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My Stories
Just a series or unrelated stories I have written for a very special lady. I will add more as time goes by. Decided not to put a title on them, just the date they were finished.
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Thursday, April 14, 2011
    I really have enjoyed playing while thinking about you.  I think about sucking and nibbling on your gorgeous breasts and nursing on your nipples.  I stroke my cock slowly while I imagine running my tongue all over the flesh of your chest, tasting you all over while my hand moves up and down on my cock and squeezes the head gently, coaxing some precum out.  I rub the slippery liquid around the head with my thumb, feeling my thumb and fingers slip around on my cock, imagining it is your hand stroking my cock instead of mine.  Mmmmmmmmmm...

    Then I get to thinking about you lying next to me, my mouth pleasuring your titties while my hand travels down to your pussy.  I would start by slowly stroking just the outside, not touching your clit.  I would trace my fingers up and down your pussy lips, barely touching them.  I would touch you with a very soft touch, skating along the surface of your sex while I noisily sucked on your nipples, back and forth.  After a few moments of that teasing torture, I would place my whole hand on your pussy and softly squeeze your mound while slowly pushing a single finger into your love canal.  I would not go deep, not yet, just enough to stir the flames of your lust.  While stirring, I would rub my palm against your clit, gently at first, in all different directions.  And I would be trading your nipples for your mouth, kissing you passionately while I played with your pussy.  Then I would kiss my way back to your breasts and return to worshipping your breasts and nursing at your nipples.  This time, though, I would be a bit more aggressive, sucking a bit harder and biting them with a bit more force while sliding a finger all the way into your pussy.  I would slowly saw my finger in and out of your sopping wet pussy, pushing it in all the way then dragging it back out until it just the tip rests inside of you, then pushing it back in.  Mmmmmmmmmm...  I know you like the full, long strokes and I would give it to you.

    After fingering your gorgeous, pink, tight, wet pussy for a while, I would kiss and suck my way down to your pussy, spreading your legs wide so as to bring my mouth to your mound.  I would lick all over around your pussy, teasing you and enjoying the taste of your nether regions.  Once I had licked up all traces of your pussy from the flesh surrounding your flower, I would start licking and sucking on the outer lips of your sex, covering them in my saliva before drawing them into my mouth and sucking on them one after the other.  Yummmmmmmmmmmm...  I would take my time, savoring the feast before me.  After the assault on your outer lips is complete, I would use my thumbs and gently open your pussy to my gaze.

    I would look into your lust clouded eyes and smile before pursing my lips and blowing gently on the inner parts of your pussy, blowing my breath all over the wet, inner surfaces, and blowing a breath over your engorged clit every now and then.  After blowing on the flames of your passion for a bit, I would bring my tongue and lips to your pussy, drawing the inner lips into my mouth and sucking them before burrowing my tongue inside, tasting your pussy while fucking you with my tongue.  While tongue fucking your honeypot, I would rub my nose around on your clit, pushing it around and rubbing it while my tongue moved in and out of you and drew your pussy juice into my mouth.  Then, knowing you enjoy the taste, I would bring my mouth to yours and kiss you, allowing you to taste yourself.  I would not ignore your pussy, though.  I would slide two fingers into you and finger fuck your pussy while we kissed, my fingers moving deep into you, and quickly, while my thumb rubbed against your clit in all different directions.  I would continue the kissing and fingering until you came all over my fingers, then I would mount you and drive my cock into you slowly, and hold it in you until you recovered from your cum.

    After you had come down enough, I would brace myself and begin to slide myself in and out of you, slowly, completely leaving you once or twice before penetrating your pussy again.  I would grind against you when I had myself buried completely inside of you, rubbing myself against you, using the base of my cock to rub your clit while my cock rubbed against the inner walls of your pussy.  Then I would go back to fucking my cock in and out of your pussy, my cock rubbing against your inner walls, rubbing against the inner and outer lips, and rubbing against your clit.  While we fucked I would kiss you and suck on your neck, drawing your ear lobes into my mouth and sucking on them before bringing my lips back to yours.

    I would draw back from kissing you and look into your eyes, my cock sliding in and out of you.  "Want a taste Baby?"  You would just nod your head and I would pull out and lay down next to you.  You would waste little time and move so that you can suck my cock.  I would moan so loud as you engulfed my cock with your mouth and ran your tongue all over it, catching all traces of yourself before bobbing your head up and down for a few, enjoying sucking me and hearing my reaction as you bring me closer and closer to my orgasm.  I would stop you, not wanting to cum in your mouth but wanting to fill your pussy.  You would look at me and I would smile, gesturing you up onto my face with the curling of my finger.  You kiss my cock once then move up to straddle my face.

    You bring your pussy to my mouth and start to rub yourself on me, my tongue licking you as you move back and forth over my, smearing your plentiful, sweet juices all over my face.  I am in heaven as I reach my hands up to squeeze your ass and control your movements some, allowing me to bring my mouth to bear on your pussy, sucking and licking greedily on your overheated sex.  I would push my tongue up into you and allow you to bounce a little on my face, my tongue fucking you while my nose rubs your clit.  My eyes would be on yours, never leaving as you rub your pussy on my face.  After a time, and hopefully an orgasm from you, you would want more.  You would move off my face and straddle my hips, bringing your delightful pussy down onto my cock.

    You would then ride me long and hard, your pussy squeezing and sucking at my cock as you bounce up and down.  Never to be one to just lay there, I would fuck myself up into you while playing with your nipples, grabbing them between thumb and finger and pulling on them or rolling them between my digits.  When you stop to grind, I would pull you forward and suck on one nipple or the other before you go back to bouncing.  I would let you control the action as you continue riding me, bringing our orgasms closer and closer.  I would grab your hips as we neared our cum and fuck into you harder from below.  I would hold off until I felt your pussy clench up around my cock, then I would let loose, cumming in your pussy as you bathed my cock in your juices.  Afterwards, I would pull a blanket over us and shut out the light while you slept on my chest, our bodies still coupled after a wonderful time in bed.
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Thursday, April 14, 2011
    I come into my room after taking a shower, wearing just a towel.  My hair is still damp and I am getting ready for you to come over for movies.  I find you, on the bed, quite busy.  You are gloriously and beautifully naked, lying on your back, legs parted, with a toy being pumped in and out of your wet pussy by your right hand while you rub your clit with the other.  Your eyes are closed and you are moaning softly.  I see the wrapper on the floor and realize you have found and opened the gift I was going to give you  later.  I grin at this, it seems to me you are enjoying your new toy.  I am enjoying the show and my cock is rapidly hardening as I watch you stroke your new dildo in and out of your pussy slowly, tilting it one way or another as your slide it in and out, giving yourself different, but pleasurable sensations on each stroke.  I stand there and begin stroking my hard cock as you continue to unknowingly give me a good show and tell me, in a very definite but intimate way, that you enjoy my gift to you.  Not only do you like it, but I know it will get lots of use.

    I decide, after a little while, that I want to show you what I was going to do with the toy.  So I walk over to the bed and slowly get on it, sliding over close to you.  You are lost in the sensations you are giving to yourself and do not notice me.  That is, not until I softly place my hand on the base of the dildo.  You stop with a startled gasp and look down at my hand, a smile slowly coming to your lips as you follow the arm and find me sitting there.  I smile and kiss you, then ask if you are enjoying your present.  You blush and say that you knew who it was for and were feeling very horny.  I laugh and slowly pull the dildo almost all the way out of your pussy.  I then lean in and whisper in your ear that I wanted to use it on you and, as I say that, I slide the dildo deep into your pussy.  You moan loudly as your pussy is penetrated by the toy.  I grin at you and motion for you to lay back and let me play with you.  You lay back as I start to pump the toy in and out of you, twisting it and moving it like you were, making sure it touches every part of your pussy that it can.  I also bring my mouth down to your clit and begin to lick and suck on it while I fuck your pussy with your dildo.

    You reach between my legs and grasp my cock.  I moan and roll so that you have unobstructed access to my cock as I continue fucking you and orally pleasing you.  You take hold of my cock, wrapping your hand around me, and stroking me in time with the fake cock slipping in and out of your wet, slick pussy.  Knowing how you like it, I reach a hand down and put it over yours and guide you as you stroke my cock closer to orgasm.  I stop your strokes every now and again to rub your hand through the precum leaking from my cock, spreading it around on the head and shaft before going back to guiding your strokes.  You are moaning continuously now as I increase the speed of your fucking while I lick not just your clit, but I begin licking all around your pussy and even lick down into your ass crack to enjoy and not waste a single drop of the pussy juice that is flowing like a river from you.  I make repeated slurping noises as I spend my time sucking on your clit and gathering up your copious amounts of nectar.  At one point you make it known you want me to share, so I lick and suck up a good amount, then move up your body so we can kiss, you taking the tasty treat from me and sucking it all down.  I go back to your pussy and continuing sucking on your clit and fucking you, harder and faster now as I sense your orgasm rapidly approaching.  As you begin to orgasm, I suck harder on your clit and continue fucking your pussy while holding your ass down on the bed.  My mouth never leaves your clit and the dildo continues pistoning in and out of you until you have cum twice and push my head away from your clit.

    I sit up and leave the dildo buried in you, smiling at you while you calm down.  You look at me and grin, then launch yourself at me and I quickly find myself on my back and you laying on me.  You smile and tell me that was wonderful, but now it is my turn.  You start kissing me, passionately, while your hand reaches down and removes the dildo.  You then bring it up and end our kiss, the dildo between our faces.  You stick your tongue out and lick up the one side of the juice covered toy.  I stick my own tongue out and lick it as well.  We come to the bulbous end at the same time and lock lips again and kiss with much emotion and ferocity, the dildo forgotten as you drop it somewhere on the bed and wrap your arms around me, pulling me against you as we kiss.

    You break our kiss and begin to slowly lick your way down my body, stopping briefly at my nipples, where you lick and softly nibble on my nipples, before moving the rest of the way down my body.  You circle my navel, dipping your tongue inside, and I moan, loving your tongue and mouth on my body.  When you reach my cock, you gently take it in your hand and point it at your mouth, you then kiss the end of it and swirl your tongue around the hole at the end, eliciting a groan of pleasure from me.   You grin and begin to lick my cock all over.  You move your hands to either side of my body and use just your tongue as you lick every inch of my cock, coating my cock in a layer of saliva and my own precum.  Through this I moan and grip the blankets on my bed, keeping my hands off your head, knowing you would rather have me keep them off your head, and being unable to touch your pussy because you have straddled my right leg and are occasionally grinding your pussy against my leg while you lick my cock like an all day lollipop.  You lick lower, covering my ball sack in a layer of your saliva, before licking your way back to the head of my cock and engulfing it, sliding it into your mouth.  You know right away I like this, just by how loudly I moan out your name.

    You move a hand to my balls and gently play with them while slowly bobbing your head up and down on my cock, fucking me with your mouth.  Your tongue is constantly swirling around on the head and shaft of my cock as your head slowly moves up and down and the suction of your mouth is alternated between some very strong vacuum like pressure to a very soft  suckle that feels wonderful.  You stop the bobbing motion occasionally and just suck and slurp on my cock while running your tongue all oer me, making me twitch and convulse in pleasure.  You suck hard on my cock and pull back some, slowly letting my cock out of your mouth, bringing a loud gasp then a long moan from my mouth as you get to where just the head of my cock is in your mouth.  You rub your tongue all over the head of my cock while sucking on it with gusto before taking it back into your mouth.  I gasp repeatedly as you perform this act on my cock over and over, bringing me closer to cumming.  You continue your sucking and stroking until I feel the cum churning at the base of my cock and I yell that I am cumming.  You pull back just far enough that only my cockhead is still in your mouth and suck hard while rubbing the head of my cock with your tongue.  I arc my back as I cum, pumping wad after wad of my seed into your mouth.  You take it all down, sucking until you feel me relax, then taking your mouth off my cock and replacing it with a hand, where you continue to pump my still hard cock and lean over and kiss me, letting me taste myself in your mouth.

    You take no time in finding a use for my cock, straddling me and rubbing your wet pussy against my cock.  After a moment of this teasing of both of us, you rise up some, position my cock at the entrance to your pussy, and slowly sit down with a moan of pleasure, from both of us.  You lay your body down on top of me and slowly grind your pussy down against me, moving just enough to generate a nice level of friction for your clit while sliding my cock in and out of your hot, slick, grasping pussy, bringing us both much pleasure.  You sit up, partway, and I seize my opportunity, using both hands to gently grasp your breasts.  You look down at my hands and then moan loudly as you realize what I am going to do.  I bring my mouth to a nipple and start to suck on it while pinch and rolling the other nipple between my thumb and forefinger.  You begin to fuck me slowly, sliding up my cock until just the head is inside before slipping back down, all the while I continue to suck and slurp on your nipples and play with your breasts.  You bring your hands to my head, playing with my hair and guiding me back and forth between your breasts, all the while continuing to ride my cock.  You stop sliding up and down to grind for a while, grinding harder and faster than before.  I moan around the mouthful of titty I have and grind against you while continuing to suck on your nipples.  I suck harder and begin to nibble on them, holding them between my teeth and pulling back, tugging on your nipples as we race toward orgasm again.  I finally release your nipples in favor of grabbing your hips and guiding you up and down my cock as I fuck up into your pussy as you impale yourself again and again on my cock.  You grab your tits and begin to scream as your orgasm takes you, your back arcs as I feel you cum all over my cock.  I grab you and flip us over, my cock never leaving your pussy.  With me on top, I begin to fuck you fast and hard, driving myself towards orgasm and sending you over the edge of another.  I reach between us and begin stroking and pulling on your clit, sending you into another cum as I begin cumming in you, filling your pussy with my seed.  I roll off of you, my cum covered cock popping free of your pussy as I roll onto my back next to you.  You roll over and rest your head on my chest.

    "I was going to suggest we play after the movie, so we can use your new toy" I say after I catch my breath.
    "Why can't we?" you ask innocently as you set the dildo on the pillow next to my head and smile mischievously.
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Thursday, April 14, 2011
    I walk into my room, after entering the house and finding evidence that you are here somewhere.  When I first entered I found your jacket, then socks, then your shirt, these were just strewn around the place.  Then, when heading to the bedroom, I found your bra.  Heading toward my room, and the bed, I found your panties.  When I enter my room, I find you on my bed, naked.  You are slowly rubbing your pussy and watching for me.  Your eyes light up, your smile widens, and two of your fingers slowly enter your wet pussy.  "Hello Lover, I was beginning to wonder when you would get home."  You say this with a soft, husky voice.  I grin and reply, "If I had known you were going to be here, I would not have stopped anywhere on the way home."  I come over to te side of the bed and you grab me, pulling me down into an embrace and a fevered kiss.  I, of course, do not fight you, but allow myself to be pulled into your arms and return the kiss with equal fervor.  I pull away from you and start to undress, pulling my clothes of quickly and throwing them across the room in my haste.  You giggle, a sexy little laugh, as I pop three buttons off my shirt while taking it off.  I stand as I remove my boxers to see that you have moved on to your hands and knees on the bed while I was stripping off my clothes.  I grab my cock and stroke it a few times while watching you, supporting yourself with your knees and one hand while the other hand is busy stroking and rubbing your clit and pussy.  "I am such a naughty woman, will you spank me?"  you ask while continuing to rub your clit.  "Yes, my naghty Dawn, I will" I say as I walk around the other side of the bed so that I can spank you.

    As I reach the side of the bed you are on I reach both hands out and place them on your ass.  I rub your ass for a moment, reveling in the feel of your smooth, hot ass cheeks in my hands.  I bend over and place a long, sucking kiss on one of your ass cheeks, then do the same to the other.  You make appreciative sounds when I kiss your ass.  I then get a smile on my face and gently part your ass cheeks then place a kiss right on your bum hole.  You make a low, moaning sound while I kiss and lightly suck at your ass hole.  I then bring myself upright and ask if you are ready for your "punishment?"  You look at me over your shoulder and smile at me.  "Yes Babe, spank me please?  I have been so naughty."  I grin and bring my hand back, then bring it forward, swatting your right ass cheek.  I do not hit you hard enough to cause any serious pain, just enough to sting a little and leave a pretty pink mark.  When I hit your gorgeous ass, I let my hand linger and gently rub the area I hit before bringing my hand back and hiting your other ass cheek.  I go back and forth, bringing moans and whimpers from you as I continue to administer your spanking.  Towards the end, after I have swatted your ass five times on each cheek, you are fidgeting, moving and pushing your ass back into the swats I am giving you, and I can tell you are close to cumming.  I finish you spanking with one more swat on each cheek, then I bring my lips  to your ass and kiss your ass all over while I bring a hand to your pussy and slide two fingers into your soaking wet hole.  I finger fuck your pussy with full length strokes, pulling my fingers almost all the way out before burying them all the way back into your pussy.  I bring my other hand two your clit, which I start rubbing quickly while I continue kissing and licking your ass.  You cum loudly, moaning and groaning through your orgasm as I continue to finger you.  You collapse on my hands and take in several deep breaths.  I slowly pull my hands out from under you and begin licking my fingers off while I gaze at you.  You look at me and see what I am doing and grab my other hand, which is also covered with your juices.  You slowly lick my fingers clean.

    You give me a very sexy look and say, in a deep, sexy voice, "I want to taste you Dave."  You then take hold of my cock and guide me to where you want me.  I stand there as you kiss my cock, and swab your tongue across the head of my rod, licking up some of the precum that is leaking from my hole.  I moan as I watch you kiss and lick me, then groan your name loudly as you wrap your lips around my cockhead and take me into your mouth.  I start to moan as you suck on my cock and run your tongue all over on my cock head and shaft.  You start make slurping noises as you slowly begin to move your mouth back and forth along the shaft of my cock while bringing a hand to my balls and begin to gently squeeze them and roll them around in your hand.  You bring your mouth off my cock and lick the head before kissing the end, sucking some on the tip while kissing, then taking me back in your mouth.  I keep my hands clenched to my own ass, letting you control how you pleasure me with your mouth.  As you take me back into your mouth, you begin a constant sucking action with your mouth, providing my cock an exquisite vacuum to provide an incredible amount of pleasure.  I buck and moan as bring your hands to my ass and pull me closer to you, trying to control the jerks you are causing.  I try to steady myself but it is difficult.  I still have the occasional bucking motion as you bring me closer to cumming.  You bring your mouth off my cock, lick the end, and look me in the eye, "I want you to cum in my mouth Babe."  You then return to sucking my cock.  I feel my cum begin to surge up from my balls, traveling quickly to your mouth.  I moan loudly, deeply, as I feel my orgasm begin to sweep over me.  "I am cumming!" I groan out.  You begin to suck harder as I bein cumming in your mouth.  You grab my hands in your and hold them while I fill your mouth with cum.  I step back and pull my cock from your mouth then climb onto the bed with you, moving so that I can kiss you.  As we kiss, I taste myself in your mouth and run my tongue around on yours.

    You pull back from me a little after we have been kissing for a while.  You look me in the eyes and tell me, "I want you to take your cock and put it in my pussy Babe, then I want you to fuck me."  I grin as I push you onto your back and position myself between your legs.  I take my cock and run it up and down between your pussy lips, never penetrating you.  "You want me to fuck your pussy Baby?  You want my cock in here?" I ask as I slide my cock into your pussy.  You gasp then wrap your legs around my hips as I begin to slowly fuck my cock in and out of you.  After a few strokes, I bury myself to the hilt in you and begin grinding against you.  While grinding into you, I bring my mouth to your neck and begin assaulting your neck with my lips and tongue, alternating between kissing and licking your wonderful neck while I grind myself against you, trapping your clit between our pelvises and mashing it between us, bringing you and myself some extreme pleasure.  You are panting and getting close to cumming by now.  You grab the hair on the back of my head and pull me away from your neck long enough to tell me, in a very sexy whimper, "Fuck me David, I am SOOOOO close to cumming.  Fuck me Babe."  I, never to be one to deny a request like that from you, start to fuck my cock in and out of you, feeling your pussy grab and squeeze my cock while I pull it almost all the way out then quickly plunge it back into your wet, welcoming pussy.  For a few minutes, all that is heard now is our moans and groans of pleasure, the slapping sounds from our bodies as I continue fucking you, and the wet sloshing sounds made by your pussy as my cock pistons in and out of you.  You start to moan louder and your body starts to shudder as your orgasm approaches.  I slow down, wanting to make it last a little longer.  You, however, decide that we are both cumming sooner rather than later and push us over so you are on top.  You then start to bounce up and down quickly, grinding yourself down into me on the downstroke.  You start talking dirty to me, asking me how I like your pussy squeezing my cock and how you want my cum in your pussy.  I begin to feel the cum surge up out of my balls then and grab your ass, guiding you and fucking up into your pussy as you come down on me.  You start to cum, your pussy squeezing on my cock, making it feel like your pussy is trying to milk my cock.  I am willing to let it, willing to fill your pussy with my juice.  You pull up, almost all the way off my cock, then slam down on me, your body shuddering and you moaning loudly.  Watching you cum and feeling your pussy get wetter and squeeze even more on my cock is too much for me.  I grab your hips and thrust up into you, arching my back, and filling you with my cum.  Our bodies shake and shudder together for a while, slowing after a few moments, then stopping all together.  You lay forward on my body and look into my eyes, kiss me, then say, "Welcome Home."
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My what big horns you have
Added: Sunday, April 17, 2011 11:37pm
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