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Looking for the right reasons
Men Seeking Women
I'm not going to say I am looking for Ms. right or Ms. right now. I'm not really looking for either. I'm looking for someone who after I talk to them we can figure out which one we want to be for each other. I've always felt that we hold orselves back by not allowing things to just develop as they develop.

So if we meet and decide this is going to be a committed relationship then fine. If we are just going to just be friends, that's fine too. And if we decided that mind blowing sex is going to be the only way we connect, you will hear no complaints from me either. Life is short why tie ourselves to requirements when we should be seeing where life takes us. Can't wait to hear from you and see what you think of me.
Trying to get a few more friends
Men seeking Friends
So if you are reading this and read the main page of my profile you probably noticed that I don't have an ad for men, or the TS/TG/TV/CD folks. But I have plenty of people who fit that who I contacted and friend requested. Well being perfectly honest I do love talking to all kinds of people. I would love to have someone who's cool to chat with, talk about other interests, catch a game, visit when I'm in a different city, and if the mood hits us both hey, sex is about physicality and passion, not about labels, so whatever happens, happens.

The same goes for women and couples. Sometimes its good to have a single friend around who you know is not a threat to your relationship. And I'm certainly that guy. Likely I tickled you or did a friend request just for that. Obviously the place is called sexy ads, and that is a major point in being here, but its just as important to have a good friend to hang with, who has tons of movies(seriously I should have my own blockbuster) and can talk about just about anything and be comfortable in any environment. So even if you and I don't click to hit the sheets. It doesn't mean we can't hit the town and have some fun.

So yeah folks, say hi. Drop an email, or a tickle. Heck feel free to ask me for my phone number and personal email. I'm cool with meeting up for a few beers, or check out something here in my new town.
Remember that an ad ....
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Looking to expand my horizons
I will blog here from time to time. random thoughts, odd things I picked up, musing, and all that.
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Just some afternoon thoughts
Friday, September 3, 2010
What motivates the lack of civility that seems to infest the internet? In our everyday lives its most uncommon to be rude or flippant with someone when you first address or are addressed by them. We refer to people who do so with all kinds of names. But it seems to be okay for "flame wars" to go on for as long as people find it funny. Many times its a more undesirable element like racial hate group members or dedicated "trolling" groups doing so, Many people know about places like 4chan's infamous /b/ and general anon trolling. I don't dislike the idea of screwing with the fangirls or fanboys. But what I mean is when usually civil discussions degenerate into ad-hominems and sweeping generalizations and straw man arguments. Seems like 2 people trying to discuss a point should be able to stay that way. But anyway next thought.

Who steals keys that are in a door? I mean seriously? WTF? okay personal frustration aside, in the abstract what is fair? Is fair equal? Is fair balanced? Does fair make concessions for situational issues? Doesn't that make in no longer fair? Here's what I mean. world erupts into global anarachy and people are randomly exposed to violence, deviant behavior and general fuckedupedness. Now in the abstract isn't everyone's exposure to chaos fair? Everyone is exposed, random chance applying to race, social status, gender, economic advantage, the whole bit. But is that actually fair? I dunno. I think we view fair as more of a personal concept of level or equal. But can a construct like Fair exist in a world filled with situational excepts based on the unique nature of human interaction? Maybe that's something we all need to think on for a while.

That brings me to my last thought this afternoon. Who stole...just kidding. Why to we make the choice to be so narrow in our tastes? Now I don't mean just food, though obviously that is one that can at times be perplexing. I mean aesthetics that we call tasteful. German and British and for monetary reasons italian sports cars are revered for their high class nature. But pull up in your Shelby GT500 next to Bentley and you're looked down upon. Same goes with clothing. I remember going off to undergrad and hearing a girl say I have a couture dress, and wondering what in the hell that was. I remember friends in more affluent families talking about the Armani and what not they buy. Now I don't knock these definitiions of style and high class. Rather I wonder why they are such.

In the case of Armani, I've got a couple of the suits and wow, but I so rarely wear them. Instead I enjoy one from a guy fairly famous in my hometown of Kansas City, Dan Dan the tailor man. He made them custom for me. And in something we determined would truly make me look good when I have to go into court or do other business. So which in the end is more tasteful? My custom suit that flatters me directly, or the name recognized Armani? Is it simply a question of material used? Or is it the craftmanship? I'd argue that the Shelby is every bit as tasteful as the Bentley. But then I like my car to be able to give me the sensation of a lion Roaring across the blacktop Serengeti feasting on little Miata and Prius prey as they try to get out of its way. Even if I don't use it for that. (Sidenote Don't have the car just making a point) Well thats all for this afternoon. As always I dont know if I'm alone on that, but I'd love to find out what other people think. Hope some folks have some comments.
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Just some early morning thoughts
Sunday, February 14, 2010
Why is it people hold back so much in social situations like this? I mean the place is called sexy ads. I figured people would be a bit more open and accepting of each other. Then again I look for more than just sexual encounters and sadly there isnt a proper way without emailing to approach people you just think would make an interesting personal friend. So obviously I get blocked by people who think I'm well hitting on them. Which more power to them, but it is kind of rude to assume thats why I contacted you when your ad clearly is talking about wanting friends. But anyway next thought.

I wonder abit about other new people on here. The place rather big and people dont exactly go head over heels into contacting you. I wish I could get some sort of crash course in the unwritten rules here or the who not to contact, who's a racist, who's into anime. You know stuff you think you'd find but dont at first second and even third glance.

Which brings me to the last thought this morning. and please comment if you disagree our see it too and what to agree. Whats with the racially close-mindedness here? I've had more than one response that was in some form "I dont talk to black men" as if all of us are the exact same or some how because I have melanin in my skin I somehow have some mysterious evil that you cant so much as give a respectful response to. I guess it bothers me because I make such a point of not being exclusive in what race the person is I am friends with or who I decide to sexually involve myself with. I mean I know some people mean well and dont think they are being racist when they say things like "no blacks" in there ads. But you have no idea how hurtful that is. Its one thing to give a physical description you are looking for but I feel like a racial component in that is just well aggravating to say the least. I dont know if I'm alone on that, but I'd love to find out what other people think. Well thats all. Hope some folks have some comments.
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The first one
Wednesday, February 3, 2010
So I have other blogs, but most of the time I don't update them often. WHat to say for the first blog though? Hmmm? Well I'm very new to SexyAds as a paid VIP member. Its pretty interesting who I get contacted by, and some of the comments they leave. I'm mostly looking to meet folks in the area for friendly encounters or obviously some sexual ones. But friends, folks to email, and people to hang out with whenever I am out of KC and in a different city are also things I am looking for.

Gosh what else should I talk about? Well this is a blog normally I rant about things in my other ones so I guess I should tell a joke here and keep the mood light.

A man is on vacation and driving along the golden gate bridge. He stops when he sees a good spot to take pictures. SO he gets out and starts walking to the rail. He sees a man there shaking with his head down. Fearing the man is contemplating jumping off the bridge he shouts to him "HEY!!" The man turns his head and its Huey Lewis. He looks at him and ask "Hey you're Huey Lewis, man, why do you want to kill yourself?" Huey turns the rest of the way around, zipping up his pants and says "Kill myself? Hell no. I was taking a leak. Damn is that water cold. And deep too."
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Thanks for the tickle
Added: Sunday, February 7, 2010 8:51pm
Added: Friday, February 5, 2010 1:35pm
 Awwww, thx ticklin' this old broad&giving me a thrill! Love Ur ads, very diplomatic!! *g* So R U a legal aide, lawyer, law student, or just a genius??
Added: Wednesday, February 3, 2010 8:17pm
Thanks for the tickle
Added: Monday, February 1, 2010 10:34am
Thanks for the tickle!!
Added: Thursday, January 28, 2010 7:05pm
Thank you for the tickle.
Added: Tuesday, January 26, 2010 2:15am
I want you to do lots of nasty things...
Added: Friday, January 22, 2010 11:40am
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