubbing her nipple, enjoying her response.

“Well Sir, he did what ever he wanted to do, he would have parties and invite his friends, and then I would be the entertainment.”

“What else did he do to you?”

“Sometimes he would tie me in the room when I did something wrong, he would tie my wrists to front bed posts, and my knees to the same posts, which caused my ass to stick in the air and then who ever would come over would fuck my ass. I could do nothing but accept what ever they wanted to do to me” she said in a reflective manner. “Sometimes he would have a potential client come over and then he would make me dress in fancy maids clothing. If I did anything wrong or anything went wrong, then he would spank me in front of the client, sometimes he would let them spank me too. But he was mean to me, he always pinched my tits, hard, and would put things up my ass.”

“And you liked that?” he questioned.

“No Sir, I did not like it, but as a slave, you don’t always have the choice for it to stop.”

“It didn’t make you wet slave? He said as he looked in her eyes. Tell me the truth.”

“Yes Sir, it did make me wet, I can’t really say why it just did. And I suppose that because of this, he thought that I liked it.”

“Hmmmm guess why.”

“Guess why Sir?” She looked in his eyes, and when he nodded, she continued “I guess it was because I knew that I would get fucked sooner or later and if my pussy got wet, well Sir, then they might want to fuck my pussy.”

As he stopped rubbing her tits, her chest tried to follow his hands. “You like doing everything I say- don’t you.” He said as he stood up.

“Yes Sir, I will do my best to do everything you want, my goal is to please you.”

“Then unzip my pants slave, slowly.”

“Yes Sir.” Slowly, she put her hands on his pants, trying not to fumble, but the anticipation of freeing him, made this a difficult task. Slowly her hands found the zipper head and brought it downward. As she did, her hand rubbed his hard cock and its feel brought excitement to her and a smile on her face.

“Did I tell you to rub my cock slave?” he demanded.

The tone in his voice shocked her, “No Sir, it was an accident.” She stammered.

“Zip my pants back up right now.” He said in a harsh voice.

Her hands were trembling, “I was only trying to unzip your pants” she said with a frown on her face.

“Do it”, the command was as stern as it was quick.

This time, as she zipped the zipper back up, she avoided his hard cock, being careful not to further upset him.

“Now, bend over in front of me”

“Yes sir” her voice was shaky and she knew that something had gone wrong, but it went against her grain to disobey. So she stood, turned around, and bent at the waist, showing her ass to her master.

“You must receive your discipline” he informed her.

“Sir?” came the question, but in her mind she knew the answer already.

“For doing YOUR will and not mine you must be disciplined” he said as he hiked her panties up her ass, clearing them off your buns.

“Sir, please be kind to me, it was only an accident” she said on the verge of tears.

Reaching over to the drawer next to the chair, he said "Now say - please teach this poor slut how to be obedient" and when she did not reply, he shouted “NOW”

This caused her to jump, and her response was a little shaky, as she said “Sir please teach this poor slut how to be obedient.”

“Now, close your eyes slave.” He said. Soon she heard the rustling behind her, she wanted to see, and to know what was to be her punishment, but she knew better. It would only be worse if she looked so she stood there, with her ass being offered to him. Then came the sound of him patting something on his hand and a small sob escaped her lips as he continued to slap his hand with something, she began to shake, and the nerves were on high alert.

“Sir, please be kind to me, it was only an accident.” And with this she felt the first blow on her ass. It came from a wooden paddle, and the shock went through her body. “Sir” she quivered, “That hurts”. And then came the next swat, this one harder that the first. “Sir, please stop” she said in tears, and the next blow was harder than the others. Resolved to take this silently, she said nothing more and braced herself for the next blow. This one, was not as hard as the others, she learned her first lesson.

“Tell me slave, what have your just learned?”

“Sir, I learned that I must be quiet when taking my punishment”

Slap came the next spanking, “And”

Fumbling with her words, she stuttered “I have learned that I must be obedient, to do only as told Sir.” She said as tears rolled down her cheeks.

“Good, now turn around now and kneel before me, and sit on your feet. I want you to remember this lesson.”

“Yes Sir” she said sitting lightly on her sore ass.

As he wiped the tears from her cheeks lovingly, “you will learn that I am a VERY compassionate master” he said as he wiped tears from the other cheek. “But I will demand your total obedience.”

“Sir, I did not mean to displease you.”

“You are learning.” He said as he continued to wipe away the tears. “But you must submit YOUR will to mine. And you must be happy with your decision.” He said, looking in her eyes. “You do understand, don’t you?”

“Yes Sir” she said. With the tears wiped from her face, she felt better, “I will do what ever you ask me to do Sir.”

“Now, unzip my pants.” He softly commanded.

“Yes Sir” and as he carefully watched her. Kneeling in front of him, she carefully unzipped his pants.

“Undo the belt now.”

“Yes Sir” she said, licking her lips as she noticed that the bulge in his pants was getting bigger. ”Shall I unbutton your pants too Sir?”

“Tell me slave, how much you like thick hard cocks.”

“I like thick hard cocks very much Sir, they are my favorite thing.” She said, while she stared at his cock, she noticed that it was ready to bust out of its confinement.

“Yes, you may unbutton it too.”

“Yes Sir.” When she unbuttons his pants, his cock springs free. Remembering her last lesson, she does not touch it as she wished, but looked, and wet her lips with her tongue seductively.

“Now, let’s see what you remember about what I told you about my cock. Tell me what I said... quickly”

“You have a hard thick cock, Sir.” She said with a satisfied smile on her face, as she glanced up from his hard cock into his eyes.

“I didn’t say that, although it is true.” He said smiling.

“Sir? What did you say?” with a look of wonder on her face, she could only hope that this answer did not upset him.

“I did say something, and you forgot.” He shook his head. “You must be more attentive slave.”

“I am so sorry Sir, I have disappointed you once again” she said with her head hung low.

“I said - you must EARN my cock. Do you remember now?”

“Yes Sir I remember and I will do what ever it takes. Let me earn your cock Sir.”

“Well then, give me a slutty lap dance then, this will be the first step in earning my cock. Show me how much you want my cock?”

“Yes Sir” she said, as she stood in front of him. Bending over, she placed her tits in his face and rubbed them on his cheeks. Then she sat down on his lap, one leg on each side of his, her wet pussy rubbing against his cock, almost grabbing it.

“Good” he said, with his hands on the arms of the chair. “Go on, be a good slut tease me slave.”

Arching her back, with one hand on each shoulder, her tits are thrust in his face. As her tits bounce about, her cunt is busy rubbing up and down on his hard cock. She took one tit in her hand and offered it to his lips, but when he rejected it, she decided to try a different tactic.

Getting up, she turned around, put her knees on the arm of the chair, and offered her ass to his face. Her ass, which is still red from the spankings and the panties, still snuggled between her ass cheeks were now very close to his face. Taking great pains to be sure that it is only close enough for him to smell and see, but not touch, she slowly slid her ass downward; down his chest, and onto his hard cock. Her cheeks grabbing hold and squeezing his cock, she pulls on it.

“Tell me how that feels slave” he said.

“I feel so slutty, Sir” she says between pants. Her panties were Wetter than even she thought possible.

“That is because you are. Tell me how slutty you are slave.” After a few seconds, where she says nothing, he yelled “SAY IT”

“Sir, I am not a slut, only a slave who wants to please.”

“Are you contradicting me slave?”

“Sir, but I am not a slut.” She said in a pleading voice.

He takes her hips, moves them away from his cock pushing her hands on the floor, and keeping her knees on the arm of the chair, he firmly slapped her ass. “Now, tell me you are my slut.”

“I am your slave” she said.

Taking the spanking stick this time, he slapped her ass, harder. “And how do you feel, don’t you feel like my slut?”

“I feel slutty Sir, but I am not a slut.” And she felt the board as it landed on her ass, this time harder than all the ones before it. “Sir, please stop hitting your slave.” She said, sobbing.

Smack! “You know what will get me to stop, just say the words I want to hear.”

“Sir” SMACK! This one so hard it causes a sob to escape from her lips. “I am your slut” she whispered.

With the stick still on her ass, he said “louder slut”.

As she felt the stick being lifted, knowing what would be coming down soon, she screamed “I am your SLUT Master; use me any way you want.”

“Now, that is better, let me see your pussy, slut.”

She brought her knees off of the chair arms, and stood in front of him, legs slightly apart, as she pulled her panties down, she bent forward. He could see that her pussy was dripping wet. “Hmmm, looks like it wants more.” He said as he took the wine bottle off of the counter and inserted it with ease. “Now, how much of this do you want up that pretty cunt of yours slut?”

“No more. Please not more” she says between sobs.

“Slut, you are here to please me, not to be pleased.” And he slapped her red ass once again.

This caused her to move forward, away from the bottle, and it escaped from her wet pussy. It only took a moment for the decision to come, and soon the wet bottle was being inserted up her ass, as the wine spilt out of the bottle and into her ass, it lubed the way and he inserted it further. She stood there, unsure of what happened and sure that she did not want to move. The sensation of the cold wine in her ass has her unsure of what to feel. Then begins the motion of in and out, each time the bottle going in deeper, and soon he was so turned on that it was his cock he wants up there, not to bottle.

“Okay slut. Now I want you on your knees, chest on the floor, I want your ass to be up so that it begs me to take it some more.”

Quietly she obeyed, and with the bottle still in her ass she got down on her knees, bending so that her chest is on the floor. “Is this acceptable Sir?” she asks, hoping that this torture to her ass will end.

“This will do, for now. Right now I am going to work your ass so that I can be sure that all this wine is inside of you.” He said as he put the bottle deep inside of her and then almost all the way out of her, slowly, watching as the wine disappeared into her ass. He then sat on the floor before her, “suck my cock slut”. As she got up on her elbows to take his cock in her mouth, he hit her ass, hard. “I did not tell you to get up, I told you to suck my cock, now do as I told you. Suck my cock slut; I want to cum in your face.”

As she sucks the tip of his cock, he continued to ravish her ass with the bottle. “Not deep enough” he said, as he took her head with his free hand and pushed it, this forced her to take him deep down her throat. Moaning, he continued to push the bottle deeper in her ass and his cock deeper down her throat. This was causing her to squirm, and he realized that she was about to cum. Smiling, he waited until she was just about to orgasm and he stopped. “Did I give you permission to cum? I think not. Listen slut, if you ever want have an orgasm you had better behave like a good slave and do as I say. Do you understand?”

She could only mutter and nod her head yes. Slowly he started to move again, and with the wine being gone, her ass was now ready for some real fucking. He wondered if his cock would get drunk from all the wine in her ass. Taking his cock out of her mouth, he said “now turn around, I want my cock to go in your ass, and maybe I will let you cum, that is if you take my cock, and make it believe that it is a virgin ass it is fucking.”

Holding her ass as tight as possible, she hoped that her ass would give him his fantasy. She so needed this release for her desire to cum was great. She had been teased to the point of no return, one word and she would have her orgasm. And when his cock came in, it was almost painful. The tight ass that she offered caused him trouble entering and he pushed harder than she expected. With a moan, it was in. She squeezed her ass as tight as she possibly could. While her ass was resisting, her body could not. When he grabbed her tit to squeeze it, she moaned. She knew that soon she would cum with or without permission. One would bring her joy, and the other would be a sure spanking, but she had little control over this orgasm that was busting to be free.

The tension was ripe, and he was aware that she was on the verge of cumming. Reaching around her, he put his hand her pussy while squeezing her tits and whispered in her ear “cum for me baby”.

It was all it took, the orgasm was upon her fast and she was soon rocking back to swallow his cock. The long denied orgasm was very powerful and very welcomed. Each touch sent her higher, and each stoke made her scream for more. When she thought she had reached the peak, he sent her higher. And then, as fast as it started, he moved away. Her ass reaching back, wanting to fill the void, her hands spreading her cheeks, “More” she begged. She was no where near finished, but at least there was some relief. So, she stayed in the same position, not moving.

As the wine trickles down threw her pussy, he caught it in his glass. “Now slave, tell me what you want to do.”

“Sir, I want only to please you, to earn your cock where ever you want it to go, and to cum. Do what ever you wish, I am sure that I will be able to cum quickly and soon.”

With this, he inserted three fingers in her pussy and was surprised by how quickly the fingers were sucked in. As he went in and out, he was amazed at how quickly she came. When he removed his fingers, her pussy followed, and when it met with his cock, she fell back immediately. It was as if her pussy had a mind of its own. It wanted the cock and swallowed it greedily. He could still feel the vibrations from the last orgasm, and was surprised at how quickly the next came upon her. Her ass moved to fuck his cock. She wanted it hard and fast, and this is how she took it. Slamming back and pulling forward.

It only took a few minutes before he was slamming back at her. And with the first slam he heard her scream. Her orgasm was powerful and he continued to slam into her, holding his back as long as possible. But it too soon followed suit, and when he came, he exploded inside her. She felt it as it slammed against the back wall and this caused her to cum again.

He then said “Slave, lick me clean. I do not want any of your cum or this wine anyplace on me.”

Quickly she turned around and started to lick. She started at the knees, licking her way to his thighs. Being very careful to lick everywhere she continued. When she reached his balls, she was careful to lick them everywhere and when she reached his cock, she could see that it was coming alive. Slowly, because she wanted still more, she licked his cock, from the base to the tip she licked, going slowly all the way around his cock, then she licked his entire pubic area. As she was licking his hips, he slowly poured the wine from his glass on his cock. “You are not finished here slave. You are not doing your job. Do you need another spanking?”

“Oh no Sir” she said as she hungrily lapped up the wine, being careful to lick it all. The wine had spilt on his stomach, and down his hips and between his legs. She wanted it all, so she licked and licked. Taking special care of his cock, which had now become firmer, she licked it clean from bottom to top. Then she focused on his balls, and with them finished, she spread his legs so that she could lick up the wine that had fallen on his ass. Licking his ass clean, she was happy when she saw that his cock was now almost at full mast.

She watched as he poured more wine on him, and pointed. Again she licked it all up, this time, when she was sucking his cock, he held her hair, and guided her where he wanted her to go. Then holding his now very hard cock in one hand and her hair in the other, he put it at her lips. She tried to get it in her mouth, using her lips to grab at it, her tongue to circle the tip, but he held her so that she could not have, only taste. “Open your mouth slave” he said, “Wide”.

Only wanting to have his cock in her mouth, she complied. It came as no surprise to her that he forced her head downward, bringing it down so far that his cock was completely in her mouth and down her throat. He moaned as it reached the back and she swallowed to take more. “Play with your cunt slave. I want you to cum with my cock down your throat, I want to know if your throat is as good as you cunt when you cum.”

Unable to believe her luck, her hand went quickly to her cunt, she rubbed her clit and inserted fingers. Within seconds she was cumming and the moans and screams that wanted to escape her, were blocked by his cock. It seemed to him that her orgasm went all the way though her body for he could indeed feel the orgasm on his cock.

“Now, I want you to roll on your back and pour the rest of this wine on your tits. I want my cock to slide all over your tits.” She complied and slowly poured the wine. “Enough” he said as he straddled her waist. He took his cock and started to rub it against her nipples. They responded immediately and became hard nubs within seconds. Pleased, he put his cock between her breasts, and squeezed them around it. With his thumbs on her nipples, he started to fuck her tits as he kept her nipples hard with his thumb. Her mouth grabbed for his cock each time it came out, and it amazed them both when they both came in seconds. Some of the cum went in her mouth, but most went all over her face.

“Now slave, I want you to go and run me a bath, you take a quick shower first, but I want a nice warm bath and you to wash me clean.” She was off quickly to shower and fill his bath.
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