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I am not on here looking for a mate
Women seeking erotic email
My name is Jennifer and if you did any reading about me on my profile you'll know I'm a lil bit wild. I am way too young to be hooking up at this time. There is way too much fun to be had before those marriage links hook up. I am still in school part time and work part time. I am not boasting per se but I can pretty much guarantee I could have anyone I wanted. I am a big ol flirt and tease because I know all about the boys. I have three brothers so I pretty much have the guys in my pocket. Well anyway back to what I am doing on this site. I grew up pretty much smothered by my parents so I am trying to sow my wild oats right now. I want to know as much as I can about these so called sex sites. I have heard so much about them I just had to get intrigued. So here I am. I like the men but I love the women. I would really like a explore all the faucets of this site. Be it sexy chat, roleplay, just having a good converation or talking dirty I am up for it. So thats about all for now. See you somewhere on here.
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A sexy ad for an older woman
My name is Jennifer and I came across this blog on erotic moments. It made me shudder with anticipation to reply to you all. I am 21 and I have had these feelings for older women. I think it started with my moms best friend. She has known me ever since I was born. Well anyway I have seen her naked several times whenever she comes and spends the night while visiting. I went to college and had a couple sexual encounters with other girls. Well I was at home on a break and we (mom,her,me) went out to a local club together. We were pretty wasted when we got home. We turned on some music and we dancing around acting silly. My mom went to bed but Karen and I stayed up talking since we haven't seen each other in about a year. We talked about school some then it turned to sex. She asked me about how many boys I have to beat off with a stick. I told her that I was there for school mostly and had no time for socializing. Yeah right. I told her about the girls tho. I wouldn't have but it was the alcohol talking. Karen is divorced and I know she has been with other women from what my mom has told me. By and by I was sitting on the floor and she was sitting on the couch. I had my back to her and she kept going back to how pretty the girls were and all the sordid details. The lights were a little low in the living room and all was real quiet for a minute or two. I could see her in the mirror across the small room. She was leaning into me and quietly asking me questions in a real low voice. She leaned into the back of my head and I could feel her smelling my hair. It did give me goose bumps but I acted like nothing was happening. I saw her hand between her legs and rubbing herself while I talked. She was just moaning a little oows and ahhs when I talked about my sex. ..Email me if you feel like conversing on this subject because it does get better. Bye
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Black cocks
Saturday, April 30, 2011
I just got through reading some sex stories in the interracial stories. I could not quit! I swear I had to keep reading and reading. I am so turned on right now you can't believe. I do know one thing I got out of these stories, I sure would love to be fucked so hard by a big 11 inch black cock. There I said it. My gawd I would pay money for a black man to come knock on my door.
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Too horny to care
Saturday, April 30, 2011

The sun was shining through my bamboo blind' s, a sign that it was time for me to wake. I was feeling naughty and had something in mind.

I brushed my hands over my naked body, I started at my thighs, then moved across my taut stomach and then up to my nipples. They hardened against my fingertips, I could feel the dull throb between my legs. I didn't want to go there just yet, it was worth the wait.

My body was being wasted just laying here only feeling my touch. It needed to be appreciated, I needed somebody else to see me touch myself, to watch my pussy throb with want. I got up and wrapped my bed sheet around my body. I walked over to my french doors, which lead out onto my balcony and pulled up the blind' s.

Beyond my balcony is a public beach and at that time in the morning there were a few people jogging and checking out the surf. I needed to be exposed, I stood out on the balcony and let the sheet slip so that my right breast was showing. I licked my finger and rubbed it over my nipple, it grew hard once again so I let the sheet slip down further to expose my left breast. I was feeling more and more horny as the seconds passed.

I put my hand under the sheet and slid my finger into my slit, it was sticky and wet and ready to be finger fucked. I caught the eye of a passer by who by the sight of me almost fell over, this is what I wanted. He stumbled but didn't take his eyes away from my luscious breasts. I leaned against my balcony, parted the sheet and exposed my swollen pussy. The passer by stopped dead in his tracks.

I wanted a bigger audience, the rush going through me was amazing. Knowing that I could get in trouble for indecent exposure made my pussy even wetter and my nipples harder. I had a chair beside me so I decided to sit down and give my cunt some good attention. I removed the bed sheet and spread my legs over the chair arm's. I spread my pussy lips and rubbed up and down my slit with one finger, I needed to be fucked so I inserted two fingers into my juicy; pussy. The sound of my fingers thrusting in and out was making me wild. I needed more, I looked over to my passer by who was still there but had moved to a more secluded spot where he could watch me fuck myself. He was rubbing his cock on the outside of his running shorts and I noticed he was getting hard. I took my fingers out of my pussy and sucked them clean.

I inserted more fingers, three then four. The juice from my pussy coated my hand and I was ready to cum, I rubbed my clit with my fingers from my other hand and continued to fuck my cunt.

My stranger was now wanking his cock furiously, my pace increased and my breathing was erratic. I opened my legs wider to accommodate more of mywet fingers, my orgasm took over and I gushed my cum all over my hands and chair. Soon after my stranger came and squirted hot milky spunk into the open air. He was on his knees, his chest rising in rhythm with mine.

I slowly rubbed my juices all around my stretched pussy and sucked my cum from my wet fingers. I picked up my sheet and wrapped it around my body. I blew my stranger a kiss goodbye and knew it would not be his last visit.   

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