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Men Seeking Women
sup yall imma young black culinary student datz lookin to meet up and find sum fun ladys to chill wit it can be a one night thang or and can happen more then once i jus dont wanna use my hand no more unless itz a female across from me playin wit herself u feel me if so get at me
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my blogs will mostly be poems how yall like em
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sex planet
Wednesday, May 13, 2009

takin you in my arms and holdin you tight
passionate images go through my mind of pleasin you all night

you smell so good and yo body feels so soft and smooth

i wanna take you 2 sexual explorations lik Stella gettin back her groove

massagin your bacc with my hands in an intimate way
suckin on the bacc of your ear lobes tryin to lead you 2 4-play

rubbin oil all over yo bacc, stomach, and breast
kissin you down your spine to really put you 2 the test

the test of of pure bliss and orgasmic reactions
let me see if i do this can i get a good reaction
or if i kiss you like this does it give you satisfaction

my goal is 2 please you like no one else can
ill treat you like you were a superstar and im yo 1 fan

it feels so good with me behind you with our bodies touchin
in yo ear i simply whisper sweet nothings

so romantic and intense is the mood im tryin to set

i must do all the erotic things in my head so theres no regret

my hands slide to yo thighs and move up and down very slowly
you tell me baby have your way with me control me 

i so gently brush my fingertips across the middle of yo panties
all you have on is a pair of sexy boy shorts nothin fancy

teasin you is what i aim 4 as i rub yo clit 
i see you bitin yo lips lookin aroused bout 2 jus have a fit

wantin me to so badly take yo panties off 
i decide not 2 and jus run my hands down the length of yo vaginal lips
they are extremly soft

as the temp rises in the room and the passion begins to grow 
i come around to yo front and kiss you very very slow

kissin and takin your panties off at the same time
pullin yo body closer 2 mine listenin to the music while doin a slow grind

our 2 spots now touch and become more "HOT"
our legs become intertwined almost like we were tiein a knot 

i finally get inside of you and its like heaven
im rock hard and straight just like the number eleven

in and out up and out is how im movin
2 hear you moan in my ear is ever so soothin

its so good its almost like i planned it
but thats not the case its just the result of takin you 2 my "Sex Planet"

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