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Interested in being committed, to one, in a relationship ?
TS/TV/CD seeking men
I am a Hopeful Romantic, seeking a Long Term Relationship with a Hopeful Romantic.

I am clean-shaven cross-dresser who would like to be a fully functional female, 24/7. I want to live with a man OR Non-Op TG.

I do absolutely nothing illegal, immoral, or indecent. Human Adult-on-Human Adult Sexy, I will do.

I do NOT discriminate based upon RACE, HEIGHT, or WEIGHT. Close to my age or older is preferred, but be at LEAST 40 years old.

I like writing comedy, stories, Sci-Fi, lyrics, and composing music. I love electronics. I like construction and LOVE demolition ! I enjoy the outdoors, photography, music mixing, crafts, and more.
I love to dress-up Goth, and or sexy, and go somewhere to PARTY ! I would rather stay home and do something Romantic or fun with my honey. I am mostly a night owl.

Thank you for reading my ad ! =O)
Remember that an ad ....
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TT4N, CUL, etc.
Friday, February 3, 2012

 Another year has passed. The United States government has NOT helped me, yet another year. I am UNEMPLOYED, no driver's license, OUT of cash. I am stopping my dial-up internet. I may not log on often, or at all. I do not know what I will do. I do not want your pity or help, I am just explaining my future, possible, absence from my favorite online place, Sexy Ads.
Huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuugs !

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A worthy question for the forum ?
Thursday, February 2, 2012

Am I not worth the cost of your paying for a VIP membership ?
I think yes. I am not able to work, right now. If I was living elsewhere, I could work. (Long Story)

I come from the land of Southern Gentlemen -- where the man always pays for everything -- regardless.

It ONLY costs .67 per month, if you buy a 1-year membership. =OD
VERSUS the date:
I have never gone out (with a woman, first date) and spent less than about .81
I even count that portion of Auto payments = .67, but not house rent. The year was circa 1979.

Add automobile Insurance .78,
gasoline = .36 to .66, and other maintenance, but only for that one date day ! 
Expenses include, but are not limited to:
Pre-Date flowers, candy, etc. = , + +$?
Dating: corsage OR a single silk rose, ~5
appetizer, meal, dessert, tip, etc.=
movie/ entertainment, ~

PROTECTION: #profileblogpostpost#.60~ usually NOT getting to USE it !

(not counting my clothes, and human maintenance at all, =O/ )

I calculate, about .81 for my CHEAPEST date ! I was being paid .35 per hour then, with a THP of

about .23, Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo that is 27 hours 43 minutes, and nearly 3 seconds

of WORK, to NOT get lucky. A work week is only 40 hours ! That leaves 12 hours and 17 minutes of

working, per week, to pay for the rest of my life on earth. (I could not date EVERY week)

If consistent inflation is calculated, I would pay 7.15 for a first date, today. I'd be getting paid a THP of

.50, but Gasoline would cost .85 per gallon. Economix. Who knewd?

So, am I, and all the other dates that you can email, worth .67 per month ?
I say yes !

Posted at 8:26pm (MST) | No Comments (0) | Add Comment | Report Post
Monday, January 30, 2012
 Tell your friends ! Tell your enemies ! Tell the whole world just how great this site really is ! They may thank you for it later !

Where else can you date a person, for even close to 0 per year ? (check the current yearly VIP price ! ) Great chat rooms are about per month ! A Free chat room is provided for folks like ME. The list goes on !
I have gotten email from the greatest guys !

Yes, It is true, I let a man slide into my "friends" list. All I did was send him an email, and WE LIKE EACH-OTHER ALREADY !!!

^ Another great reason to get that VIP membership TODAY !
Posted at 2:31am (MST) | No Comments (0) | Add Comment | Report Post
Conspiracy Theory or ?
Thursday, January 5, 2012
 Recently I noted that all my conspiracy theory blogs have been removed. Could this be a conspiracy ?
Or did I just forget something, that I did, again ?
Posted at 11:03pm (MST) | Comments (2) | Add Comment | Report Post
Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday of your choice !
Saturday, December 17, 2011
 Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and/or whatever brings you joy, at this time of year ! Yes, we're talking GIFT V.I.P. MEMBERSHIPS ! Give a gift that keeps on giving ! Think about it ! What better (ADULTS ONLY) gift than the gift of love ?

Happy Festivus to those that watch it on TV !

If you did not get a Christmas card, my PC has been falling offline a lot more often. My PC must be 40 years out-of date ! =OD

I expect Bill Gates to do his further "nothing" to repair the problem. =O\
I must buy a newer PC. I mean it has a 6 processor. Not an 86, 186, 286, 386, 486, Pentuim, or whatever, just a 6.

At any rate, If I know you, you probably would have gotten a card; because, Sexy Ads members are so much sexier than people at OTHER sites ! Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year !
Huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuugs !
Posted at 12:51am (MST) | Comments (2) | Add Comment | Report Post
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Oops ! if I knew how to use an nbsp on this thing, my ornament hanger |
would be in the right place ! Ha-ha-ha !
Added: Sunday, January 22, 2012 8:45pm
 OK, well, you have to imagine these in different colors like silver and red ! 
  | |
(O)(O) <= also looks like dangly earrings !

Presents under the tree ? tilt you head 90° to the left (at 9 o'clock)
>[+] <= bow on top, ribbon in 2 directions, and box. =OD
Added: Sunday, January 22, 2012 8:42pm
Show us one of your ornaments?
Added: Friday, January 20, 2012 4:38pm
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