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Houseboating and Sex
Sunday, January 4, 2009

Life has its interesting turns, just when you think you have it all figured out it comes back and slaps you silly. I would have never thought that I would have met someone much younger than me and enjoy someone that much even though our ages were so far apart , we just seemed to like each others company and then have her travel such a great distance to be with me. This is where this story begins.....

It was an innocent meeting over the internet airwaves, talking to each other by the mail and playing out our rolls in a cybersex way. As time went by we became very close friends and what I considered to be great sex partners, but of course we all know that saying things in the written word is FAR differant than having to perform in person.

Anyway, she wanted to meet, she wanted to come from England to the U.S. and spend a week to see if we were in fact compatable given our age differance or if it was perhaps just a "POWER OF SEX" fluke.

I had asked her if she had ever taken a houseboat vacation and she didn't quite know what that intailed but when I gotten through explaining what it was and the fun we could have she was all for it and very excited.

When she was due to arrive at the airport there was this incredible excitement but yet your so nervous that you think your going to loose it. What is she thinking, is she going to be calmer than you are?  Your thinking, what should I say, how should I say it....I don't want to say something is all sooo very awkward. BUT when I saw her and she saw me, our eyes met and it was absoulute magic, it was like we weren't meeting for the first time. There was a quick hug, a short kiss AND THEN.....oh my god the fireworks went off and we were (as far as we were concerned) the only couple in the airport. We finally turned loose of each other,headed for the car and were on our way to the house boat. During our drive we talked, laughed and couldn't believe we were looking at each other face to face. There were of course the small talk, and the topic of course turned to sex. I reached over and run my hand up and down her inner thigh, wearing shorts as it was hot here i could feel her tighten up as she was caught by surprise or was she. She quickly returned the favor and reached over and started rubbing my crotch and with that she said "I think I'm going to like this houseboat holiday".

After arriving at the houseboat we quickly got settled in, there weren't many other people around  on the other boats and was pretty quiet. She quickly decided to slip out of her traveling cloths and get into her very (skimpy) bikini. What a nice tight ass I said to her and walked over and put my arms around her and we began to kiss each other in a VERY passionate (almost animal like) way. She reached up and began to unbutton my shirt and sliding off my back, then proceeded to kiss me on the neck (this of course drove me wild) and i slid my hands down her back and into the back of her swim suit squeezing her NICE TIGHT ASS CHEEKS ( her groans were soooo HOT). Needless to say, she wasn't in her swim suit long and I was out of the rest of my street cloths quickly.

She glanced down at my already hard (and throbbing cock) she said your cock is soooo fucking massive, will you be able to get all of it inside of my tiny tight pussy? I reasured her that  it will be a TIGHT fit but you will love feeling its swollen head as it moves up your tight love canal. I placed my hand between her young, tight thighs and oh my god was she wet....her pussy was ooozing with her hot / sweet juices. After getting my fingers wet with her love juices i proceeded to lick it off my fingers and Mmmmm it was sooooo good. She intern dropped her right hand and rapped her little, soft hand and rapped it around my swollen cock (I let out a groan of pleasure to feel her making a move on me). We stepped closer together and began to kiss in a very passionate way, I'm moving my hands down her back to her fine ass and begin pulling her ass cheeks apart while letting my middle finger slide down her crack and stop at her young, tight ass hole finger it, rubbing it...we are kissing harder and in a more viloant manner.

I pull my lips from hers and walk around behind her and slip my hard 8 inch cock between her ass cheeks and slide it towards her wet pussy, she reachs through the front of her legs and takes my cock into her hand and begins rubbing  her wet hole with it getting the head wet and very well lubricated for the trip up, deep inside her.

We move to the sofa located in the front of the houseboat I she lays on her back and quickly opens her legs (knowing she is going to experience her first massive mans cock) shes had a few cocks in her life but all boys and not very long and certainly not thick (later she told me that she was really thinking how differant it would feel going up inside of her). The both of us laying on the sofa looking at one another, me smiling at her and her smiling back at me (the smiles are like ...ya this is the way it was meant to be) I tell her reach between your legs and start my cock into your wet pussy..put the head just inside...and she waisted no time doing just that. As soon as she got my throbbing head inside she took a gasp and said ohhhhhh my god and with that I began to push it in, her right leg opened farther and was purched up on the back of the sofa, the other dropped down to the floor opening her pussy and giving me as much room as she could, i continued to advance up (deep) inside of her, she begins to moan, groan and tell me to fuck her, to fuck her pussy, to shove my massive cock deep inside of her, i reached down between her legs and couldn't believe how much cum was coming out of her tiny hole, everytime she cum i could feel it rushing over the head of my cock and every time she would cum she would get louder and louder...OHHH GAWD, FUCK ME, FUCK ME HARDER.

I finally reached the depth of her tight little pussy and when i pushed it in hard she went wild with passion, her back begain to arch upward, her nails begain to dig into my back. I can feel her hips rise up, her reaching back crabbing my ass cheeks and pulling me harder into her, she begins humping me from underneath. I begin to pull my cock out of her cunt...slowwwwwly, until i just reach the entrance, I begin to shove it back in to her........HARDER this time, more thrusts, the next harder than that last..Mmmmmmm ohhhhhh yeahhhhhhh your pussy is sooooo hot, soooo wet Ohhhhhhh my god..........fuck me FUCK ME ohhhh yeahhhhh baby!!!!! I reach under her, i pull her ass cheeks middle finger finds her asshole and i begin rubbing it, running it around the rim...she begins to work her hips harder and harder against me. I shove my massive cock in hard and harder.

I stop fucking her from the front......NOW its time to see how she handles dog style and haveing my cock even deeper. I get up and she turns over putting her ass up in the air....I begin to straddle her tight young ass and let my cock slide down her ass crack and slide it in her soaking wet pussy. Sliding in much easier this time (her vagina being stretched to fit my cock like a fine leather custom glove). Shoving it in all the way and DEEP.... i hear her moan and her yelling out ..........Ohhhhhhh, yessssss, ohhhhh yesssss, FUCK ME BABY, FUCK ME WITH YOUR HARD MASSIVE COCK..Mmmmmmmm baby.

I fuck her hard and hard......long strokes, short strokes, reaching around  her to feel her tight firm tits...squeezing them, running my thumbs over her hard firm nipples. Harder I shove my cock in......SLAM, SLAM, SLAM can feel my balls slapping against her tight ass....HARDER, HARDER, HARDER.... I'm yelling at her FUCK ME, FUCK ME BABY!! TAKE ALL THIS HARD MASSIVE COCK...Mmmmmm, ohhhhhh yezzzzzz.. I can now feel my hot cum boiling in my ball sack, the cum canal on my cock is getting larger and larger....getting ready for my cock to explode with my thick creamy cum.

She's moaning at me .......cum baby, CUM, fill my hot young pussy with your HOT cum well she didn't have to wait long after that......i pumped a few more HARD thrusts and my cock began to swell up larger than its normal size and i could feel my juices begin to flow up my long shaft........I shoved it all the way into her pussy and i mean it was ALL THE WAY IN....and my cock began to explode like a raging volcano that had been capped for centurys. When the first squirt of my cum hit her pussy she went wild, wild with pure sexual pleasure and all she could say was OHHH YESSSSS, OHHHH FUCK YESSSSS YOUR HARD COCK IS SOOOO FUCKING GOOOOD. After my cock stop shooting we were frozen in place....neither of us moved for like 60 seconds, i then slowly pulled out and fell off onto the floor and she just flattened out on the sofa on her belly and we lay there and just stared at one another just knowing we were the only people on the whole planet.......after a while i asked her "wanna take a shower"?

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