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ssBBW Seeking NSA Sexual Encounters...
Women seeking men

**Do NOT send cards** I am a free member, and can't reply to them.

Single ssBBW with green eyes, short brown hair, and DDD titties that LOVE attention! Sexually adventurous, enjoy having my picture taken, and get SUPER WET when having sex in semi-public places!

Looking for Men, Women and Couples (ad doesn't allow me to choose so more than one). NSA sex, and if we want to meet up more than once, that will be great. I did belong to a Swinger's Club at one point, but was tired of being the first one naked, and the wives preventing their husbands from playing.

SQUIRTER. With enough stimulation, I am a squirter. I am also VERY loud. And I like a little restraint - makes me wetter!

DON"T SWALLOW, but I love giving blowjobs, and having hot creamy cum splatter against my big titties.
Seeking Fun Kinky Couple for NSA
BBW seeking couples
Single ssBBW, green eyes, short brown hair, and milky white DDD titties that love attention! I love have a 'kink' for sex in semi-public places - LOVE fucking in an SUV! Enjoy having my picture taken, and get super wet when softly restrained or in semi-public places.

I'm a SQUIRTER. Enough stimulation and someone holding me still / holding me down, and I'm like a geyser! Oh, and I am VERY loud.

I don't swallow, but LOVE giving blowjobs. And get really wet when I get hot creamy cum splattered on my big titties.

EVERYTHING is on the table...except waste-play, pain or humiliation.

I have a fantasy about being fisted. I have never done it, and worry that it won't work b/c I haven't given birth. But I would love to try...and even if we don't get a full hand / fist inside my wet pussy, I'm sure I'll squirt, so win-win!

I have done 3somes, 4somes, and more-somes, and some pretty kinky sh!t. I have also been in a Swinger's Club. But I have very limited experience with couples (MF), and would like to explore sex with another woman...without giving up the cock!
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Sexy Stories
Thought I'd share with you some erotic stories. Some of them are real and actually happened to me (I'll mention when/where in the 1st sentence), and others are naughty emails that I sent to other people. Enjoy!
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Thank You, Everyone!
Tuesday, May 21, 2019
'Thank You' to everyone who sent me Birthday Wishes!  
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False Advertising (Complete now)
Friday, April 5, 2019
Shooting pool with a rope.

I was supposed to be having the fuck of my life, with a big thick 8 inch cock.  Attached to a 6'3" attractive fit man, green eyes, salt and pepper hair.  Talented fingers.  Sounded like the complete package...pun intended! 

He contacted me on a site for SSBBW lovers.  I arranged to meet him at my usual semi-public fuck locale...the parking lot of a Target in South County.  He knew everything about me, had seen all of the pictures (as well as some private pics that I don't post) and watched the video.  I sent him 2 face pictures as well. He knew how big I was, what my rolls of fat looked like.  And he was excited to meet me, telling me what he was planning on doing to my body. 

I told him how to find my SUV, to come to the back passenger door, climb on in, and do whatever he wanted (within parameters that we'd discussed!).  Oh, and I told him that I would be laying down in the back, completely naked, waiting with my legs open and masturbating when he got there!  

Well, he showed up, just as handsome as his pictures, and REALLY excited to see me.  I think his exact words of greeting were "fuck woman, are you trying to make my cock explode?" lol.   He climbed in, sitting between my legs, laying down on me.  

Looking into my eyes, he smiled and gave me a kiss as his fingers found my clit.  FUCK!  Had me quaking just that quickly!  

I was holding my DDD titties, stroking my nipples and giving them the occasional pinch and pull, gently smacking them against his face.  Taking hold of my right breast, he grasped it, pulling it up a little as he said "share it with me".  And we both licked and sucked at my right nipple as he continued to finger fuck my increasingly wet pussy. 

Moving to my left breast, he began sucking that nipple while I continued playing with my right.  His very talented fingers were sending sparks of pleasure into my clit and throughout my body.  I was convulsing with every rotating stroke.  "Give me your fingers" I said to him, and proceeded to lick and suck his fingers, running my tongue up and down the segments, giving him a preview of my oral skills. 

Pushing his fingers out of my mouth, I told him to fill my pussy ... and he did.  Sitting up, he used three fingers and they slipped right in, my pussy hot wet and ready for him.  His thumb on my clit, he pressed on that in rhythm as he filled my pussy up and began fucking, his whole arm pistoning as he brought me closer and closer to orgasming. 

I was quaking and shaking, yelping and grunting, throwing my hips up at him as I rode the sensations.  He was enjoying the spectacle, saying "oh wow, your tits are bouncing just like they did in that video!", and "fuck, you are so hot!".   And pretty soon I was climaxing...and squirting over his hand.  Thank g-d I laid down a towel before this all started and had paper towels close by!  

Afterward, he stroked and pet my belly as I lay there panting and satisfied. "You okay?" he asked me.  "Just give me a minute, I need to start breathing again!"

But I recovered pretty quickly, sped along by my desire to 'return the favor' to him!

Flailing my limbs about for a minute as I tried to move my loose as a goose body (that orgasm was GOOOOD!), I finally sat up, kneeling on the bench seat as I reached for his pants.  Unclasping his belt, undoing his button and zipper, and reaching into his boxers, I found.... a limp piece of pasta.  Not even a manicotti; more like penne - again, pun intended! 

Hiding my dismay, I ran my fingertip up down and around, hoping to stir some life in the little fellow.  "He's a little shy" I was told.  Glancing up at him, I said "oh, your a grower, not a shower, huh?".  He gave a nervous chuckle (which made me think that this was his normal condition!), and tried to play it off as his being a little worried about getting caught. 

So anyway...wanting to make him feel as good as he made me, I started off with a hand job.  Based on his groaning and his encouraging words, he was into it...but still no signs of life in his little friend.  Putting another minute or two into that, I decided to switch tactics.   Releasing his cock, I watched as it curled up and collapsed into a small pile of flesh.  Bracing one hand on the door next to him, I bent my head to him, and without using my hands, sucked his cock into my mouth.  

***More to come***

Sorry for the interruption! 

Anyway, I placed my lips on his limp noodle and creating a seal, sucked him up and into my hot mouth.  Running my tongue up down and around, fluttering, flicking, bobbing up and down.  Nothing. 

Not a twitch.  I doubled down on my efforts.  Reaching back into his boxers, I scooped his balls out, rolling them gently before grasping them against his cock.  Applying pressure, I squeezed them together and attempted to smack his cock against my tongue...but there was no firmness there, nothing to whack about.  It was literally flopping over my hand.  

But I was determined to get 'get a rise' out of him, if only to make him orgasm as a 'thank you'.  Remembering how much he enjoyed my DDD titties, I decided to straddle his legs.  Propping my right foot against the bench seat, I leaned back against the tilted (forward) back of the passenger seat.  With my left hand grasping the 'oh shit' handle, I used my right hand to begin masturbating. 

Dipping my fingers into my soaking wet pussy, I used my sweetness to coat my nipples.  He watched me like a hawk, 'oh yeah baby' as my nipples knotted up.  Returning my hand to my pussy, and zeroing in on my clit, it wasn't long at all until I began shaking, my tits bouncing left right up and down as I started groaning. 

Before I knew what was happening, he'd slammed his hand up my cunt, his three fingers filling me up again as he shoved his head between my heaving breasts, going from nipple to nipple and sucking them into his mouth.  Letting my motions slap my breasts against his face, I was shouting out my pleasure as several climaxes tore through me.

I warned him that I was about to squirt again, and before I knew it, he was pulling me down the back of the seat, and yanking my hips up into the air as he lined up my pussy with his mouth, drinking me down as my fluids began geysering out, and I continued rubbing my clit and he did that wonderful 'come hither' move against my g-spot.  

Convulsing, my entire body spasming with pleasure, I don't know how long it took me to recover.  I was just noticing a twinge in my back when my friend let out a grunt.  Looking down between my legs, I saw his hands holding his flaccid cock...
and about half a teaspoon of cum on his fingers.

Before I could ask "what the fuck?", he swung me around to sit on the bench seat, grabbed a paper towel to clean up his hands (AND dropped that dirty towel on to my upholstery!), said "thanks" and got out of my SUV as he was doing up his pants and walking away. 

Again. What The Fuck??

Yes, I got several fantastic orgasms out of the encounter.  But I also got a sprained back from his bending me in ways I don't bend.  But I also had about 30 minutes of doubting my skills and my desirability because a man with some type of erectile dysfunction decided to keep that a secret.

So did he get erect by watching me climax?  Was it listening to me that 'did it' for him? Was he capable of having PNV sex? I don't know...because he didn't talk to me about it.

In fact, he lied about it, telling me that he had a hard thick 8 inches that he was going to use to pound me into the best orgasms of my life.  Yes, yes, I know all men exaggerate size stamina and skill.  But being 6 inches instead of eight is a far cry from not being able to get or sustain an erection!

And if he'd told me that he had a kink (watching me) or even that he was unable to have 'traditional' sex...I still would have met with him if he'd told me how talented he was with his fingers. 

Of course, I'll never meet with him again.  1) he lied about a bunch of things; 2) he left a cum stained paper towel on my cloth upholstery; and 3) he walked away once he had whatever he was looking for. 

Oh!  And the strained back?  Because of that, I had to cancel a play date with a return NSA, someone I KNOW has a big thick cock and knows how to use it! 

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Cutting Negative People From Your Life
Wednesday, November 21, 2018
Just had a blow-out argument with one of my brothers.  I'd picked him up from work to drop him off at his place, with plans to pick him up on Sunday and drive him back to work.  (He's a cabbie, and he was dropping off his cab for the holiday long-weekend).

He asked to make a detour, to Dollar General, on the way.  Sure, fine.  He then proceeded to mock and belittle me for 30 minutes.  In front of our mother, who I brought along to act as a 'buffer'.  Yeah, that worked well. 

They got out at the DG, and I waited for them.  Stewing, crying, and wondering why I keep waiting for my big brother to love me.  They came back about 10 minutes later, got in, and I informed him that I wouldn't be picking him up on Sunday, that I was done with him. 

And he flipped the fuck out. 

Immediately started calling me a cunt.  And actually thought I was cutting him out of my life for ONE comment that he made as we were parking.  Fucking Moron!  Called me a ridiculous child, who can't take a joke "lighten the fuck up!" is what he said.

I called him an idiot if he thinks it was ONE comment that he made, told him that he was sniping at for the last 30 minutes, and then said, "you've treated me like this for the last 45 years, and I don't have to take it anymore!"

He tries to pull the "I didn't ask you to move here" card (he moved here in 1993; mom and I came in 2003).  I flung it back to him, "we were all set to move to New Mexico, but mom wanted to be near her baby boy!".   His rebuttal, "you're a grown-ass woman, living with mommy!".  Oooh, I was ready for that one "she lives with ME you idiot!  Oh, and she only sees you 4 times a year, when you drag yourself 3 miles across town to "borrow" money!"  

He called me a cunt again, along with some other profanities.  I tossed back at him "oh, and you stole 0 from me, you fucker, and never apologized!".  At which point he said "suck my cock!" and I replied "not on your best day, sweetie!"
Made sure mom was seat-belted, and drove away.

Yeah.  My mom and I moved out here when she retired.  1,000 miles from my friends and job (were I was making about k/yr!).  I researched - the old fashioned way, in encyclopedias and atlases! - where would be the best place to live.  Best weather, good neighborhoods, good house prices, a robust bus service (mom doesn't drive), senior services, senior entertainment, and the best jobs / industry for me.  Reviewed everything with mom, had already paid an apartment complex for two background/credit checks, got approved and was all set to put money down on an apartment in Albuquerque, when she said "I only have one good move left in me, and I want to be close to X".  Well,  thank god I hadn't paid deposit, first and last!  

We moved out here 15 years ago.  Aside from the first two or three months, when we literally live across the street from him, we see him about 3 or 4 times a year...oh, he'll come over then, but it's only to "borrow" money from our retired mother...that he doesn't pay back 80% of the time.  

You might be thinking, 'well, he must have a busy life, surely he calls her'.  You'd be wrong.  We go MONTHS without hearing from him - then he calls for money!  Last year, Mom was diagnosed with Lymphoma; he couldn't be bothered.  I called him, he didn't want to hear about, claiming he was "too upset" to handle it.  Okay.  So I was taking her to multiple doctor's visits, multiple appointments for CTs, O/P Surgery to have a port placed in her chest, and then her chemo started.  Ten hours the first session, then averaging abt 7 hours every three weeks.  Then taking care of her when she got sick 3 days later.  Watching as she lost 40lbs, watching as her hair fell out, taking her to the salon to have her head shaved.

What was he doing during this time?  Forcing her to buy beanies and wigs, because he can't look at her bald.  Oh, and STILL "borrowing" money from her, and asking her to cook special meals for him!   

Anyway.  I've been thinking for the last DECADE, why do I keep expecting him to change?  Why do I let him get to me?  He picks and picks and picks, then, when I yell at him to stop or to leave me alone, he turns it around, so that I look like the unreasonable one, the one with the volatile temper...the bitch.

Do you know he hasn't hugged me in more than 30 years?  Oh, we've hugged, but I was always the one initiating it.  Doesn't look at me when I do it.  I've 'babysat' his pets, I've painted his kitchen, I distressed, stained and sealed new cabinets for him as a present when he bought a house. 

And I can't even get 30 minutes of common courtesy from him when I do a favor for him. 

So, I'm a little weepy right now.  But I also feel this huge boulder has lifted off of my heart.  You have to realize that you can never change another person's behavior, only your reactions.  Well, I think 35 years of trying to get along is enough for anyone, at least it is for me.

So if there are toxic people in your life, and you are tired of the emotional and psychological damage that they inflict on you...don't be afraid to say "I'm done".  

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A Mid-Night Sex-capade
Wednesday, October 10, 2018
A Mid-Night Sex-capade
Wednesday, October 10, 2018
Several weeks ago I was exchanging emails and text messages with a man, and we decided to meet.  After talking about my favorite fuck place - the backseat of an SUV in a Target parking lot - he was too concerned about the possibility of getting caught.  So, after some back and forth, it was decided that I would come to his job and we would have some fun there.

He works at an well-to-do senior living facility, as a night watchman.  Giving me the directions, we made plans for me to arrive at 1:30 am on a Saturday.  Washed, plucked and powdered, I set out to drive the 9 miles from my home to his place of work.  Dressed commando in a pair of yoga pants, I was wearing one of my favorite 'fucking shirts' - a blouse with a wide cowl neck that I can easily pull down under my big bouncy DDD titties, giving full access to my girls to who ever I might be meeting.

A block away, I pull over for a moment.  Reaching under my blouse, I arrange my light-control sports bra so that the cups are under my titties.  Even the slight movements of getting my seat belt back on cause my nipples to rub against my top and knot up, sticking through my shirt and making me even more horny than I already was feeling.

Driving the last block, I park at a side entrance, and text him that I was there.  Following his directions, I walked to the door and he was there in a couple of minutes to let me in to the lobby of the secured building.  Following his plan for some fun at work, I acted as if I didn't know him and avoided looking at the camera that is aimed at the door.

Once inside, I see that there is a small security desk at the left, a large sunken garden in the middle with some cafe searing around it.  There are wings going off to the left and right, and to the back there is a alcove with more cafe seating.  Once we are out of view of the camera, we embrace and kiss.  He tells me that he has found the perfect spot for our tryst, and starts to lead me down the wing to the right.

Grabbing his hand though, I pull him into the alcove.  Telling him I can't wait any longer, I pull my blouse down below my DDDs, exposing them to him.  "Damn, those looked good in the pictures you sent me, but I never thought they'd look even better in real life!" he tells me as he grabs my titties and begins to suck on my extended nipples.  Pulling away, I spin around, grinding my hips against his cock while he reaches around to hold onto my breasts.

I take hold of his hands and pull them away, bending over as I bounce my fat ass against his cock.  Letting go of his hands, I take hold of the waistband of my yoga pants, pulling them slowly down as I shake my ass at him.  Bending further over, I present him with my aroused pussy, and tell him to touch me.  Grasping my cheeks, he squeezes for a quick second before slapping my ass.  It was so hot!

FUCK!!!  He slid his fingers up my slit and sunk two of them into my pussy.  "Shit, you're soaking wet!" he exclaimed, as he fucked his hand at me.  Laughing, I said to him "I told you I couldn't wait any longer!".  Bouncing, I began to twerk as he finger fucked me, my ass slapping against his wrist as I fucked myself on his fingers.

Pulling myself off of him, I spin back around, virtually naked from the waist down and with my DDDs out in the open.  Reaching for his hand, I run my tongue over his fingers before moving it up to his mouth, telling him "taste how sweet I am".  Leaning in, we both enjoy licking my essence from his fingers and hand.  We share a kiss as I reach out and squeeze his erect cock through his pants. 

Pulling my pants back up, I tell him that we really need to start fucking.  He asks if I'm going to cover up my tits, warning me that sometimes the residents come down to the lobby, I smile at him as I say "no".  Waking back into the area by the garden, he reaches out and pinches my right nipple.  Holding onto it, he leads me down the hallway to the right wing, pinching, twisting and pulling my hard nipple as we go.  

We've walked about 40 feet when he pulls his key chain off of his belt.  Wondering where we are, I look up at the sign hanging from the ceiling.  

CHAPEL.  Laughing, I call him a freak as I wrap my arms around his waist, rubbing his penis as he unlocks the door.  Once inside the department, I see that the chapel is off to the left.  He leads me over to the right,  passing the chaplain's office, and into a conference room.  

There is a huge mahogany table surrounded by about 20 chairs.  I make my way over to the table, dropping my purse on the floor.  Kicking my shoes off, I step out of my yoga pants,  brace my forearms on the table, and bend over, again presenting him with my fat ass and juicy pussy.  Bouncing, I clap my ass a few times, enjoying the way my pussy juice leaks down my leg, as my titties hang low and swing back and forth with my movements. 

He immediately slips two of his fingers into me, telling me to climb up on the table, that he wants to pleasure me.  I put my right knee up, preparing to climb on, when he brings his hand back, and uses my pussy to boost me up!  

Flipping around, I sit there for a minute while I take off my blouse, and toss it onto the floor by my pants.  At this point, the only thing I am wearing is my light-weight sports bra, with the elastic cups pulled under my big bouncy titties. I lay myself down, spreading myself open and offering him access to anything and everything he wants to touch.  OUCH!  My head knocks into the conference call module, and I have to figure out how to pick it up - over my head and backwards - and move it further away without breaking it as I push it back.

Ohh!  He's moved up along the edge of the table to pinch twist and pull my nipples again.  Pulling them up, he shakes them, smiling at me as I start to moan from the pleasure.  Leaning down, he begins to lick and suck my right nipple.  Reaching up, I grasp my big titties, squeezing them in my hands as I tell him to eat my tit.  Opening his mouth, he sucks in about 1/3 of my he runs his right hand down my body and starts to stroke my pussy. 

Popping my tit out of his mouth, he begins kissing his way down to my vagina.  Pressing his left hand down on my vulva, he uses his thumb and forefinger to open up my fat swollen labia.  Exposing my erect clit, he blows on it as the fingers of his right hand run up and down my edges.

Holding onto my own breasts, I am squeezing and gripping them, rubbing my fingers against my nipples.  My heels are trying to dig into the hard wood of the table as sensations shoot from my nipples straight to my clit.  Panting and moaning with the building pleasure, I yell out "FUCK!!" when he shoves three fingers into my soaking wet pussy and begins slamming his hand into me.

My arousal is spilling out of me onto the table, and I can hear it squishing  each time he rams his fingers into me.  Hooking his fingers, he rasps over my g-spot over and over and over until I begin to squirt. coating his hand.

Grunting and shouting "FUCK FUCK FUCK" as my body shakes, I beg him to keep doing it, to never stop.  I don't know it yet, but he tells me later that he was fucking me with four fingers, stuffing me full as I climax.  

He returns to stroking my pussy, gentling me down off of my climax, listening to my panting breaths to judge my recovery. Humming with contentment "mmmm"  I take his hand to pull him up towards my head.  Grabbing his belt, I start to unbuckle him.  Taking over, he quickly drops trou, and his thick cock leaps into view, drops of pre-cum beading at the tip.

Turning my head, I open my mouth and suck him inside. Fuck, he's SOO thick!  My jaw in pain, stretched to my limit, I guess that he's about 6 inches around and 9inches long.  Trying to get him down my throat, I realize that I'm too parched from all my screaming.  Popping off of him, I tell him I need to get some water.  Sitting up on the table, I see that my squirt has covered the table, and hit nearly five feet away - just short of spilling over the edge! 

Helping off of the table, he tells me that there's a water fountain out in the hallway.  "Okay, be right back!" I chirp, and stroll semi naked and covered in my own cum through the chapel office and into the hall to the fountain!

I return back to the conference room to find him sitting in a chair, stroking his cock.  He tells me that the idea of me walking round naked and running the risk of being caught got him super horny and he wanted to 'rub one out, but since you're back now...'!

Dropping to my knees in front of him, I grab his sack, rolling his balls around as I inhale his cock head.  Fluttering my tongue along the ridge I alternate - suck it in, pop it out, suck it in, pop it out.  I begin slapping his gorgeous cock against my tongue, rolling my eye up to gauge his reaction to the blowjob I'm giving him.  

I wrap my arms around his waist, sinking into his lap as I choke myself getting him down my throat.  Bobbing and twisting my head, I work myself down about six inches of his staff.  But it's too thick for me to obtain more.  Adjusting my grasp, I use my right hand to hold the base of his cock,  pulsing my hold as I give him a loud and sloppy blowjob.

As I listen to him grunting above me, I can feel his nut sack tightening up as his climax approaches.  Popping him out of my mouth, I tell him to move forward in the chair.  Standing up, I turn around, straddle his legs and impale myself on his massive pole.  

FUUUUCCKKKK!!!!  He is soooo thick!  Thank god I came so hard when he was finger fucking me; my pussy was still sopping wet, and it helped me take him in all the way to the hilt.   Reaching down to the side, I grab the handle that lowers the chair, giving myself the leverage I need to slam up and down as I ride him, fucking him until we both climax.

I collapse back against his chest.  Turning my head around, he gives me several deep kisses, his hands roaming my body...well, no, his hands playing with my pussy as his cock starts to stiffen again!  Standing us up, still joined intimately, he bends me over a nearby chair and swivels his hips as he slowly goes in and out.

"I was to film my cock fucking you" he tells me.  "Okay" I reply.  Disengaging from me, he unearths his cell from his clothes on the floor and places it on the table.  He pauses for a moment, looking at my body, how flushed I am with excitement, my nipples nearly blood red from his attentions, our desire splashed along my legs.  Swooping in close, he nips at my left nipple, lashing it with his tongue.  I can feel his smile against my flesh as the sensations give me little earthquakes. 

Grabbing my hips, he tosses me up on the edge of the table.  Taking my right hand, he leads it to my pussy, and has me spread my labia.  Picking up his cellphone, he begins taking pics, commenting on how red and swollen my cunt has become.  He switches to 'video' and slowly works his long thick cock into my pussy, that is glistening and reddened.  

I gave him permission to fuck me bareback.  I had just had my check up and was clean, and he had shown me his results in an email, telling me that he's only been with a couple of other women besides his wife for the last 18 years.  I have NEVER had sex without a condom before...and as he was fucking me so good, I asked him to give me a cream pie.  WOW!  Guess he liked that idea, because he started fucking me like a damn machine after that!  

Within moments, he began to spurt, his hot cum filling my wet pussy, and getting squeezed out along his cock as my tunnel clamped along his thick length.  Resting against me for a couple of minutes, as we catch out breath, he nuzzles between my DDDs, licking and sucking my nipples, and enjoying how my pussy was twitching as it spasmed on his cock with nearly every suck.  

Withdrawing from me, he picks up his cell again, telling me it's time for the money shot!  Pulling the chair up to the table, he sits until he is level with my body, situated between my spread thighs.  Placing my feet on his thighs, he tells me to start masturbating so he can film the cum being pushed out of my cunt.  I reach my right hand down and begin rubbing my clit.  "Oh, fuck yeah! That's what I'm talkin' 'bout!" he says, as my pussy contracts with each rotation of my fingers on my clit, forcing the cum to be pushed out when I start climaxing again.  

Once I finish, I sit up on the table again, and he stands up.  Hugging each other, he strokes my back as I calm down.  Ooops!  As I sit there, I can feel all the cum being expelled from my well-pleasured pussy...and pooling on the table.  I tell my friend that we need to find some cleaning supplies and set the rooms to rights before the chaplain and his staff comes in to work.

That's when he tells me "I'm the chaplain"  !!!!

Well, "forgive me father, for I have really REALLY sinned!"

We cleaned up the table, Febreezed the room, and disposed of the cum soaked paper towels in the hallway restroom - while I was still walking around naked!  It was wonderful, I felt so free, going about regular tasks with my body available for him to touch taste tease and fuck as he wanted.  And he wanted!!  Gathering my clothes up, I hold them in my arms as I step into my shoes and grab my purse.  Leading the way, I walk naked out into the chapel office and then out into the hallway as he locks up.  Walking slightly in front of him, I make my way down the hallway back to the little alcove where it all started.  With his cellphone still out, "my chaplain" continues to take video and pics, documenting my nude adventures in this very upscale establishment!  

Reaching the semi-privacy of the alcove, I drop my belongings on a table in the opening.  Stepping out of my shoes, I grab my yoga pants an bend over to step into them.  "My chaplain" reaches out, smacking my fat white ass before sliding his hand between my legs to squeeze my tender pussy.  Spinning around, I throw my arms around his neck and we kiss as his left arm goes around my waist and his right hand comes up to cradle my left DDD.  Strumming my nipple as it grows hard again, he leaves my mouth to suckle my knotted tip.  Stroking his hair, I ask him if he wanted to meet up again. Popping my nipple out of his mouth, he said "babe, I don't even want  to let you go now, of COURSE we are doing this again!"  

Laughing, I reach out to grab my blouse from the table, stepping into my shoes as he helps me get it over my head - taking his time to 'honk, honk' my titties before I cover them up!  Grabbing my purse, I smack his arm as I start to walk across the cafe area to get to the door.

And that's when we see one of the residents, a man about 70yrs old, sitting in the cafe.  Shit, how much did he see?

Turns out, pretty much!  He told us he saw everything from the time I was bouncing naked down the hallway to the alcove.  But, he also told us he knew how to keep a secret.  WHEW!  I did NOT want to be responsible for a married chaplain getting fired!

So anyway.  We've met about 5 more times since then, still at his work.  We've used his office a few times, and the conference room a couple of times, but we've been much more discrete about it.  But each time, our elderly observer has been waiting in the cafe for us, still staying quiet. 

Next time (this Saturday), I 'm going to suggest that we fool around in front of him.  Maybe a blowjob while he watches.  What do you think?

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Creep TRIED to Insult Me
Tuesday, July 3, 2018
  • I belong to several different websites that are dedicated to BBWs and SSBBWs.  I find a lot - a LOT - of men there who appreciate a big woman, and it's very freeing to know that all the men on the site are Fat Admirers.  

Now, if you have followed my posts, stories, and or checked out my photos, you know that I have a mostly healthy relationship with the way I look.  Yes, I'm fat; it's kinda hard to miss that!  But, I am trying to make better choices, and if I lose weight at the same time, win-win!

But in the meanwhile, I am, even at this size, still deserving of if not respect, than at least common human decency.  And, as many people agree, large people are still sexual, and shouldn't have to deny that aspect of their personality simply because 'some people' are judgmental assholes.

I was communicating yesterday with a new 'friend' yesterday, setting up a meeting for later today.  So I logged back in at about 10:30 pm, and I find a lovely message waiting for me.  But, you can see how fast I put him in his place.  Guess he learned a lesson:  don't try to fuck with me - I might be a nice person, but I don't fuck around when someone tries to insult me!

(OK, had to edit and do this part 'by hand', since the copy&paste cut off half of the words)

Him: hey put some clothes on you got a nasty body (9:18pm)
Me: then don't look at it, asshole (10:31pm)
Him: Who want to fuck your nasty body maybe a fat guy with a short cock (10:34pm)
Me: you mean like yours?  Oh, and this site is for men who LIKE women who are fat.  Nimrod, fucking moron!  Take your tiny cock home to mommy!  Oh, I mean upstairs to her! (10:37pm)

And that was the last I heard of him! 

  • Hey put some clothes on you got a nasty body

  • LilySSBBW71

    then don't look at it, asshole

  • lurchguy6900

    Who want to fuck your nasty body maybe a fat guy with a short cock

  • LilySSBBW71

    you mean like yours?

    Oh, and this site is for men who LIKE woman who are fat. Nimrod, fucking moron! 
    take your tiny cock home to mommy! Oh, I mean, upstairs to her.



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Happy Birthday
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Very pretty lady.
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You sound very hot!  Damn!
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Some 'story' you wrote, WOW!
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thanks for comments on my blog and just taking it one step at a time at this time.  I will look into maybe some social clubs  when I move but I already belong to kiwanis where I do some volunteer work.
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oh holy night

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it iz da night

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Merry Christmas

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Hey Lily, just popping in to say hi!
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