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Pregnant Sexy and BEAUTIFUL!
Lately, I've noticed that pregnant women are very attractive and luring, even sexy.
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Pregnant Sexy, and BEAUTIFUL
Monday, June 7, 2010
Pregnant, Sexy, Hot And BEAUTIFUL
1/31/2010 1:28 am

Although this is not a fetish, but I have become very attracted
to pregnant women, and especially if one day it will be my

Why is that? 

I think they have a special glow and condition that makes
them very beautiful...even Hot. 

Her stomach is full, outward and growing, evidence of her
sexual activity and maturity, which makes her more attractive
than she may ever be again in her life..... 

I could remember the sex... 

Of being nude. Of seeing her, her big plump breasts, her
full rounded ass, the very hairs of her crotch between her
full thighs... 

I remember hungrily smelling the back of her neck, while
taking her breasts and nipples in my fingers. 

Holding them, feeling them, trying to absorb every ounce
of femininty and mystery out of them, enjoying it so much.

Touching her large tits, feeling her full thighs create
such an arousal that overwhelms the thoughts, the mind...

I quickly got between her legs, and lowered my head to continue
smelling her neck and chest... 

Look at my image and then imagine my figure, being on top
of her, my waist between her thighs... 

I remember playfully rubbing the skin of my warm penis against
her clit, up and down, and hearing the sensual moaning a
woman makes when she is aroused. 

I rubbed on it faster and faster, with more and more pressure
with each rub, until I felt her vagina clentched. 

Her clit so intensely stimulated.. 

Her moisture spilled out her vagina as she twitched withcontractions...

I remember afterwards plowing my face between her thighs,
licking, smelling and rubbing my face inside her thighs...

There is only one thought, and that is the thought to enter
her, to penetrate her.. 

I remember how she looked as she spreaded her thighs that
I may enter her; 

The image of her naked, spreading her legs so I can enter
her is already arousing by itself. 

How a woman looks when spreading her legs, revealing her
crotch, her vagina to be penetrated - so sexual, yet naughty,
which only makes it even MORE arousing. 

The feeling of eagerly entering her vagina between her
smooth, womanly thighs, my penis entering and penetrating
her warm vagina.. 

With each thrust receiving the pleasure as her vagina strokes
my penis with each stroke; 

Of continuously pushing and fucking into her, the only
feeling is sensation of fucking her, feeling the pleasure
of her vagina. 

So intense is the pleasure, instincts take over, I look
hard and deeply into her eyes as we fuck together in unison.

....the urge to ejaculate, to impregnate her without thinking...To
release all of my seed into her with an animal like passion
that leaves the mind dizzy... 

Building and building with passionate hot moans, only
becoming more aroused by each other moans, whispering
each other's name intensely or saying various things,
even cursing... 

...Finally with a loud "Ughhh", I push my crotch
HARD between her thighs with a shudder.... 

Releasing my seed deeply inside her, with deep squirts,
her thighs spread, accepting it as I press her crotch tightly
against the bed. 

I remember immediately pulling her to me, her warm flesh
tightly to me afterwards, cuddling and protecting her
as she collapsed into my arms, beginning to nurse the seed
inside her though she and I didn't know it at the time;

I love the feeling of holding her tightly and feeling her
warmth against myself... 

And now, watching her big round stomach grow makes me think
of the blending of my seed into hers, as our child will have
her features, her genes into itself, it's the sexiest,
most exhillerating thought.. 

At night, we sleep almost nude together, I slip my arms around
her and feel her warm, full belly as she falls asleep besides

...cannot begin to imagine how it must feel ....... 

She has agreed to carry our child, deep inside herself,
her womb, holding it, caring for it, letting it grow within
her as she does her part to create the life I have sent inside
of her.....when we...... 

When I see her behavior changes as she grows pregnant, I'm
am so attracted to her see her want to clean
all the learn about her cravings.... 

Her emotional she prepares for the baby, how
fussy she becomes... taking her soft warm hand into mine
as I walk beside her, soothing her, holding her hair for
her when she becomes sick... 

As she walks pregnant she knows now she is pure woman, pure
female, a fertile one, an adult inside the mind of someone
who has a body inside herself. 

She has a new title, a mother, so sexy in itself, so powerful...

And watching a woman playing with her child, talking to
her baby while it only babbles, playing games with her, carrying
her... I would want a girl, to look just like her...... 

I am so in love with your form, your fresh beautiful glow,
your round growing stomach, your cute behavior, wanting to become you myself because I cannot be you.... experience you........ you are so beautiful right
now..... I was unprepared for the hold you would have over

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