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The Long Journey
Whilst I have been dressing since I was 12 and out and about since 2004 i have never written any of it down. Experiences, thoughts, feelins - all lost. Maybe I should make a start so all will not be lost
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The date
Sunday, March 15, 2009
Up front, for those who want to know:

Did i get layed? No

Yesterday I had my first date in 35 years and it was with a MAN.

Gosh sake knock me over and turn me purple. I did not think I would be game???

Met this chappy in a chat room, or at least tried to, but the website was new and still experiencing teething problems (It was called "Oztaboo" but is now called "Shocking Society") so I gave him my e-mail address.

Chat is very good for making contact but Face to Face is very good for getting to know someone.

Exchanged e-mails a couple of times. He seems to travel a lot, but is based in Sydney, I am in Wollongong.

I suggested we get together and he indicated that he was very busy (wolf in sheeps clothing?). Then I get a call asking what am i doing "this weekend" at the time the call arrived I was doing my favourite thing (next to dressing and sailing) I was buying wine.

I eventually called back and arranged to meet on the next day, Sunday. at a prominent local landmark. Got all gussied up, waited patiently, MAN arrives. Coffee, tour around Wollongong, Lunch by Lake Illawarra, back to my place for drinks and coffee. Lordy lordy he's a viticulturalist (a wine grower).

Early in the piece I explained that I didn't know where this would all go because I was totally unsure of my sexuality.

All day he was a perfect gentleman.

Being me I gave him a couple of affectionate hugs (I like hugging people).

At this time I don't know how I feel about it.
I know:  I enjoyed being treated like a lady
   there was no immediate electrical spark
   he seems nice
   I will see him again
   Even if he is really nice - This is VERY scary


Life is good and very interesting.

Today, lunch with my step cousin, totally straight, (I don't do straight very good anymore - even my dentist slipped up this morning when after a local he indicated that i was dribbling a little bit and that it wasn't very lady like - I was in male mode at the time).

If you read this far - Ta Muchley
If you have empathy - your gorgeous (mail me)

Lots a hugs
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Time to write summore
Saturday, March 7, 2009
For some considerable time I have known my course. I rather like things the way they are with regard to being a "Cross Dresser" rather than any of the other labels that are used or tagged on to my sisters. (Why do people have to label and pigeon hole EVERYTHING?).

I live alone in a nice little rented cottage (no you idiots, it's not called the "Ginger Bread House" even though there is a witches hat attached to the wall immediately opposite the front door and a sign saying "the witch is in") and, on a daily basis, rather like the freedom it gives.

However, things do not stay the same for long. Whilst I am not "lonely" I do feel ALONE and for me the two are different.

I try to make a practice of going out for a meal at least once a fortnight (usually a la femme) but feel that it would be nice to have someone to share that meal with. There seem to be plenty of people willing to have a chat on the good old internet and even toy with the idea of getting together but when a suggested date is named they quietly disappear. I would rather meet someone in person than chat for hours on a computer (it's a preference - I don't dislike chat, it's a starting place).

The thought of going out to a meal with a GG or another cross/trans person is Ok but I seem to be torn about going out with a male. The femme says "Great go for it - after 33 years of highly conventional marriage and 15 months of celibacy enjoy yourself, explore, get juicy. If ya don't like it just say no. " The alter, who is not sexually a pushy person, says "Girl, the men you likely to meet will all be after one thing and it's scary"

Luckily I think that the femme is winning out and accepting that "Yes - many of the men may be after one thing, after all that's why they call that site *sexy ads* isn't it? But some of them are after good company too - and you can be Soooooo good".
Life is about exploration and hopefully the people you meet along the way can/will allow you control of your world and you in turn allow them control of theirs. If this can be done without hurt then all will be well - after all even Dexter has ethics.

If you have read this far I can only say

Lots a Hugs
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A typical Sunday
Saturday, February 7, 2009

I sit looking out of my window wondering at the experience and the love of life that being a cross dresser has brought to me.

Having begun dressing before i was 12 years old by wearing my sister's bikini tops (the era was such that they had vertical steel spring reinforcement that must have run straight across her nipples {ouch}) and my mothers satin petticoate which i stained so badly with teenage juices that I hd to hide it in the box room (nothing was said).

I was never caught and continued to satisfy myself until I was about eighteen when I started to go out with a strange thing called a girl on a regular basis.

Then came the army. After the army another girl and marriage. About ten years later the urge to dress came back. Several items of underwear were purchased and this was becoming serious. I told my wife - mistake. From that day cross dressing, even if i wasn't doing it, and even if we weren't talking about it poisoned our relationship. It made any other misdemeanours major. My wife locked it away within herself, so deep that when we finally did split up she had forgotten that I had told.

When i turned 50 (2000) i had determined that these urges were not going away and decided slowly to escalate my committment to dressing. Having first one ear pierced and a year later the other.

2004 - I visited Cross Dressing with Dignity a dressing service that operated on the northern beaches of Sydney. The proprieters Mads and Den (now Kenike) were wonderful and my committment was deepened.

2007 - After much counselling, 33 years of marriage and two wonderful (if confused kids) my partner and I separated. The separation was mutually agreed upon and as convivial as such a thing can be.

My now ex partner has never seen me dressed.

My kids have never been told about the other woman, although they may know (any kid worth their salt who doesnt go through their parents draws on a regular basis is not living life to the full - if they did then they know)

Me, seperated for over a year now with the divorce papers in the court, where do I go:

                                         "ONWARD AND UPWARD"

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