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Men Seeking Women
WoW! I guess it's time for an update! After 6 years of separation, I am now divorced. So then, what am I looking for? Well, I can say that I am not looking for a long term relationship. But now after being on my own for a while, I am not opposed to a steady relationship either. I also am not looking for a harem, or a flavor of the week either. I am really interested in meeting a lady who also has been missing out on good old fashion passion, sensuality, anticipation, and anything that is fun. What I wouldn't give for a good, close, friend to share lots of life with. Notice I said "A" lady, meaning just one. I don't sleep around nor do I want to start. Yes, I want to catch up on all that I have been missing, but want to find someone who also has been missing as well. Maybe we can catch up together?
So...I'm not getting any younger here!
Men Seeking BBW
For all the particular details, please see the other add. Other than that, I would really like to meet someone close for some up close and personal evenings. I wouldn't mind meeting someone on here from anywhere to even just talk to. But please be able to stimulate my mind and intellect. Let's carry on a conversation that spans a wide variety of intrests and experience. I am a halfway decent typist so I may even be able to keep up. I prefer ladies who are at least my age or more. But I will not rule out anyone unless I am old enough to be their father. That just doesn't feel right. Hey, come on, get in touch. At the very least you may pick up another friend.
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A nice break
Monday, April 4, 2011
I just returned from a business/pleasure trip. I went to see and old air force buddy up in Illinois. I have been all over the country including Hawaii and even lived in Alaska for 5 years. I figured I would detour and see the St. Louis zoo and the gateway arch on the way. Only an 80 mile diversion, hell... that's the small distance between Orlando and Tampa. After I left St. Louis I headed to my buddy's place up in Freeport, Illinois. I took I-55 up to Rockford. As I was driving I noticed that the scenery did not change for over 200 miles. Nothing but farms and ...well, farms the whole way. But the people were more than friendly. I stopped for gas at some small town and every person at the store greeted me and actually talked to me. Being from Orlando, this is culture shock!

As I got to within 20 miles of Rockford, the scenery changed to rolling hills. When I finally got to Freeport, I immediately fell in love. What a beautiful little town. I wonder if Norman Rockwell was inspired by this place. While I was there, I couldn't get enough. I would take endless drives out to the country side and take in as much as I could. Holy crap!...I was on a different planet! The houses, buildings, farms, roads...and the people! All of it so peaceful and inspiring.

I know this is a sex site blog. But does it always have to be about sex? I am back home now in good ole, live life fast, be mean to your neighbor, traffic infested Florida. Hey, it's home. But I AM going back to a place that taught me to slow down and live a little. Thanks 49, this was the break I needed. Don't bury that tackle in the garage. I get three weeks a year!
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Things taken for granted
Thursday, March 20, 2008

I remember back before the problems, way back when the ex and I were living together. SO much was just daily routine. Daily chores, helping with homework, and just running the never ending job of getting somewhere in life. In all of that, one of the first things to disappear was intimacy and passion. Now before it is thought that this is the same story that can be told by many, it probably is. But...I will take my share of the blame. Cheating was never an issue. Nor was money. Looking back I see it now. The daily routine can creep up and take over. Make no mistake, I am happy now to be on my own. Maybe someday in the future I will be able to show and do things I have learned from my time alone. Sex is great, but comfort, familiarity, and affection are what make the difference. I can sit here and remember what was taken for granted now. Smiles, frowns, smells, sounds, the way water beads up on the skin of a ladies shoulders during a shower together, little things that become big memories. Sure, there were other causes for a failed marriage, but no matter who I would have been with...daily life needs to be stopped by both partners. Bottom line...all you folks who have settled in to a rut, stop each day and take stock. It takes both...and then some.

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Added: Saturday, December 24, 2011 5:38am
Just a quick thank you for your comments.....take care and stay cool...its soooo hot!!!    S
Added: Thursday, July 21, 2011 10:50pm
 Thank you for the kind words.....I miss being on here but have been taking care of some things and you know how this place can be such a time vampire, lol.  Take care and be good, lol.  I'll be back soon....hugs!
Added: Tuesday, April 5, 2011 6:44pm
Added: Sunday, February 20, 2011 9:12pm
....and thank you, for taking the time to comment.
Added: Thursday, January 7, 2010 1:59pm
Added: Friday, January 1, 2010 7:54am
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