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I am a very happily married mother of four. I really am just here to chat. Nothing more, nothing less. I don't do the whole cyber thing. I'm happy with my life and the people in it. Originally, I came here looking for a beautiful woman to share with my husband and in the process, I have met some really amazing people here online, and I really enjoy just chatting once in awhile about our lives. It is endearing and amusing to be apart of the chat room! Thanks for checking me out! :)
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Some things I learned whilst doing laundry today....
Sunday, January 11, 2009

You know, I realized this morning, while doing the laundry....that my boys have a pretty cool T-Shirt collection.  You know, the ones with all the dumb, funny arse sayings on them?!?

I thought that maybe, just maybe, some of you would get a kick out of them, so I decided to make a list...and TA-DA! here it is!

1.  Most of the nutz my family drive my in people me... Are you my family?!?

2.  Rehab is for Quitters.

3.  I See Dumb People.

4.  I'm HERE!  Now what are your 2 other wishes?

5.  I'm in shape....Round is a shape.

6.  Bite Me! (with a picture of a large mouth bass and fishing hook)

7.  Silence is golden.  Duct tape is silver.  (with a smiley face whose mouth is covered with silver duct tape)

8.  Procrastinators Unite Tomorrow!!! (I so love this one!)

9.  I'D DO ME.

10. Okay- this T-shirt I got a call from the school about...had to bring in another shirt for him to change into. 

                               You laugh because you think I'm funny....

                                I laugh because I just farted :)..................

11. Also, had to go to school for this one, Apparently, no one wanted to sit to his left:

                                 Navy blue shirt with Yellow arrow pointing left and saying:

                                             I'm with STUPID ~~~~~~~~>

12.  So then, he went to school the next day with a newer version, same navy blue with yellow arrow, only it pointed straight up at him and said:

                                             I'm with STUPID.

Apparently, the kids in his class laughed too much every time they looked at him....Isn't that the point people????  Jeesh.....

13.                                                      U


                             R E A L L Y

                                           A N N O Y I N G.

14.  Be Nice to ME...or I'll sick my ninja monkey's on you.

15.  Shirt with picture of computer and it's downloading status, that says:

                                 Please Wait....Downloading Better Attitude.

16.  I love this one too....I bought it for my 13 y/o daughter, it's bright pink and says in big black letters:

                                          Parental WARNING:

                                     ATTITUDE OUT OF CONTROL.

17.  Another similar one we have is on a bright, safety orange colored shirt with black letters that says: (and TRUST me, the son who wears this, NEEDS this warning.)


                                I AM THE LOUD CHILD.

18.  I'm the kids your parents warned you about.

19.  It's all fun and games, until the flying monkeys come and take your eye.

20.  I used to think I was lazy, so I gave up thinking.

21.  Red shirt with silver writing, say's :

                            CHICK MAGNET MAN ;)

There's a ton more T-shirts with sayings on them.  No wonder I have so much damn laundry to do all the time....but this one is mine, and I wear it to EVERY large family gathering, on both sides of the families:

                                  NEVER UNDERESTIMATE

                                      THE STUPIDITY LEVEL

                               IN LARGE GROUPS OF PEOPLE.

Enough said.  Hope you all had a great weekend and can someone please cast a spell and divert this next storm we have coming tonight? Please?  Pretty Please? :)








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Added: Tuesday, January 17, 2017 1:00pm
Added: Monday, January 17, 2011 10:02pm
xxxx Jennnnnz!
Added: Friday, September 18, 2009 7:33pm

Happyyyyyyy Birthday to you Jennyyyyyyyyy xoxoxoxoxo HOT


Added: Saturday, January 17, 2009 8:02am

Jenny!!!!!! happy birthday .. hope you have a good day.

Added: Saturday, January 17, 2009 3:32am

Hope you have a fantastic holiday and that 2009 is great for you!

Added: Wednesday, December 24, 2008 2:32am
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