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I am searching for a woman who enjoys the fun things in life. I don't want just a one night stand. I want something more, but I don't exactly know what yet. I want a woman who enjoys some kink as well romance - someone with whom I can have a good conversation as well as good old fashioned rough sweaty sex. I have several things I like -not quite fetishes. ;) All you have to do is ask me about them. I am into BDSM and anyone with whom I consider getting into a long-term relationship must share this interest.
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Life, such as it is
This is just a collection of random thoughts, not really a log of my sexual experiences.
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thoughts on the first sex with someone new
Saturday, June 19, 2010
I find that as I've matured, I've been able to control my sexual urges better.  Not that I've become able to resist temptation on the level of a saint (I almost thought priest, but - ummm, yeah).  It's been easier for me to restrain the urge to fuck any and every willing piece of ass that walks in front of me.  This is a good thing, in that I am able to avoid stupid and unsafe situations that I might have gotten into when I was 21 or 22.  It also helps me avoid the twat-brains that only want to fuck because they're drunk or high that moment and focus on women that actually have an interest in me.  I think the thing that is the best, though, about my new found patience is the degree to which anticipation heightens the sexual experience.  I'm not saying waiting months and so on as some puritanical religious types argue when they try to force their false morality on the world.  I'm saying I try to hold back from fucking a woman the first day I meet her.  I'm saying that it feels better being with a woman with whom I have an emotional and mental connection.  
Of course, when that moment comes, all I want to do is tear off her clothes and fuck her senseless.
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the town I'm in
Tuesday, June 15, 2010
I get very frustrated sometimes by the place where I live.  Being a highly sexually charged individual, I like to express myself and let my cock dangle, so to speak.  People around here generally don't like that - even young people, people my own age.  I know it stems from self-consciousness and sexual repression, but knowing doesn't help most of the time. I'm one of those people that believe in the existence of a Patriarchy. It is falling, but it still exists.  I mean Patriarchy in the sense that sexual and social relations are restricted, especially when it comes to women.  Sexuality and the human body become taboo and access to sex and the means necessary to have sex: particular social standing, money, performance of morality, etc. are regulated by standards meant to enforce paternalistic family structures.  The effect of this is to generate accepted ways of living which, by their acceptance or rejection of this narrative, prevent new and creative lifestyles.  A person can choose to be upstanding - go to church, get a job that pays the bills - which is only possible by 'joining the club', find a woman who will fuck you and marry her, knock her up, then live the rest of your life in boring misery.  It works similarly for women, except less emphasis on the job part and more emphasis on the getting knocked up part.  Alternatively, if you reject that system or are rejected by it, you barely scrape by, live primarily on government assistance because you have no access to a good job, engage in serial monogamy because you have very little stability and financial stress is the best thing to fuck up relationships, and live the rest of your life in miserable poverty, partly being an example to the future generation of moral degeneration but also being the backbone of the economy.  In a perverse way, both of these paths prop up the patriarchal system and work to renew it.  Like I say, it is beginning to fall apart, but it is still in existence.  I hate that system.  I chose neither path.  I do not subscribe to a morality enforced by a church I do not believe in.  I do not want to be a cog in a system which is sick and needs to be replaced with one to which I can feel connected.  I want a system that glorifies sexuality and posits new family arrangements, that discourages those who pursue greed and encourages those who want to give people more control over their lives.  Maybe we need a Matriarchy for a while.  ;)
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the Y
Friday, June 11, 2010
I went to the Y yesterday to see about joining.  I've been trying to work out at home, but I'm tired of buying more weights.  The first thing that struck me was how wholesome the entire place was.  I saw a sign that said 'No Smoking' - I smoke.  I know - not the best habit to have when I'm trying to get into shape.  It's the only bad habit I have left, though, and I rather enjoy it for now.  Then I saw a sign to the effect of 'This is a Christian place - no foul language or inappropriate behavior.'  Motherfucking cock-swallowing shit-sniffing ball-sucking choad humper!  That sucks! I can deal with it I suppose.  I'm not a Christian, either.  Then I saw this cute young blonde thing at the counter and thought to myself - god how I want to fuck her bareback doggy-style.  I didn't say that to her though.  Those Christians and their damn penchant for guilty temptations!  I think I want to go there. though.  The raters are pretty good and I think I'll get a weird thrill from the thought of being a kinkster in a place full of people who want to be kinksters but are afraid of offending God and their church.  Without getting into a discussion about religion - I'll simply say that the path of Heaven instructs that we be benevolent to all creatures in every way and practice the quiet virtue.  
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my reality
Tuesday, June 8, 2010
I imagine that people use online profiles as play identities.  Online descriptions are inherently slanted for the simple fact that there is really no one else around to challenge the accuracy of someone's profile.  There will always be liars and fakers, but that's not what I'm talking about.  I'm more concerned about people who actually try to faithfully represent themselves.  I think people don't realize how very little about themselves they really know.  I see this disconnect when I read people's profiles and then actually chat with them or meet them.  It's as if to say - it's all very fun and such to have this fantastical persona and play with other people that also have fantastical personas, but when the computer is off, it's time to get back to the business of the real world.'  In the real world, there is no room for a woman who wants to be taken seriously and also wants to get pounded with a nice cock from behind on her lunch break.  There is no room for a man who wants to do a bareback orgy with other men and women instead of going out drinking with buddies of to a nightclub.  I have a very skewed perspective on the world and I know that.  I can't live a normal life of work, family, church with naughty fantasy on the side.  Naughty fantasy is not fantasy for me.  It is more real to me than what people think they have to do to get by in the world.  After all, reality is a collective delusion created for the purpose of organizing people.  I don't like to be organized and herded around.  Maybe I'm writing this as a sort of 'apologia' to explain why I seem weird when people actually meet me.  Maybe I'm writing it out of frustration in dealing with people in general.  I like my desires and the way I am.  It allows me to live in a reality rich with symbolism and meaning.  I think it springs from my desire to help people understand that when I say something here, I really mean it and I really am this way in real life.
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shaved vs. hairy
Monday, June 7, 2010
I've been curious about whether having a shaved pussy is actually more popular than having it natural and hairy. I prefer the natural look - no shave bumps, razor burn, and it's softer than shaved.  There's nothing better than burying my face in a hairy pussy or pulling my cock out and seeing that hairy creampie.  I wouldn't, at this point, try to change a woman who's been shaving it for years, but I prefer a nice hairy quim - I don't care what anyone says.
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