Sister In Law Part 1
By: justin
My wife Pat had gone to bed and I was up watching the late evening news. I was thinking about how Iíd fucked my sister-in-law all day and how those two set it up. Then I realized something. I had talked to my wife in the past about how much I would love to see her get fucked by other men. My thoughts were she was getting fucked by other guys and felt guilty and set it up for me to fuck my slut sister-in-law. The thought of her getting fucked by other guys and knowing I could fuck Cindy again started to get my cock hard.

So I pulled down my shorts and started stroking my semi hard cock. It didn't take long for it to get hard. Just then, I felt a hand on my shoulder, It was my wife, wearing nothing but a sleazy tank top. "Are you that horny you have sit here and fuck your hand?" she said with a smile. "Yes Iím funking horny". She move around got on her knees in front of me, gently took my hand away kissed the head of my cock and said "letís talk about your horniness".

She stood up and sat on my lap and let my hard cock slide into her hot wet pussy. "So, because you got to fuck my sister today that made you this horny?" I replied " yes and something else on my mind". She put her arms around my neck and whispered in my ear " I did for a reason, you told me you would love to see me get fucked by other guys and........I have been getting fucked at work for the past six months", my cock instantly got hard as steel. Pat squirmed a little and said, "i haven't felt your cock this hard in along timeĒ. I had to ask "besides the guys at work who else are you fucking?" "Well Iíve been having 3 some with my sister and Brian, Brad our neighbour has been fucking me a lot and the meter man"

After hearing that, my cock was harder that it has ever been. Then she continued, "You can fuck Cindy any time you want to and for that matter any woman you want, as a matter of fact Brad and Tonya swing so I know you can get in her pants." My cock started pulsating in and out of Pats cunt. "Oh Jimmy your cock feels so good"

She leaned back a little and I pulled up her top and started sucking on her nipples. " Now , do you want to fuck your hand or load my pussy full of cum, I've only had 3 loads of cock juice today and need more", Just then I started to shoot loads of hot seed into Pats wet fuck hole. "Holy fuck that feels good" she yelled out. She got up and got down on her knees and sucked the rest of my load out of my dick.

Pat stood up and said "I need to get to bed I have to work early tomorrow, good night honey, and by the way Cindy will be here in the morning, I know were cock will be."
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