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Older BBW wanted for sensual Intimacy
Men Seeking BBW
I'm interested in haviing a sensually intimate relationship with a mature BBW who fantasizes about being with a capable younger lover who appreciates beauty in a wholesome package. I would like to find a lady who needs her body touched in a sensual and romantic way, someone who has the same urges as me and wants to let go of her tension and stress while setting her soul free.

Intimacy in my opinion is not just about penetration, it's about a total experience. I love touching, kissing and cuddling a woman with large sexy curves. I definitely enjoy discovering new frontiers on a woman who yearns to be explored. I also love to indulge in foreplay that combines sensitive caresses with passionate massages to ease the stress that comes from working hard and taking the time to get to know you as a person.
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Sensual Dedications and thoughts for bbws
This blog is an outlet for me to express my fantasies and thoughts regarding the sensual essence and beauty of Mature bbw's and BBWs in general.
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In and Out, Story poem for bbws
Monday, December 28, 2009
Hi everyone this is a story poem called In and Out.
She stood close to me
and began generating a sensual heat
that warmed my frozen passion.
Her very presence was like the dawning of the sun
on the morning after a heavy snow storm.
The rays of warmth she sent my way melted and then penetrated
my icy exterior and freed many fantasies in me that had been trapped
like fossils from prehistoric times.
My eyes scanned the physics of her voluptuous grandeur.
It was a vision that transported my being to a realm of erotic fantasy.
Her face was alluring and canvassed by smooth radiant skin which
I yearned to brush with sweet kisses.
She wore an inviting summer dress that highlighted her curvaceous symmetry.
A symmetry that had a majestically grand chest which formed a dramatically
exciting cleavage.
Her behind was ravishingly rotund, an exquisitely plump mass that tickled my eyes
and heated the atmosphere of my erotic fantasy about her.
In my mind, I gazed deeply into her epicurean eyes
and saw a reflection of my own urge for passion.
The heat generated by her glorious body defrosted my hormones and forced
them to dance because of the boiling temperature between us.
So I opened my arms to embrace her fullness and our lips
met in a passionately libidinous kiss, that caused our tongues to swirl
around each other like tornadoes set free by mother nature.
The kiss was deep and raunchy, the perfect release for two people
whose attraction for one another was ready for a volcanic eruption.
I placed her up against the wall and plastered my body on hers like wall paper.
As my hands slid along her flocculent sides, I pressed myself harder against
her parted thighs and allowed the ever growing bulge in my pants,
to rub the fabric over her crotch.
She let out a soft sigh as she felt how hard I had become.
Her arms cocooned me in a vice like grip when I started a slow grind between
her thighs.
I moved my waist to an imaginary Latin groove in my head, while our tongues
continued to dance to a passionate wild rhythm.
Our heads twisted and contorted as our lips enjoyed the risqué deep smooch.
My hands then slithered under her dress and began to stroke her mighty thighs.
I could tell she enjoyed me probing her bare thighs because she lifted her right one
and wrapped it around my waist.
I helped hold it up with my left hand as we continued our lusty grind, simulating the
motions of two people who shared an uncontrollable horniness for each other.
All I could think about was what it would be like inside her.
Imagining myself thrusting in and out of her body.
Feeling her internal walls massaging my erect shaft,
In and out out, against the wall, our bodies colliding against each other,
saturating the air with the slapping sound of our bodies impacting and the melodies
from our oohs and aahs.
In and out driving myself deeper, harder and faster into her with each passing moment,
experiencing her breath steam across the side of face, as her soaking pussy quenched the thirst of my manhood.
In and out, back and forth, up and down, my dick hitting her walls from all angles.
Visualizing the two of us bouncing together against the wall on our quest for Ecstasy.
In and out, I imagined the turgid energy building up from the base of my dick.
An intense sensation that slowly flowed up the length of my shaft like lava through
a volcanic mountain.
I fantasized about looking straight into her bedroom eyes, so she could see what
was about to happen to me.
Back and forth my waist was moving like a hyper active pendulum with no sense of time.
I had reached the summit of my passion for this voluptuously lush lady and I let out a huge
roar as I erupted inside her.
My body spasmed against her as I relished every second of my cosmic climax.
Unfortunately my fantasy came to end as I realized that I was still standing in line and the voluptuous beauty who had been the star of my fantasy was walking out of the store. LOL
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Ok im game if you are got a pic??

Added: Monday, March 16, 2009 7:01am
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