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Interested in Older men only.
Women seeking erotic email

I am accepting EMAILS, NO Meetings, No PHONE calls, ONLY EMAILS. I'd

watch your cams but I won't cam myself. I know it's very weird that I

want emails but that is what gets me off and I'm here for just that

reason. To get off.

My stories are mostly from my life. My sex life was full, rich and I

wouldn't have changed a thing. I am open, honest and was willing to

stretch the age thing but that is not working for me. So I won't talk to

anyone now if they are under the age of 59

Thank you for stopping by. Don't be offended of you are younger than my specified age, I just love older men.

Can't email. I'm not paying anymore
Women seeking men
I'm not paying anymore so..............
Remember that an ad ....
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Interested in Older men & women
I love emails, I'd like to hear from older folks. It could be just to have someone to email too, doesn't have to be sexual, I'll leave that up to you ladies.
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horny and husband is out of town,, again!
Sunday, September 18, 2011
I'm restless, my cunt is aching, now husband, I go into his room and lay on his bed, rubbing my clit, but that is not doing it for me. I get shower, as I suds up, I linger at my cunt, rubbing the suds on my thighs, by this time I'm so hot, I decide that I am going out in this state. I rub myself dry, which added to the heat. I slipped on my dress, no bra, no panties. I ended up putting on a bra, lol 44dd's have to be constrained. I take a cab to my favorite airport bar, order a drink, it's just after lunch lol I giggle as I take my drink to the back of the bar where there are booth's. There I see 3 guys have a lunch meeting. I sit across from them, they stop talking to look at me. I'm a pretty heavy girl. I'm wearing a low cut dress, pretty casual. I sit with my drink. They continue but I've become a distraction. I look their way. The older one is facing me. I sip my drink, roll the olive with my tongue, he stops talking for a sec. Then I look away. They keep talking, so I look back at the man, in the meantime I've pushed my dress up, to where it's just inches from exposing my cunt. He laughs, then coughs says something, they all look in my direction, at that time I move my hand so that I could rub my thighs with them looking. Now they are all looking at me as I rub my clit, then stick my fingers in and lick my wettness of them. They are looking with mouth's open. They can't believe what I just did, I order another drink, when the waitress left they are done. They are leaving, they come to my table and ask if I need help, I nod and tell them I have a room. It's # 22 I down the martini and move my big ass out. One stops me and says all 3? I nod, breathless at the thought of 3 cocks. One guy says I can't I'm meeting my wife, she is flying in a few minutes, he looks at me and say why didn't you come yesterday? So I ended up with 2 guys. I head out first, wait for the elevator, we get in, they are uncomfortable, so I put my arms around both and rub against them, rubbing their cocks, there is quite a buldge there, ummm. We get off and I open the door, as soon as the door is closed, I pull of my dress, no panties, the one guy says I told you! I help them both undress, one says as long as I don't have to suck his dick I'm all good with this, we all laugh, that eases the tension. I kiss one guy as the other fondles my ass and I rub my ass against him. We move to the bed, where we  they lay on each side of me, I have a cock in each hand, they both suck on a tit, they are getting harder by the second. then hands are on my clit, I lay one guy down and put his cock in between my tits, as the other guy kneels in front of me, I take turns sucking on each of their cocks, sucking one as I jack the other one's cock. When we were getting pretty hot, one of their phone rings, it's the 3 rd guy asking how it going, the one who answered says it's going very good, I can see Sean's cock. Laughter then he says his wife made it and wishes he were there. One asks how are we doing this, I smile and say who want to do the ass fucking, but they said that they want to watch his buddy fucking me. I agree. That sounds very good to me. I'm ready for who ever wants to go first. One guy moves towards me, I meet him, we kiss, I fondle his cock, sit him down, and suck his cock. They are both moaning. I just about had him cumming when he says I want to fuck you. I lay him down and mount his throbbing cock.

Oh :( I will be back to finish this
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first meeting with bodyworship
Friday, September 16, 2011
Today I got mail, as I go about  my regular routine I think of this man, I'm wondering, daydreaming of him. I don't know him, never saw him, but the fact that he wants to fuck me, makes me so hot.
I just got out of the shower, just as I'm heading to my room to get dressed, there's the doorbell. I grab the towel, and answer the door, there is a tall older man standing there, smiling! I ask if I can help. He says you can cover your big tit, it's distracting me and I'm selling myself, that is I'm a handy man and your neighbor told me your husband travels and you need some help. I nod and say I do, I'm having trouble with the stair rails, it's loose. I'm a big women, big tits, large ass. He looks at me as if he was already fucking me. I smile and invite him in. When he gets in the door I drop the towel. He gasps and picks up the towel, by this time I'm heading to the sofa, he stands in front of me as I lean back and start rubbing my clit and lick my fingers,I can see his cock growing. I undo his belt, undo his button and zipper. I take his cock out, it's semi hard, throbbing, I start to lick and fondle his balls. I can feel his cock getting harder, as I take it deeper, I stop and he finish getting undressed. He leans me back and kneels in between my legs, he motions me to put my legs around his shoulders, he tongue darts,around my clit, my thighs, I'm moaning so loud, I can't stand the tease so I grab his head and push him to my pussy and moan, tongue fuck me, he obliges, his tongue, darting in, out. He moves my legs off and he fingers my clit, finding the right spot to rub as his tongue makes me squirm. He says Oh you bitch, your cumming, he laps up my cum, he licks, as I finish, he smiles and rubs my clit fast. That sends me into another orgasm. He stands up and he puts my cuddle blanket on the floor. He motions me to ride his throbbing cock. Now it's my turn. I get on him, he guides his cock into my wet pussy, I start slow but I just finished cumming twice, having his cock inside me sets me off again, so I'm giggling all over as I cum again!! He is pulling, pinching my tits, I am moaning so loud, my orgasm subsides and my pussy is tingling. He moves me off him then leans me against the sofa, he finger fucks my ass, licks me, his tongue darts in my ass, he says you've had it in the ass before. I nod, he then guides his cock into my ass. That feeling sends me. I love ass fucking, not all the time but that feeling of cock in the ass is sweet! He goes slow at first, he says that my ass is so tight, I am in heaven. I am not hearing what he says. He is fucking me faster now, the feeling is more intense. I ram myself into his cock. He says you want it rough? Then he rams my ass. OMG! It feels so good. I'm cumming baby I'm cumming again, he is fucking faster, soon I can feel that hot cum shoot into my ass. He finishes and collapses on my back. I love that feeling, hot cum oozing out of my ass. He takes his cock out. He starts to get dressed, I showed him the stair rail. I tell him that I have more "work" for him tomorrow. He comes and services me every day until my husband comes home. We never told our names but I have more plans for this man's cock.

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Added: Thursday, July 7, 2016 9:37am

Hi Hon,

Haven't seen you for ages, hope all is well, with you and yours !!

Added: Thursday, April 30, 2015 9:34am
Thank you
Added: Saturday, September 17, 2011 6:16pm
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