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A discreet relationship, Friends
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Foot Fetishists of Kansas City
Men seeking Friends
Hey, guys.

Got a fetish for female feet?

Me, too. I know only one other in the area. I'd love to get to know even more.

We could get together every once in a while and just hang out. The great thing is that when we are staring at women around us, we all know what we're thinking: FEET!

If there ends up enough interest, I may make an online group for us to schedule small events.

So, come on! Get in touch with me. Let's have a sandwich and talk over coffee. We'll talk feet! I love them, and I know you do, too.
Foot Fetish Fun Only
Men Seeking Women
Hi, ladies.

I'm not looking for sex. Don't really have an interest in traditional sex anyways.

I'm looking for intelligent women who like their feet, like having attention paid to their feet, or might be curious about having attention paid to their feet.

I am gentle, take direction well, and always do my best to make people feel comfortable.

I would LOVE it if we can be friends, too. Maybe become friends first!

Don't be scared by the Married/Attached label. My wife and I live a very open and honest relationship. I get to play, she gets to play, sometimes with each other, sometimes not.

VERY IMPORTANT: I LOVE my wife with all my heart. There is no room for someone to be romantically involved outside my marriage. I am looking for friendship and foot playtime.

If you've gotten this far, thank you so very much, from the bottom of my heart, for taking the time.
TS/TV/CD Foot Fetish
Men seeking TS/TV/CD
I am a straight guy with an open mind. I am happily married in a very open and honest relationship.

I've had a fetish for female feet for as long as I can remember. That being said, I also have a great desire to worship (non-D/s) at the feet of a convincing to near-convincing male to female.

If you are totally femme looking, get pedicures, and would like a straight guy at your feet, PLEASE get in contact with me. If you'd like to become friends first, that's a plus.

If you are willing to have pictures of your feet (and the rest of you?), that's great. I would LOVE to have pictures of me with your feet.

Thank you so much for your time.
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Foot Notes
Brief intro and some delving into my fetish life.
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Saturday, April 17, 2010
I've always loved feet. For as long as I can remember. Even as a small child, I always liked looking at my friends feet.

Before puberty I loved playing with my friends feet when they would come over.

Finally, a bit after puberty hit, I overheard a television talk show that was showcasing different sexual 'oddities.' One of the men on the show was a foot fetishist. As I heard him talking about himself, I realized that my thoughts and desires were in parallel. That's when the light came on; I'm a foot fetishist.

Most of my life from there was spent hiding this fetish. My only release was the internet. First, IRC, then the web. IRC introduced me to so many new people that helped me realize I was not alone. It just wasn't a public club.

Upon entering college, I met my best friend in the world. He talked to me letting me know that it didn't change our friendship. I slowly began to let some of my friends know that I did not have typical desires. I did not get a rise out of seeing breasts, nipples, ass, or pussy. I only enjoyed seeing bare feet.

I dropped out of college to start working. Then went back to get my associates. This is when I met my wife. We started dating, but I was still very hesitant. Our upbringing was very Christian and I didn't now how open she was. I wrote her a letter telling her about my fetish. Thankfully, she was more than open to it and things just worked out.

We are now going on eight years of marriage and we understand each other and have a very open and understanding relationship. I love her to death and I am not looking for anyone to replace her. There is no possibility of that happening anyway.

I'm just out here looking for some special friend. Be they male or female, it makes no difference to me.
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I really like my feet...I think they are sexy and look great in hot shoes...love to have them touched, held, caressed, kissed, suckled...if U like, ck my blog for a cpl pix. If U want  2 see more, I have a few more... *winx*...let me know.

Added: Sunday, April 25, 2010 12:45am
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