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I guess the title says it all, I'm looking for someone to have fun with . . . dressing up and having fun in the bedroom is nice, dressing up and having fun anywhere else is nice, dressing up and having fun in front of a camera is even better . . .

I can always use advice on makeup, but I learn fast and I like doing what I'm told :)
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Peeking out of the closet
Thursday, February 2, 2012
The older I get, the less worried I am about what people think of me.  This is good in some ways--I'm not as nervous as I used to be when meeting new people--and not so good in others, since when I'm in boy mode I don't really worry about what I look like as long as what I'm wearing is clean.  Collared shirt from the bottom of the laundry pile, that has never been ironed and has more wrinkles in it then the plots of all M. Night Shyamalan movies combined?  Perfectly fine for work.  Note that I can't actually hang any of my work clothes up, since my whole closet is full of things I really can't wear out in public.  I'm pretty sure I spend more on lingerie than for all the boy clothes I wear for 90% of the time.

I ordered a bunch of fun things from Victoria's Secret, and of course, they were delivered to the apartment complex office instead of my apartment, which meant I had to go and pick them up in person.  From real, actual people in the office.  In the past, this would have been terrifying--I'd have to think up excuses for why I, a presumably straight guy (as far as they knew) would have Dainty Things delivered in the mail--but this time all I could think was 'fuck it--let that freak flag fly, baby!'  Bravado in advance makes things easier in some ways, but it ended up not mattering--when I went in to ask the office people to hand over said Dainty Things there was only one person there, who was glued to a phone that was connected to someone who sounded really angry about something.  Lots of yelling from the other end.  Whatever was going on was more important to everyone involved than what kind of underwear I was wearing, as it turned out.

I came out to a long-time internet friend and told him that I was gay.  This was unbelievably difficult, even though I've never even seen his face.  The funny thing was his response: "Yeah, we kind of figured that out a long time ago--so are you going to be online this weekend?"
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Resolutions, again
Tuesday, January 3, 2012
Last year, one of my resolutions was to start a blog, which was at least one I managed to keep.  The whole 'stop posting embarrassing things on the internet after drinking too much' one may not have gone so well, but at least I managed three blog entries last year.  Resolution for 2012: to post at least four entries this year.  I think I'll probably just manage to learn to deal with embarrassing myself online, since I've mostly managed to get used to doing it in real life.

Another resolution I make each year, and fail horribly at, is to start getting more exercise.  I'd really like to find some kind of workout that gets me in better shape while making my rear end bigger, but there are some questions you really can't ask the guys standing around in the gym without an awkward pause, and sadly, most of them really aren't the guys you really want to have asking followup questions later.

On an unrelated note, one of my neighbors claims she has the power to interpret dreams.  No, I don't live in the good part of town.  She has a lot of cats, always running around her apartment, and the other night I had a dream that one of them snuck in my apartment, and started scratching my face while I was asleep.  Should I ask her what that means?
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Connections missed in the cereal aisle
Monday, September 5, 2011
The other day, I was at the grocery store, and trying to work my way down a crowded aisle when an older gentleman--cute in his own way--was trying to work his way past.  An middle aged lady was blocking most of the aisle with her cart, and really not paying any attention at all.  Actually, strike that, she had her cart in the middle of the path and was staring at boxes of Rice Krispies while everyone was trying to get around her.  Snap, Crackle and Pop must have been calling her, because she was completely oblivious to the people trying to move past her.

I moved to the side to let traffic pass, but even so, it was close; as he passed, the older man brushed against me, and I'm pretty sure I felt him run his hand against my backside as he moved by.  I would have let him take as long as he wanted, and more besides,  but he moved on and didn't let me catch his eye afterwards.  He turned the corner and was gone.

Part of me wonders if he knows he could have had me if he wanted me, and part of me wonders if that was even what he wanted.  Maybe all he wanted was an illicit touch, a feel of anonymous flesh, a warm handfull of willing ass.  When he put his hand on me, I didn't mind--I wanted nothing more than his touch, but he moved on, probably hoping I hadn't noticed him.  We both ended up going home alone.

Meanwhile, behind us, the older lady moved on past the Rice Krispies and on towards the Cap'n Crunch.
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Secrets, shoes and chocolate syrup
Monday, August 22, 2011
I'm still firmly hiding in the closet, so when I go out in public I'm always in boy mode.   95% of my life is spent like this, wearing baggy jeans and whatever T-shirt is on top of the pile --today it was one with a picture of some comic book hero I've never seen anywhere else, that I think I got for free at a convention somewhere.  Meahwhile, all of my girl clothes are carefully hung or folded, lingerie and hose neatly put away.  I'm pretty sure I spend three times as much on clothes I only wear for the camera as I do on what I wear for work, and that's not even counting shoes.  Or heels, boots, fetish boots, sandals . . .

At the same time, what someone sees on the surface isn't the whole story.  I may be in dressed as a boy as far as you can tell by seeing me, but I may have secrets you can't see :)

I was in the grocery store a while ago, in the ice cream aisle when an older woman passed me.   The aisles in this store are narrow, so she had to kind of lean to get around my cart,  and as she passed she must have seen me looking at the chocolate syrup since she whispered:  'Go ahead--it'll do you good.' 

She could have meant any number of things, but I really doubt she realized I was thinking about smearing it all over myself while wearing heels and a G-String for the camera.  I've always wondered what she would have said if she'd known :P
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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I finally went and bought a french maid outfit, which was something I've always wanted to have but was too nervous to actually buy—even if you order it online, you still have to meet the delivery guy's eye when he drops it off. It turns out that the FexEx guy just knocked on my door and dropped the box without even sticking around for a signature or anything, so I guess I wasted all this time for nothing. Getting it was one of my resolutions this year, or at least trying some new things was, and I think this qualifies for a start at least. Starting a blog was another, so here's resolution #2 :P Unfortunately the rest of my resolutions are pretty boring.

It turns out that a french maid outfit is wildly impractical for actually wearing and cleaning anything. There are all sorts of straps and hooks which are totally sexy from certain angles but really don't help in the actual 'cleaning things' part—I tried scrubbing down my shower in it, which seemed like an awesome idea until I got wet and things started coming apart, which might have been sexy if I hadn't also gotten soap in my eyes, which hurt badly. Real french maids probably don't have this problem.

I really think that a lot of lingerie isn't sexy because of what it shows or hides, but what it means—if someone's willing to wear something horribly uncomfortable that's made of dental floss and tight lace, they're doing it because they really want you to like them, and they're willing to do whatever it takes :)

I also bought a German beer hall dress, which is really comfortable and sexy but has it's own problems . . . I filled a bunch of glasses with beer to take pictures with since it seemed right somehow, and ended up drinking all of them. That's a hangover that's hard to explain at work the next day :P

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 Happy Birthday!!

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Congrats on you photo contest win - a perfect 10
Added: Sunday, March 2, 2014 6:27am
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i look at your profile from time to time - you have such beautiful photos.  charming. 
Added: Friday, March 15, 2013 6:33pm

Happy Birthday!!

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You are beautiful !!
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Your pictures are classy and tastefully done...nice job!
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your ass looks great in red

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great 'red" pics
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10's in the contest.
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You are so pretty!!

Love your profile..


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You take great pics! with that ass, you couldn't take a bad pic!
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