bad, naughty girl
By: cuntessa
You walk in on me masturbating, twisting my nipples with one hand while my right hand touches my pussy, my thumb flickering my clit, and my middle finger sliding in and out of my pussy. You can smell my sweet scent as soon as you walk through the door. You watch me from the door, your cock instantly hard in your pants. I look up at you and smile, and my orgasm starts to build inside of me. I start moaning loudly, when you stride across the room and pull my hand away from my pussy.

"Being naughty?" you ask, one eyebrow cocked in intrigue. I smile at you again and lick my lips. "You don't seem to mind," I say, pointing at your obvious boner. "Oh, but I do... I mind you being naughty without me," you reply as you take my hands and pull me off the large suede couch. You sit down infront of me. "You need a good punishing for being so bad," you smirk at me and pull me down on your lap. I giggle and start to remove my black lingerie, but you flip me over on your lap before I can pull it over my head. You bend me over your knee, my ass sticking up in the air and bring your hand down hard on my ass.
"ah!" I pant as the pain stings my eyes. You bring your hand down again, harder than before. "fuck!" I yelp as my eyes water up.

"You've been a bad, bad girl, haven't you Rachel?" You tease as you rub my pinkening ass cheeks.
I nod slightly. Your hand comes down hard again. "Yes!" I pant.
"Yes, what, Rachel?" You demand, as you lift your hand again.
"Yes, I've been a bad, bad girl, sir," I gasp as you bring down your hand again.
"Good. Did you cum when you were touching yourself just now?" you ask.
"No," I say, and your hand hits my ass with a loud whack. "No, what?"
"No, sir," I whimper. "Good," you say as you rub my now very pink ass again. "Do you like being spanked, my little slut?"
"Yes, sir," I say, and my ass starts to feel numb.
"Because I'm a little slut, sir. I love being spanked hard because I'm a naughty little slut." I reply.
"Very good, Rachel," you say as you spread my ass cheeks with your hands and look at my pussy.
"I can tell you like being spanked, slut, your pussy is dripping," you say as you trace a finger along my pussy.

I shiver from the sensation. Your hand comes down quick and hard on my ass, making me yelp out again. You spank me hard three more times, then spread my cheeks quickly and slide two fingers up my pussy. I moan loudly as you thrust your fingers in and out of my pussy, drenching them in my hot juice, before you pull them out of me and stick them in my face.
"Clean off my fingers, slut" you say as you jam them in my mouth. I lick my sticky juice from your fingers.
"Do you want to be fucked like the slut you are?" you ask as I finish licking my pussy off your fingers.
"Yes, sir. I want to be fucked so badly, sir," I whimper as you pull my ass cheeks apart again and stick your thumb in my pussy and wiggle it around.
"How badly do you want to fucked?" You tease me again. "Sir, I want to be fucked like the filthy slut that I am, sir. Please, sir, please fuck me with your hard cock," I beg as your thumb pulls out of my pussy.
"Are you a sperm thirsty whore who wants to have her cunt filled with hot cum?" you ask.
"Oh yes, sir, yes. I need your hot cum in my pussy, in my mouth, I want to swallow every single drop. Please sir, please give me your cock," I beg again, "my pussy aches to be filled by you, fucked by you."

You stroke my head with one hand and squeeze my ass with the other as you look down at me.
"Very good, my little slut," you say as you lift me off your lap. My black lingerie falls back into place. "You may ride me," you say as you slide off your pants and hard boner springs up.

I straddle you, wearing nothing but a lacy black teddy and black high-heels. My nipples lining up with your mouth as I lean down and run my tongue slowly up your neck. I nibble on your earlobe, then trace my tongue upward against the curve of your ear. I kiss back down your neck and gasp as you suck my perky nipple into your moist mouth. You suck on and play with my tits and I feel your cock throbbing underneath me. I slide my hot, wet pussy up and down on your shaft, getting your cock nice and wet with my juices.

I begin to lower myself on your cock as you put your hands on my hips and thrust your thick cock firmly up my pussy. I moan out loudly as your engorged penis fills my tight pussy. I wrap my arms around your neck and pump your cock with my pussy, bouncing up and down on your thick piece while you take my ass in your hands and squeeze. I can feel my orgasm rising and I get off your cock, turn around so my ass faces you, and lower my pussy back down on your thick cock. I slam my tight, hot pussy up and down on your pulsating cock as you take my hair and pull it tightly in your left hand. "Oh fuck yes, baby, I love your fucking hard cock," I gasp loudly, "I'm going to cum all over your huge cock... it feels so good baby!" I exclaim as I start to cum with your cock deep inside of me.

"Oh, I'm cumming," you pant, "I'm going to fill your tight cunt with my cum," and your right hand smacks my ass hard as your hot cum explodes and fills my pussy.
You pull my hair tightly again so that I can't move while you thrust your cock entirely into my pussy and fill me with your cum.

Mmmm, I moan, as I feel your cock lose some hardness inside of me. You let go of my hair, but keep me planted on your cock by holding onto my hips. You push my back down with one hand so that my ass lifts a little higher while my pussy is still wrapped around your cock. You suck a finger into your mouth, getting it good and lubricated, and slide it up my tight ass. I feel your cock expand inside my pussy as you wiggle your finger around in my ass, pushing it deep in my ass, then slowly pulling it back out again. Your cock gets rock hard inside me, and I try to resume pounding you with my pussy, but you hold me in place on you. I moan loudly as you pull your finger out of my tight ass and slide two up my tight hole. My pussy contracts around your cock, and as you begin to pull the two fingers out of my ass, I cum all over your cock again. I moan loudly and my body shakes as my pussy holds your cock tightly, and you thrust the fingers back in my ass.

"Your tight ass wants a good fuck, but I don't know if you can handle it... you just came on me again," you tease me as you stretch my asshole with your fingers. I moan again and manage to say, "no,sir, I can handle it, I promise..."
"You sure, slut?" You ask as you push your cock deeper into my pussy and your fingers deeper into my ass.
"y..y..yea," I stutter as I feel another orgasm coming on fast.
"If you say so," you reply as you lift me off your cock, spin me around, and place me on my knees on the couch.

You push down on my back, so that my tits hang over the back of the couch and my legs are spread. You take my ass in your hands, spread my cheeks wide, and stick your tongue in my ass, probing my tight hole with you firm, hot tongue. You lick my sweet cum from my pussy while sticking two fingers back in my ass. You lick my ass again before getting on your knees behind me. You push your throbbing cock to my hole and, reaching around and pinching my nipples, thrust your whole cock up my ass.

I gasp out in delight as your cock pumps my ass and your fingers milk my nipples. My drenched pussy drips as your thick cock pounds my tight hole, your hands move to my hips, and you drill my ass with your cock.
"Fuck yes, oh god yes, fuck my ass, sir. Your stiff cock feels so great in my sweet, tight, ass!" I cry as I feel your cock pulsating in my ass, getting harder and harded with each big stroke, until you pull my hips to yours and thrust your cock firmly and deeply into my ass, and your hot cum explodes and fills my ass, leaking out around your cock.

"Your ass is so fucking good, slut," you say as you slowly pull your spent cock out of my ass. You pinch my nipples a little more as your cum drains out of my ass. You rub your fingers in it and have me lick them clean, then you pull me around and kiss me deep, our tongues sliding against each others and our lips grasping eagerly at each other.
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