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Sit On My Face !!!
Men Seeking Women
I am a man that loves to give a woman oral sex. It is such a turn on to have total control with the tip of my tongue. There is no greater pleasure than to have a woman screaming with pleasure as she thrusts her hips into my face as she orgasms. My rule is I have to lick it before I stick it. I am seeking a discreet relationship with preferably a married woman who is also not sexually satisfied. Let us be friends with benefits and satisfy each others needs. I am not picky and I like all races. I love big girls because they orgasm like an earthquake !!!
Erotic E-mail
Men seeking erotic email
You enter my shoe store five minutes before closing. It is raining out so I lock the door thinking there will be no more customers. I walk over to you and sit on my stool to measure your foot. That is when I notice your tee shirt is soaking wet and your nipples are hard and very easy to see. I try to focus on your foot as I measure it when I notice a beautiful shaven pussy is smiling at me from under your short skirt. My cock is throbbing and I try hide it as I get up and go to the back room to get the shoes you want. I get some ice from the refrigerator and rub it on my cock to make it go down. I grab two boxes of shoes and return to you. You try on the shoes and walk around a bit. They are sexy black high heel pumps that really look good on you. I can tell yo have noticed the swelling in my pants by your naughty smile. You return to your seat and I say," how are they". You reply they feel good but there is another very important test to do because what is important with these type of shoes is how they feel when you fuck". I am startled by your words as you take your shirt off revealing your beautiful breasts. You lay back in the chair and spread your legs and I get on my knees and bury my head between them. You moan as my tongue slides in and begins to dart about.You have long sexy legs and the view of you with your legs spread and me between your legs with your shoes on looks like a scene in a porno movie. You start thrusting your hips into my face and I place my hands under your ass so I can get deeper. I start licking your clit and you let out a loud moan and reach down and grab the back of my head forcing my face into your crotch. You scream with pleasure as you orgasm and your juices flow into my mouth. You need a break to catch your breath so I go to the refrigerator and get two cold beers . I return and you demand that I sit in the chair. You get on top and sit down slowly on my cock. Your pussy is like a silky warm glove and I am in ecstasy as my cock is buried deep inside you. We moan together as my cock is buried to the balls. I lean you forward and take you're nipple in my mouth and gently run my tongue over it. It does something to you and I can feel your pussy contracting as if you are in orgasm. You begin to moan wildly and say,"fuck me and fuck me hard" I spread my legs and grab your ass and begin thrusting my cock up in you hard and fast. The sound of our bodies coming together makes a slapping sound. I feel it building and I bury my cock all the way in and explode. I scream with pleasure as I flood your pussy with warm spurts of cum. You feel my juices inside you and respond with a long moaning orgasm. We sit there out of breath and covered with sweat. I turn to you and say,"so how did the shoes feel".You laugh and say,"smart ass they feel great". You get dressed and I give you a sports tee shirt from the rack. You say,"I am going to shop for shoes here again". I smile as I put your shoes in a bag and say,"there is no charge". I give you a business card with my phone number on it and tell you to call before you come next time so I can make special preparations. You smile and reach into your purse and pull out a pair of sexy panties that say,"CANDY" right where your pussy is.You hand them to me and say,"these are for you". I say, "I want some more of that candy" You smile and say,"you will get some very soon". We hug and I walk you to your car. I lock up and head home. I sleep with your panties by my pillow. I am woken early by the phone. I hear your voice say,"unlock your door and let me in because I have breakfast". I am puzzled as I open the door and ask you how you found out where I lived. You reply,"it was simple, I googled your phone number". I dismiss myself to go to the bathroom as you get things ready. I walk out of the bathroom and discover you are in bed. You say,"this breakfast needs to be eaten in bed". I watch with anticipation as you spread some whip cream around each nipple and place a cherry on top. My mouth begins to drool as you slide a banana halfway inside your pussy and peel it back.You put some whip cream around it and some cherries. You smile and say,"breakfast is served". My cock is throbbing as I get on the bed next to you. I greet you with a long passionate french kiss. I kiss your neck and gently and slowly kiss my way to your nipples. I kiss your breasts and slowly work my way to the nipples teasing you. You moan with ecstasy as my tongue glides over your swollen nipple. I move slowly from breast to breast and then kiss my way down your to your thighs. I spread your legs wide. Your pussy is glistening wet as I push your legs back so I can eat. I bury my tongue and you let out a loud moan as you arch your back and begin to orgasm. I lick up all the cream and your love juices as you catch your breath. You roll over on your stomach and pull your knees in so that your ass is up in the air and say,"fuck me from behind". I get behind you and gently slide my cock in. It feels so good as my cock is buried deep inside you. I grab your hips and begin to thrust. I am hitting you hard and fast and you are loving it saying,"yes yes fuck my pussy hard". Our bodies are making a slapping sound as they come together. My cock is making a slurping noise as it slides in and out of your pussy.My balls are swinging and slapping your clit with each stroke. I feel it coming and bury my cock all the way in and try to hold it as long as I can. I explode with a torrent of warm cum as I moan with ecstasy. You feel my juices and erupt into a long moaning orgasm. We lay there in each others arms and drift off to sleep. I wake up and you have your clothes on. You say,"get up we have to go shopping" and I reply,"I hope we are shopping for shoes" You smile and say,"no bad boy I am gong to make you lunch". I reply, "well judging from what a wonderful cook you are from breakfast I can not wait" You smack me with your purse and say,"come on smart ass".

I think you will agree I have a good imagination. I have many more to share will do special requests if you have a certain fetish
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Women That Love To Receive Oral Sex
This blog is designed to provide feedback to men that love to give oral sex to a woman. Who could better educate than a woman ?
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Is Eating Cheating ?
Monday, August 15, 2011
I have been struggling with this thought for awhile. When have you crossed the line into the cheating zone ? Some very religious people think that if you even think or lust in your heart towards another of the opposite sex you have cheated. I think that when you begin to neglect your partner for another persons affection it becomes cheating. I was recently with a coworker at her apartment and she complained about her back hurting. I had her lay down on the couch so I could give her a back massage. I could tell she was really enjoying it and I so wanted to pull off her panties and feast on her pussy. Nothing happened it was only a massage but the desire was there and was very strong . I keep wondering if her complaining about her back hurting was an attempt to manipulate the situation into an intimate encounter.  Was she flirting with me by allowing a back massage ? What are your thoughts about this ladies. How should I handle it if I get another chance ?

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What is your favorite sex position ????????????????
Sunday, December 5, 2010
I just love the 69 oral sex position. That is a good one for competition to decide who pays for dinner. Whoever cums first pays. I also like doggy style as I grab her hips and run my cock deep inside her. So what positions do women like and why ??? Please be very detailed and descriptive.
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Women I need your help
Saturday, December 4, 2010
I am a man that loves to give a woman oral sex until she has an orgasm in my face. While most women think that is great there are a few that find it disgusting. My questions are to those women that love to receive oral sex. I want to be a better pussy licker but without a woman telling me how I am just playing guessing games. If I ask a woman to tell me how to do it during sex it is a mood killer. If I ask if I did a good job after sex they tend to get annoyed and evade the question. I have never had any complaints or dissatisfaction of the oral sex I have given. I just want to be able to do it better and bring more pleasure to the woman I am with. Ladies this is your chance to help us men better serve you. Please give your opinions, ideas and be very descriptive.


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