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Our MMF Fantasy
We have had a couple of experiences with adventurous guys joining us in our lovemaking....this little story is based mostly in fact, but also how we both imagine our perfect scenario.....enjoy xx
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In a hotel room
Wednesday, April 15, 2009
The two men enter the room, they are expecting to see her, she had left them making small talk in the bar just ten minutes previously.  What they don't expect is that she is wearing the sheerest, silk baby-doll nightdress.  So sheer in fact, that it hardly leaves anything to their combined imaginations.  They both take in the sight of her; the twinkling eyes, the subtle tremble of her lips, but mostly the wanton, almost wild expression on her face.  She is clearly already aroused, she can hardly keep still.  Her smooth thighs make the smallest movements against each other and her nipples show hard and erect through the unimaginably thin silk of her gown.
The men move towards the bed.  'No, no', she whispers, 'Over there'.  She gestures towards a sofa in the corner of the room.  Both men know what is happening, it is something that had been discussed.  Nevertheless, that she is so clearly in charge still creates a charge of excitement.  They move towards the sofa, neither looking at the other.  They turn and face her.  She is smiling and she says, 'Well?  Why don't you make yourselves more comfortable and get undressed?'.  And that is what they do.  Shoes, socks, shirt and jeans.  Trying hard not not look at each other, but acutely aware of the electric atmosphere, their ever growing arousal and their proximity to one another.  Not the subtle etiquette of the gym changing room this, this is the real deal.  They have known for weeks what was expected from them, what their beautiful mistress desires.
They stand awkwardly, staring at her, nowhere else.  In just their underwear, hands hovering, nervously trying to cover the undeniable bulges in their shorts.  Her moist lips form a perfect smile and her legs part minutely as she motions for the men to sit beside each other on the sofa.  'Relax boys', she says breathlessly.  Her hands start to smooth down the front of her nightdress, pulling it even tighter against her full breasts.  The men, acutely aware of the erections they are sporting, see only her, but hear the quickening of each other's breathing.  Her hands reach her thighs, and the silk rides up slowly as she caresses her self intimately.  Her legs part further to afford just the merest glimpse of a totally smooth labia, with just the tiniest hint of pubic hair.  'My God', thinks one of the men, 'That is my wife!' and gasps as he is suddenly aware of his companion's hand on his thigh.  She makes the smallest, almost breathless sound.  'Oh yes!', perhaps and I close my eyes as an unfamiliar hand explores the girth and length of my erection.  I lay back on the sofa and succumb to the inevitable.  I can feel hot breath on my skin as he leans against me and his hand snakes up the leg of my boxer shorts.  Fingers close around my cock as a tongue flicks against my pierced nipple.  I nervously open my eyes to take in the scene.  She is reclining on the bed, legs apart now displaying a glistening, wet pussy as fingers stroke back and forth in time with her heaving breasts.  Her eyes never blinking, but taking in the scene before her.  I glance down and his eyes are on her, and her alone.  His hand is wanking me slowly and in perfect tempo with her stroking fingers.  I close my eyes once again, but quickly become aware that she has shifted her position and now kneels between my legs.  I lift my hips as I feel her hands urging the removal of my underwear.  My, by now aching cock springs forth and she utters the tiniest, almost childlike giggle.  All my doubts about 'performance' vanish as I feel two separate bodies so close to mine.
'Let me help', she whispers to our companion and I become aware of soft, small hands caressing my tight balls as well as the more masculine one slowing stroking the length of my cock.  I risk a glance down, and watch, wide-eyed as she kisses him hard, only inches from my twitching penis.  Her tongue snaking in and out of his mouth, as the hand in his hair pulls their faces closer to me.  At once I feel their breath, combined and urgent, then two mouths, still kissing surround my straining cock.  'That's it', she whispers to him, and I feel his tongue lick me from base to tip before closing around me and sucking me slowly into his mouth.  Her tongue and mouth explore my thighs, and she squeezes my balls gently.  I lie back, opening my legs to allow them both to lick and suck noisily and hungrily, knowing that I will be expected to do the same for my male companion very shortly.  I anticipate the taste of myself when I kiss her......................

 I glance down aware that one moist pair of lips have moved from my aching penis and are now gently kissing up my chest, I can recognise them as those of my wife.  I am happy to feel the firm grasp of our young male companion still caressing the length of my hard throbbing penis.   His hot, wet mouth sucks gently around my swollen glans.  This pleasurable feeling distracts me momentarily from the fact my wife is teasing my chest with her tongue and is now gently licking and sucking on my nipples, the taste of her mouth, which will hold the sweet taste of my own penis and the tongue of our male companion is now only a matter of seconds away.  I take one hand and run in down to her head urging her towards my face for the moment that our lips will passionately lock.  With my other hand I caress our lover's head and back, then guide him up too.  
My wife reaches my awaiting lips first and I release a satisfying moan, immediately feeling our male friend firmly grasp my near cum soaked penis.  Knowing what is about to happen, my wife urges him up to share a passionate 3 way kiss, with all tongues meeting and flickering around in each other’s mouths, I reach down to feel the moist warm pussy of my wife in one hand and the hard, twitching penis of our young lover with the other, all lips form a seal as they passionately kiss and taste what has just happened between them, with my wife pushing her body against me, she removes her lips from mine and whispers into my ear as I continue to kiss our hot young man,  " Now it’s your turn darling".  I ease my body out from under her, and gently take the young man by the hips and roll him onto his back so he can lie back on the sofa, as I was only moments before.  As I move him I feel his penis, hard and straining in his underwear, brush against my mid section. I am filled with excitement and anticipation as to how good it will be to make this guy moan in pleasure and see his hips writhing with excitement as Husband and wife share his blood engorged cock.  
She softly says to the young lad, " Just relax and enjoy, you know how good it will feel"

Then she and I kneel between his legs; he looks nervously, yet expectantly down at us.  She smiles as her hands snake up his thighs and she gazes with approval at the impressive bulge barely contained by the tight cotton of his boxer shorts.  I am nervous, but know what is expected and I am eager to please my woman; my wife, lover, my Goddess.  I place my hands, trembling slightly, into the lap of our companion and gingerly trace the length of the solid, twitching erection there.  The soft sounds of approval in my ear and the sharp intake of breath from our younger lover encourages me and my touch becomes more confident as I stroke the shaft and caresses the weighty sack of his scrotum through the soft cotton fabric.  My beautiful wife sighs as her own hand, reaches between her thighs and finds the hard nub of her clitoris.  She slowly circles it with a fingertip.  Her other hand gently grasps the hair at the back of my head and gently, but firmly urges me onward.  I look back towards her and she smiles.  I know what she longs to see and I'm excited by her obvious arousal.  As if to reassure me, she moves her hand from between her milky thighs and smears slick, shiny fingers over my nose and mouth, treating me to her sweet feminine aroma and the clean, creamy taste of her intimate self.  I slowly lift the waistband of our new lover’s ‘boxers’ to reveal the shiny hood of his penis. 

A ‘pearl’ of pre-cum glistens at the tip.  Using my thumb, I smear this precious fluid over the already shiny head.  I offer my thumb to my wife's mouth, and she sucks it hungrily, relishing the salty taste.  ‘More’, she says, and, ever obedient, I pull on the underwear to reveal inch after inch of thick, hard cock.  ‘Kiss it!’ she whispers, as it springs forth.  I do; running my tongue up the firm length, and tasting for himself the musky saltiness of this man, who was so recently a stranger.    The boxer shorts are soon shed.  As they slip down they reveal a tight, freshly shaved scrotum.   ‘MMMMM’, she whispers, and lowers her face to feel the smooth globes with her face and lips.  Using her tongue, she first traces their shape, and then takes each one in turn in her mouth to suck gently.  At the same time I take the head of his penis into his mouth.  Gingerly at first, I explore with my tongue; then with growing confidence take the impressive length deep into my mouth.  Man and Wife look into each-others’ eyes as they share the excitement of sharing this young man.  They kiss; sharing the masculine taste of him, his balls, his cock, his arousal.  She smears her own juices over their new friend’s balls and shaft; then noisily sucks them off.  We are both blissfully aware that our companion is lifting his hips to meet our lips. 

Not wanting to jump straight onto our lover, she carries on sucking the length of his hard and now pulsating cock.  I begin to caress our young stud’s upper body, while also supporting her in her mission to take the whole length of this young cock deep into her mouth.  With everyone becoming highly aroused, our moans increasing, she again reaches down to play with her swollen aching clit.  She circles it slowly with a fingertip and rubs the length of her juice covered pussy.   I whisper, ‘It’s your turn now, Baby’, and our young lover lowers his hips to free his penis from her hungry mouth.  I caress her head, shoulders and teasingly up and down her back.  Our hot young lover grasps her shoulders and urges her to lie on the sofa; he wants to repay her for the beautiful blowjob he has just received.

She lies back, closing her eyes at first so she is unaware of whose touch is whose.  She feels fingertips slowly gliding up her thighs and longs for them to reach her warm, eager pussy.  Other hands pull her negligee over her head, and happily discard it.  Lips and tongues tease her, kissing her earlobes, and cheek, making her moan.  She grasps this man’s head and pulls his lips to hers in a passionate lustful kiss.  She feels the hands on her thighs gently opening her legs and the apparent tip of a tongue inching towards her throbbing clit.  Lips softly kiss her inner thighs before the tongue finally finds and circles her tender bud.  She moans loudly into my mouth, breaking the intense near silence that has descended on us as we all succumb to extremes of arousal.  My tongue snakes into her mouth, and she meets it with her own.  She pulls my lips firmly against her own, and we kiss passionately, whilst she enjoys the attentions of her playmate between her legs.

I break off the kiss, to gently suck her bottom lip before descending her body.  My gentle kisses and hot breath on the skin of her neck and shoulders makes her shudder and writhe in pleasure as I reach her firm breasts and mountain peak nipples.  She grinds her hips forcing her wet pussy into the young man's face and wraps her legs around his shoulders as his tongue begins to explore every millimetre of her most intimate parts.  He slowly moves from her clit and allows his tongue to gently penetrate her.  I take a breast in my hand, squeezing it softly and taking the hard nipple into my mouth and circle it with my tongue.  Her pleasure is building, and she knows that soon she will have difficulty controlling her urge to moan out loud and share her delight with her two male lovers.

Her young lover continues to probe her moist womanhood with his tongue, his fingers enter her and his thumb finds her clitoris.  Hungrily and greedily he drinks down her copious juices, as she arches her back to meet the thrusts of his fingers and tongue.  As I continue to tease her bullet-like nipples and caress her perfect breasts, she entwines fingers in my hair and directs my face southwards.  The tip of my tongue leaves a glistening trail as it travels slowly down her body.  Exploring the depression of her belly button before continuing to reach its’ ultimate goal.  She lifts one leg high in the air to allow her ever obedient man to slide under it.  Now both her lovers kneel side by side between her silky thighs, marvelling at the glistening blossom of her labia and shiny pearl of her clitoris.  Cheek to cheek we devour her, two tongues as one.  She gazes down excitedly as we share her.  Greedily sucking at one another’s mouths and tongues; savouring her delicious feminine taste.   She is gasping shakily as the point of her climax approaches.  She feels it building ever more intensely in the pit of her stomach.  She grabs handfuls of hair, as mouths, fingers and tongues fill her tight pussy and tease her engorged clit.  At once she is coming; the muscles deep inside her tighten and pulsate.  She floods our mouths with her hot fluid, leaving us gasping, faces wet and glistening, wide grins upon our faces.  We stand above her, rock hard cocks bobbing unashamedly.  We lean down once more to engage in a three way kiss.  Together we suck and lick the wonderful scent and taste of her orgasm from one another; no longer caring who is kissing who, but totally lost in a moment of sensual bliss.  Three pairs of hands explore excited, hyper-aroused bodies raising goose-bumps on their skin.  We move together intimately, grasping throbbing cocks, firm breasts, tight buttocks and the swollen, engorged wetness of my wife's sweet pussy.

We emerge from this writhing mass gasping for air.  Chuckling wantonly, my wife says to our lover, 'What say we take this party to the bed?’  She takes his hand and leads him to it, before pushing him firmly onto his back.  I sit back on the sofa, stroking my cock slowly and readying myself for what I am about to witness.  Our young companion gazes up at her.  He is smiling, not in the slightest abashed that his cock is hard and pointing skywards.  She looks approving at him before climbing on the bed and astride him.  She slides up his body and he is aware of the heat of her pussy as her sweet juices smear his balls, up the length of his erection, then onward.  His impressive cock springs up behind her and nestles between the perfect globes of her buttocks.  I cannot help but mutter my approval as she slowly allows the shaft to slide slowly up and down the smooth cleft of her bottom.  She leans forward to kiss him deeply; her hands find and gently pinch his erect nipples.  He squirms beneath her, his eyes betraying his eagerness to be inside her.  ‘Do you want me, Baby?’ she purrs, leaning close to his ear.  This affords me a wonderful view of her delightful pussy and the tight puckered hole of her tender ass.  I continue to slowly stroke myself.  My eyes are glued to the spectacle unwinding before me.  She continues to massage this young man's cock between her bum cheeks, before she raises herself up to slowly ease his cock into her tight, moist opening.  Both release sighs of satisfaction as she lowers herself inch by inch onto his hard member.  She takes his impressive length deep inside her and comes to rest with her juices wetting his smooth shaven scrotum.  She looks back over her shoulder at her me.  I have one hand round my cock; the other holds a cool glass of wine.  I watch with growing satisfaction as she slowly raises then lowers herself onto the thick, hard cock.  It glistens, slick with her wetness.  I take a sip of wine, and then rise from the sofa.  I kneel at the bedside, my face barely inches from our friend's twitching balls and my wife's soaking pussy.  I slowly trace my tongue across the tight, smooth skin of his sack, before following my wife's motion to taste her on his shaft as it becomes exposed.  My tongue glides ever onwards, between her perfect buttocks until it finds her most guarded and intimate opening.  Both my lovers’ shudder and gasp at the chill the wine has afforded my tongue.   My tongue continues to follow its course.  I lick up her back, making her back arch and eliciting a deep groan from the man beneath her.  My hands reach round her and cup the fullness of her weighty, firm breasts.  My lips meet the nape of her neck and she turns her head to meet them, gasping into my mouth as the movement of the man below her becomes more urgent.  ‘Ready?’ I whisper, and she answers with a deep and lusty kiss.  The tip of my cock finds the tiny opening of her ass and, as her breathing quickens and she moans loudly, I enter her.  Very slowly and with the tenderness of a lifelong lover my penis is engulfed by spasming muscles inside her.  I am exquisitely aware of our companion’s cock moving against mine, separated only by the thinnest of membranes...........................

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very nice would like to get to know u more x
Added: Monday, October 25, 2010 3:01pm
hi nice pics! love your look !
Added: Friday, September 3, 2010 12:26am
Added: Saturday, October 31, 2009 5:54am
Brilliant blog! you set the mood and scenes so well
Added: Wednesday, September 9, 2009 9:10am
love the blog
Added: Tuesday, June 30, 2009 2:44pm
you look very sexy sweety
Added: Monday, June 22, 2009 12:13pm

nice pics, wanna have sum fun?

Added: Monday, February 9, 2009 9:52am

One word describes you: SEXYYYYYYYYYYY

Added: Wednesday, December 3, 2008 2:59am

Added: Saturday, June 28, 2008 5:35am
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