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Transsexual Woman with Psychological Problems
Women seeking Friends
I'm not looking for anything more than friendship & maybe a little flirting, & I must say that I do have a partner that I dearly love more than anything else in my world.

I wont say much about this other than I have questioned my birth gender Identity for all of my cognizant life & for the last four years or so I have been a patient of a clinic that specialises in gender exchange for those whom basically have the wrong body for their mind or more specifically are a woman born with physical male characteristics but not the mental state to suit, or vice versa .

I've been on a hormone program for nearly 4 years now, which has only ever been interrupted by a mental health problem that I am trying very hard to conquer & I'm getting there !!!

I honestly love life & good people & would love to listen to your stories & maybe become good friends.

Alana xxxx
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Tech Probs
Monday, July 22, 2013
 I recently lost all internet connection for some weeks. My processor broke !  ...  the graphics card on the mother board died on me & the cost to repair was as much as a whole new processor, so I've had to save the pennies & use all my savings to buy a new one.
 I'm running windows 8 now, which seems to cause a few probs here n there, but it's early days yet with this new system.
 Recently I regret to say that I've lost another very close family member & obviously & understandably I hope, I've been very low since.

My injuries are not so much of a problem now, apart from my right arm  ....  this is still a big problem for me as I cant fully extend it in some directions, nor fully close my fist with any strength ......  any attempt is extremely painful !

  Oh well  ....  such is life.

 Love & good wishes to all 
   Lana   xxx  
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Good news
Friday, May 31, 2013
 My upper arm/humerus is not broken, just soft tissue damage as in torn muscle & ligament.
 My broken wrist has had the cast removed from & I now have a removable splint, which is ever so lovely as I can now scratch, wash properly  & see far more what is happening with my injury.
 It's such a relief to lose the cast, but that said, I'm still some way from getting my right arm working properly again. I've been told to use the splint for another 4 weeks but if the upper arm thing shows no sign of recovery I must go back to the hospital in 2 weeks time to be assessed by a specialist in that kind of injury.

 For now I feel confident that everything will heel its self without further medical intervention. At least I hope so    :)
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Latest on my injury
Thursday, May 30, 2013
  Thank you all,  I'm at the hospital fracture clinic tomorrow so should find out if I've also got a broken humerus, which I suspect by the amount of pain & the now quite obvious to feel swelling of some kind over the bone & in the place where I think it might be broken. I think this may be a callous which develops around any broken bone to help it to heal naturally.

  My wrist is much less painful now so the cast seems to be doing its work although the itching drives me mad at times. My upper arm is the major pain problem which I severely need to know the cause of   .....  is it a break or torn tissues ?

  Either way I have to get this problem resolved as at this moment my right arm is an actual hindrance to the rest of my body but I desperately need it back working at least semi normally. At the moment I cant lift my arm up any more than a few degrees in any direction & I cant even eat a meal that requires knife & fork.

 I'm hopeful that time will be the healer, but till then I remain frustrated & in pain !
 plus I must be a codeine addict by now ,  lol

   Trying to be happy,
      L  xxx
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Another accident
Thursday, May 23, 2013
 I tripped on the telephone cable to my router , & broke my wrist,  and I seem to have managed to have torn my upper arm muscles too.
 I'm in agony just now, but hopefully the main pain will subside soon.

 I've been suffering intense pain for a long time now for one reason or another & hope that this situation will change in the very near future.

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Nearly Died !
Thursday, April 4, 2013
  My mental health has been very bad since Christmas & I've avoided posting due to this as I know that in this state I can be some what obnoxious or even venomous !

 I hate my self for the Jekyll & Hyde part of me & I honestly wish to kill the monster , but perhaps this is impossible as it is part of my whole persona. Do I need them both to cause some sort of balance ? ,  or am I just crazy ?

  I'm really lost just now after having a really bad accident where I broke my hand, sprained the other, hurt my back severely, plus suffered a really severe head wound which I was told could or should have been enough to kill me.

 Somehow I've managed to escape any serious brain trauma & a CAT scan was clear of any worrying underlying injury to my brain or neck.

 I'm so very lucky to be alive despite all of my bad luck.

  this is my head wound  .....

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