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Learning to take a chance and win
Hi everyone, Just wanted to blog about takeing chances and winning. Its hard for me to meet people because I am always on the road, I know its hard for submissives also to sort out the good ones from the fakes. Take a chance and write me, you never know if you dont try. Thanks Master John Harte
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Inteerview with Master Harte
Friday, July 13, 2012

1. What is your take on the use of Safe words when in a play or punishment session?

My Answer is this:

Any and All play, My partener will have a safe word to use for emergencys only. It is expected that she will only use this if she absolutly needs no and its use should never be abused. A safe word is given and everything freezes in its place. we stop and talk about what is going on and where we can correct the problem. I have only One exception to the use of the safe word. That is If you are peing punished for puting your life in danger or puting someone else life in danger, If you are being punished for something you were warned about time and time again and failed to correct it, The punishment will be carried out to my full ability with out the use of a safe word. This type of punishment is extreamly rare and will not happen very often if at all hopefully. This type of pumishment is extream and will only be on your bare bottom. This type of puninshment is ment to correct a fatal flaw that could lead to your harm and thats why its so important.

Your answer is this:

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2. What roles have you played in the past?

My answer is this:

In the past I have played the part of a Guardian, Master Daddy, I have done a lot of role playing, I use blind folds and feathers to build trust.

I use spanking as a foreplay tool and for corrective action when rules are broken. I have in the past experienced Fire play, Knife play, Eletronic shouck play and

use of the whip and flogger. Full bondage rope play, Suspension play and Mind/ Brain washing play.

Your answer is this:

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3. What is your life like outside the D/S lifestyle, Hobbies, clubs, Friends, work anything not of the lifestyle?

my answer is this:

For the most part I just eat sleep and drive, Being alone most of the time right now I dont go out. Being one is really no fun.

In the past I have liked swimming, Fishing and sking. I love to be on the water weather its a lake or the ocean in a boat. I try to do some hikeing every year to stay in shape. I excerise when I have the time. Have 3 close friends, rest are just people who know me. Really dont go to clubs that are not lifestyle clubs, Cant dance for crap, lol . Love going to movies or just staying home watching tv with someone close to me.

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4. What is your most wildest Erotic Sexual Dream or Fantasy you have had in the past or want to experience in the future?

My Answer is this:

I would have to say that it is in the past, I was at a very publc club with a young woman who was in the lifestyle, Small little blond round 115 pounds and a perfect c cup. The music started plaing and we started danceing, People around us started grinding between themselves, This turn my date on intencely, She had a little tight bue matalic spendex dress on that night with matching high heels. The danceing was over and play time started, I looked in her eyes and the look said it all, Take me. We went into the other room with the crowd of people following, It was our night to preform and she was ready

As we went over to the spanking horse, she looked at me with desire in her eyes and laid her hand on the bench and slightly bent over. I kissed the back of her neck running my hands down her tight dress and countours of her body, feeling her up as I went. Wack, My hand came heavly down on her bottom and the sound echoed through the room, a moan came from the girl and she spread her legs slightly more, another couple of wacks like that with my hand and I knew her bottom was warm enough. As I bent down and pulled up her spandex matelic dress over her head and commpletly off, I could feel her body shiver with desire for what came next. She was standing there faceA ing me wearing only a pair of high heels small hot pink brizilian cut tie side pair of painties and noting else. I imedately put her hands behind her head so her chest was pulled up at attention and tied her hands together. By now a very large crowd had been gathering to see our sean. I started fondleing her brests rougghly and kissed them pulling on the nipples with my teeth, I could hear her wine and moan with desire and I know she was starting to get really excited and wet. I slowly turned her around to face the crowd and stode behind her with my hands on her brests,, She was looking into the crowd when myhands started moving down to her undeerware,, I felt how wet she was massageing her pussy with my hand between her legs, as her head went back and she moaned louder again there was some chuckles from the women in the auidence.

A single tug on the tie string and the undware hit the ground, and everyone say she had nothing to hide anymore, All her secrets and beauty on desplay for the world to see, Her face turned red instantly and she squarmed and tryed to break from my arms around her waist and hands very close to penatrating her pussy while macaching her body, She knows how to strugle just enough to make it exciteing for the crowd, she was super wet by now already having one orgasm and on the way to another fast, I turned her around and she looked in my eyes and silently mouthed the words take me master, I knew it was time. We made love several times that night together for an auidence, Seems people watching her made the excitement more real in her and her body reacted a lot more powerful.

Your Answer is:

5. What at this time in your life are your hard limits, What is not allowed?

My ansewer is :

I have to say Scat first and for most. I dont do any shit play unless partner is under diapier punishment and needs to be changed.

Blood is a big problem with me also, Health risks are too high. Fire play and branding is off limits as this does and can do permant damage to the body.

Knife play for cutting or sliceing skin is not allowed, Anything that will do the body perment damage or cause a health risk and do bodily arm is my limit.

Your Answer is:

6. How do you care for yor submissive or master?

My answer is :

As a master, Guardian and Daddy my first job is to care for my submissive. I do this in several ways. I obtain and lay her clothes out every morning, I then gently wake her up and draw a bath or shower for her. I then pick her up and cradle her in my arms and carry her into the bathroom, Gently place her down in the tub and wash her whole body dry her with a towel and kisses. dress her and send her to the class room for her lessons. Story time/ family time and then play time. Other things are makeing sure she is on excerisese routine, diet and makeing sure she is cofident in her ability to set and achieve her goals.

teaching from experience, living healthy together. Myself giving up things so she car have them and much more. Love is not saying I love you, Actions speak louder than words.

Your Answer:

7. Please list and describe your experiences as a submissive with your previous Masters.

My Answer:

My Master and Mistress were owners of the club in connecticut, Started off as a house boy and became a domminate working my way up through the ranks in the club. Lots of fun but being submissive is hard for me to do.

Your Answer:

9. Please list any and all Health Issues or problems Mental, Physical, Spirtual past and present:

My answer:

no sexual issues always used condom in past, Scholosis of back, One Kidney, ADAHD as child still remains somewhat but little inconvience

tonsoalds and adnoids out when kid, suffers frome ear infections sometimes. Confidence and self esteem up and down like rollar coaster when alone.

Constent smoker and trying to quit.

Your Answer:

10. Please list any and all family and fincinal oblagations

My answer:

Family no, Bills Yes about roughy 25k worth. working on them

Your Answer:

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