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I am Back
Wednesday, November 10, 2010
Wow its been an amazing summer. Been busy working and having a great time with the kids, so haven't been around much in the old chat rooms. Well winters coming and hope to have a little free time to reconnect and chat with some of you wonderful people.  I can say that this summer has really taught me to stop and smell the roses. Life outside cyberland can be amazing.  All to often we get caught up in the land of emails, web surfing, chating, and general cyberland antics. We lose sight of all the beauty that lies around us. Well that's all for now Later folks.
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Kids Say they Darndest things.
Tuesday, May 25, 2010
Yesterday while at the supermarket I stopped to get some extra virgin olive oil. or EVOO to you Health nuts.  While there my 10 year old asked why is it called extra virgin. Well before I could answer my 12 year old say " Because it hasn't reached puberty yet". I laughed so hard for the rest of the shopping trip.  Man gotta love it. Simple answers. Just thought I would share
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Amaxing People
Tuesday, May 25, 2010
Well I just wanted to say I am truly glad to have met so many wonderful people. I do so enjoy the banter and general chat in the rooms.  I even like the daily chuckles I get from the occasional don't understand no leghumpers.  I do want to say that some of you are really great.  I have met some that well kinda frighten even me. But hey haven't we all.  I also wanna say I am who I am. like it or lump it makes no difference to me. I will not change who I am If I did then I wouldn't be me.  I am a little bit of an Ass sometimes I know this but hey thats me.  I can also be a prick this too I know.  But in general I try to be a decent guy.  Lifes too short not to make friends.  I will always count any of my friends a blessing. I am also a bit of a joker and if I offend you I am sorry. I don't read minds so if ya don't tell me I won't know. And FYI I do give a damn sometimes. lol
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So shoot me
Tuesday, May 4, 2010
I mean I wanna be friends first instead of just wanting to fuck her brains out. Must truly be a hard concept.  WTF  I said I would like to be her friend and see where it leads. No big deal.  But I can see that some people can't wrap their minds around that concept.  We are all here for one reason or another. We all come back for one reason or another.  But I can say cyber boning well for me its hard the ethernet portal is to small. lol  I have met some amazing people here, some well intellectually challanged people here and some real pervs here. Big deal I like it here. ya never know what the hell the rants are gonna be. And new people daily. Still doesn't mean that people even me just might find a connection. 
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Wanting to Get to know her.
Monday, May 3, 2010
Well no rants today just some thoughts.  I just wanted to say I have truly met someone I truly would like to get to know more.  She is great. She is funny, smart, and has a great smile.  The problem is well  I don't want her to think I am a jerk.  I want her to get to know the real me.  Yes I do have a compassionate and caring side. But I truly wanna be her friend and see where it goes from there.  So help I am not sure the best way to let her know how I feel. I want to be sincere not sound like everyother leghumper out there. Thanks.
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