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Happily married couple seeking bi/bi-curious women interested in couples.
Couples seeking women
We are a very happily married couple looking to share and experience our fantasies together. I am bi-curious and my husband is straight. We both have similar taste in women in terms of physical attraction and personality. Discretion and privacy is absolutely essential to us. There is no way we are making our photos public for everyone to see. If you are a single woman looking for couples like us and you want to see pics, you will have to let us know.

We are looking for a single bi/bi-curious woman interested in married couples. We have no interest in single men, or couples. We are also not interested in a one night stand, so women who want to meet up immediately for sex, please look elsewhere. We would rather get to know the person first to ensure the three of us connect in some way. If we all seem compatible and it appears there is something worth purusing, then we would like to develop a certain level of comfort before moving forward with anything sexual.
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A wet surprise
This is a description of a sexy night my husband and I recently had.
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A Wet and Memorable Night
Thursday, January 13, 2011

I slept in later than normal, waking up particularly refreshed; happy for knowing I could just kick back and enjoy my day off. There was nothing at all to do but lounge around and watch TV, and perhaps read my book. After finishing with a late lunch, I decided to draw myself a nice, warm bath. I soaked in the warm, soothing water and read my book. Feeling especially relaxed from the pleasant bathwater, I threw on my robe and went in to the back bedroom to check my work email. Just when I was about to shut the computer down, I noticed a video file on the desktop. Curious, I decided to open it. It was porn as I suspected. I assumed it was something my husband was getting ready to burn for us to watch together, but I was intrigued and just couldn't help myself. I opened the file.

She was a cute, little brunette, seemingly alone in what must have been her dorm room. The young woman, so sweet and innocent looking in her glasses, was comfortably sprawled on her bed reading a book. She had on a tee-shirt and short shorts. She looked adorable. As she lay there reading, her hand started to slowly move down her body, eventually coming to rest between her legs. Her hand stayed motionless at first, but she soon began lightly petting herself, her fingers softly running back and forth over her shorts. Despite her actions, her attention seemed entirely fixed on the book she was reading. That didn't last long, however, as her focus shifted more and more away from her book with each passing second. Her eyes closed, her hand disappearing beneath her shorts. The thin fabric could not conceal the slow, circular dance of her fingers. Absorbed by the moment, she appeared to be withdrawing from reality, her mind escaping into a dream world where she was held captive by a fierce sexual desire. The book fell from her limp grasp and her eyes shot open, a startled look appearing on her face. She looked almost lost, as if she had just emerged from a daze and was suddenly conscious of what she was doing. She quickly removed her hand from her shorts, looking around the room nervously. Although she was alone, her apparent innocence was confirmed by the embarrassed look on her face. She took her glasses off and placed them on the desk as she attempted to regather herself. She seemed to have recovered from her momentary lapse of awareness. The look of shame initially written on her face was completely gone; no longer shrouding her true desire. Instead of continuing to fight against her natural urges, the shy, young woman started to embrace them. She resumed her sexual escapade, her actions appearing more deliberate. She slid her shorts down her smooth, supple legs, revealing a pair of white, cotton panties. She tossed her shorts to the side, her hand promptly finding its way back between her legs, fingers circling softly over her quickly moistening cotton panties. She began to slide her other hand under her shirt, her firm, sexy stomach becoming exposed as her hand made its way up to her shapely, little breasts. Her hand slipped gracefully into her panties. She bit down lightly on her bottom lip as the soft skin of her delicate fingers gently brushed against her sensitive clit, her subtle expressions revealing her intense passion. The moist, semitransparent cotton panties she was wearing failed to completely hide the methodical movements her fingers made underneath. She removed her hand from her panties and brought it all the way up to her mouth, her eyes shutting as she closed her lips around her fingers. She savored her own taste briefly and her hand began descending back down her athletic body. Sliding her panties to one side, she uncovered her glistening, wet slit. Two fingers pushed gently between her slippery lips, disappearing inside her silky pussy. Now that her fingers were slick with her sweet juices, she slid them back out of her pussy and up to her clit, rubbing herself softly for a moment before slipping them back inside her pussy. She began slowly moving the hand cupping her perfect breast down her fit, little body, her fingers going straight to her swollen clit. With two fingers sliding smoothly in and out of her tight pussy and two others pressed firmly against her clit, her body began to squirm delightfully in response to her growing arousal...

Something about watching this lovely, nubile woman bringing pleasure to herself was deeply erotic. Everything about her was so incredibly sexy. Her firm, petite figure. Her cute, innocent appearance. The unhurried pace of her movements, dripping with sensuality. She made my pussy wet. I desperately wanted to reach between my legs and feel the sexual heat she had stirred up inside of me, but I knew my husband would be home soon. It would be fun to surprise him with a pussy this sopping wet, if I could only manage to wait for him.

Wondering how best to surprise him, my mind began racing in search of ideas. Perhaps I could lay in bed pretending to be asleep while waiting for him to climb in bed with me. It surely wouldn't take him long to discover how wet my pussy is if he nuzzled up next to me to find me not wearing any panties. I quickly realized that idea wasn't very good. I doubted he would even get in the bed with me if he thought I was sleeping. I wanted to come up with something more unique and exciting anyway, so I continued brainstorming. I considered simply continuing to watch the video. He could come in and “catch” me pleasuring myself to it. He would certainly appreciate walking in on that. I wasn't sure if it was even possible to come up with something more thrilling than him “catching” me playing with my wet pussy while watching the sexy, young women on screen. Even though I doubted a better idea would come to mind, I still had a little while, so I kept on thinking. Maybe I should dress up for him, I thought to myself, he might like that. I remembered I had purchased a schoolgirl outfit a while back to surprise him with and had not got around to using it yet. I had never dressed up for him before, so I figured what better time than now.

Excited to wear something sexy for my husband, I got up and started getting dressed. I liked the way the schoolgirl outfit looked on me, but something was missing. I felt like maybe some pigtails would be a nice addition. I finished my hair and put my glasses on. The pigtails and glasses completed the schoolgirl look nicely, making for an enticing mix of cute and innocent, yet naughty.

Quite pleased with how I looked, I resumed thinking about how I should let him find me. My mind immediately went back to the idea that I could let him “catch” me watching the video. It would be really exciting to have him walk in and see me watching another woman pleasure herself while I fingered my wet pussy in a naughty schoolgirl outfit. Thrilling as that thought was, my mind was still being flooded with possibilities. Suddenly I was hit with a unique idea. I imagined how sexy it would be for him to come home and find me kneeling on the stairs dressed as a schoolgirl, my ass sticking out, my pussy dripping in anticipation, wet and waiting to be fucked. It was simple yet seductive. I was curious as to how he might react to a cute, little schoolgirl on her hands and knees waiting for him in the entryway way. I began to wonder if a French maid outfit would be even better for this particular scenario. He could come home to find me bent over, innocently doing chores. But I didn't have a maid outfit anyway, so the schoolgirl outfit would have to do.

Now that I had decided I would wait for him on the stairs instead of letting him “catch” me pleasuring myself to a porn video, I started contemplating whether or not it would be better to go with or without panties. The panties were part of the outfit and were certainly sexy, but I was so wet that I started to worry they might just soak up all my juices. In the midst of trying to decide if I should wear panties or not, I looked at the clock and realized my husband should be home any minute. I went with my first instinct and quickly slid them off. Even though I had put them on only a few minutes earlier, they were already considerably damp. I hurried downstairs and positioned myself a few steps up from the bottom, resting on my hands and knees. I quickly realized my husband would see me before he rounded the corner, lessening the surprise. I wanted his first sight to be of my round ass sticking out of a sexy, schoolgirl uniform. I also realized that he would be able to admire the pleasant view as he made his way up the stairs towards me. I moved to the top of the stairs and began waiting impatiently for him to arrive. I was getting so hot imagining what he would do when he found me like this, I could feel beads of sweat forming on my skin. He was taking longer than normal for some reason, but the anticipation only made me wetter. I didn't think that was even possible, but my pussy was flowing with desire.

Finally, I heard the garage door begin to open, my heart quickened in response. Bringing my knees close together, I held my thighs tightly against one another and pulled my legs closer in to my body, forcing my ass outward. My short, little skirt covered only part of my ass. I rested all the weight of my upper body on my forearms, my hands clasped together on the top step, my head slumped down between my arms. I could hear my husband about to round the corner, his heavy footsteps loudly announcing his arrival. My pussy was absolutely dripping wet. I could hear him making his way up the first few steps when he suddenly stopped. I sensed that he had just looked up to see what was awaiting him. I wanted to look back and gauge his reaction, but I didn't want my eyes giving anything away. I realized that from his vantage point my skirt couldn't conceal the sight of my wet pussy. Knowing he could see the glean of my slick pussy, it would be impossible to hide my excitement, but I refused to let my eyes betray just how badly I wanted him. I waited to see what would happened. He didn't say a word, he didn't even make a sound. I assumed he was in shock, but then again, maybe he was simply appreciating the view. Attempting to enhance the scene for him, I began slowly moving my hips side to side. I was very curious to peak back and see his reaction. I slowly brought my head up, but I resisted the urge to look back at him. Despite the rhythmic back and forth swaying of my sexy ass, and the glistening juices flowing from my waiting pussy, he remained motionless. He must have been spellbound by my hypnotic movements. Stopping the apparently mesmerizing motion of my ass, I shifted my weight from my forearms onto my hands, lifting my body slightly. I arched my back, pushing my ass out. Hoping to entice him up the stairs, I spread my legs ever so slightly, giving him a better view of the wet prize awaiting him. My instinct to go panty-less was the right decision. Waiting for him to make the next move, I let my head drop submissively.

He started making his way up the stairs, my heart beating faster with each and every step he took. The anticipation was driving me wild. I could feel his presence as he grew closer. I remained motionless, eagerly yearning for his touch. His hand reached out for me, fingers brushing against my outer thigh. His hand moved up my leg, stopping just short of my ass. His other hand soon joined, moving up my other leg. Letting go of me with both hands, he shifted his focus to my inner thigh, softly tracing his fingers along my lower leg. I waited patiently as his hand slowly began working its way upward, inching ever closer to my wet pussy. My inner thighs were slick with the juices flowing out of me. I thought to myself, I want you to feel how wet I am, I want you to feel what the mere thought of you does to me. As if he could somehow read my thoughts, his hand started to move faster up my leg, sliding easily over my slippery skin. Stopping short of my pussy, he pulled his hand away. I knew his hand was covered in my juices. Suddenly, I could hear the satisfying sound of him sucking my wetness from his fingers. He grabbed my legs, spreading them wider, and began licking his way up my damp inner thighs. He started low, working his way up. The higher he got, the slower he advanced. He seemed to be enjoying my taste as he worked closer and closer towards my savory pussy. Continuing his cruel torment, he stopped before reaching my pussy. Attempting to maintain a submissive demeanor, I tried to ensure my unquenched sexual hunger remained silent. Overcoming the impulse to cry out my need, I patiently awaited for his next move.

He lightly grabbed my ass cheeks in both hands. Then, squeezing tighter, he slowly began spreading me. As he spread my ass, I could feel my pussy lips begin to part. I loved the feel of his strong hands gripping my firm ass cheeks, the feel of him worshiping me this way. I arched my back, exposing my pussy even more. I wiggled my butt back and forth for him. My seductive gestures an obvious indication I was his to have. Not that he needed an invitation, my sopping, wet pussy was his and he knew it.

Gripping my ass cheeks firmly in his hands, my husband spread me wide. Burying his face between my legs, his tongue plunging into my pussy. I gasped uncontrollably as he finally tasted my sweet juices directly. A shiver surged through my body as he pushed his tongue deeper inside me. This sudden change in approach was in complete contrast to the gentle, methodical pace he was working at earlier. He was giving me what I desired, but I wanted more. I threw my head back in response to the intense passion he was eating me with. I cherished the thought of him between my ass cheeks, his face pushing against my wet pussy. I couldn't get enough of him. I pressed my ass harder against him, rocking my hips up and down, my ass cheeks jiggling as I rubbed my wet pussy against his face. I could hear him thirstily lapping at my juices, his tongue darting in and out of me. I looked back for the first time now, reaching back with one hand and running my fingers through his hair. He changed his technique. He began softly licking my clit. The feel of his tongue was absolutely divine. I arched my back as much as I could, my ass jutting out, giving him full, unrestricted access to my most sensitive of spots. I moaned quietly as his tongue gently massaged my sensitive clit. His tongue stopped flicking and he pressed it firmly against my clit. He proceeded to lick me all the way from my swollen, little clit to my tight, little ass in one slow, sexy motion. I enjoyed the gradual journey his tongue made as he licked me from clit to asshole. It seemed as though he was enjoying every delicious inch of me almost as much as I was enjoying every wet inch of his heavenly tongue against my pussy. He began focusing his attention on my ass, flicked his soft tongue at my tight hole for a few moments before returning his efforts to my clit. My body reacted in pleasure as his tongue once again came into contact with my clit. He began licking me from clit to ass again, repeating this several times. Focusing entirely on one area, he would stop at that spot for a moment and then move on to another. I attempted to move my body with the same cadence he was licking me with, as if I could somehow magnify the sensation. The motion I made was in complete opposition to his as I maneuvered my pussy in the opposite direction of his tongue.

My subtle movements and increasingly louder moans started giving away the pleasure I was experiencing. Feeling how close I was, he instinctively centered more attention on my clit. His magical tongue expertly bringing me closer and closer to orgasm. My arms began to feel weak. No longer able hold myself up, I slumped over, my chest resting on the floor, my face pressed into the carpet. He was giving me everything I wanted, and yet, somehow I was dying for more. I felt like I would never be able to get enough of him. I could rarely remember ever wanting anything as much as I wanted him at that moment. I reached back, grabbing his head with both hands. Gripping his hair tightly, I pulled his face hard against my pussy. With my back arched uncomfortably, I shoved my pussy out as far as I could possibly muster. I rocked my hips, grinding his tongue against my pussy. His head clutched in my hands, my firm ass being squeezed tightly by his strong hands, I cried out in pleasure as he licked and sucked at my pussy. The climax that took hold of me was so intense it almost overwhelmed all of my senses. Unprepared for such a violent orgasm, my legs gave out. Fortunately, I was held up by his strong hands. The deep orgasm sent me into uncontrollable convulsions, my body shivering in sublime pleasure. With sudden and renewed energy, I yanked fiercely on his hair, as I continued pulling his face into my pussy. With my face now buried in the carpet, my screams of pleasure escaped in muffled tones. My heart was in a frenzy, beads of sweat forming on my entire body. My breathing became so labored that I was forced to turn my head to the side for air. The first wave began to subside, but I was quickly overcome with a second. This orgasm was less intense, but it didn't subside as quickly. It seemed to go on forever. Weakened from the orgasmic onslaught, my hands lost their grip on my husbands hair and slumped limply to my sides.

My orgasms had completely subsided, leaving me almost energy-less, but my husband didn't stop. His tongue quickly moved away from my clit and was back inside my pussy, licking at my sweet juices. I could hear slurping noises as he savored the tasty juices flowing from my drenched pussy. The feeling of him continuing to eat my pussy after I had already cum was very erotic. The thought of him wanting to taste me so bad made me feel sexy and began to renew some of the energy that the orgasms had sapped from me.

My husband pressed his cock flat against my lubricated pussy and began sliding smoothly up and down over my silky slit. Feeling his cock rubbing against my pussy, I gathered the strength to rest the weight of my body back onto my forearms. He squeezed my ass cheeks tightly together, my buns forming around his hard cock as he continued sliding against my soft, silky pussy. He pulled back now, grabbing his cock in one hand. He began rubbing the tip of his cock against my pussy, covering himself in my slippery juices. He teased my entrance, slowly sliding the head of his cock just inside, only to pull back out again. I wanted to feel him inside me. All I had to do was rock backwards and his cock would slip deep inside my wanting pussy, but I chose to remain submissive. I let him continue to control the pace, my actions proof to him that I was his obedient schoolgirl. I glanced back at him, our eyes meeting for the first time tonight. His eyes revealed the passion he felt for me. It was easy to recognize because I felt that same passion for him. I wanted him to make love to me; I wanted him to fuck me. I was overcome with love and lust. I wanted to feel his hard cock fucking my tight pussy. I looked away timidly, a silent attempt to seduce him to give in to my desires. I dropped my head deferentially, hoping my subtle gestures would achieve the results I sought without betraying my thoughts. I wanted to to be the seductress while giving him the illusion of control. He began rubbing the head of his cock against my clit. It was still very sensitive. He pulled his cock away again and he grabbed the outside of my legs, indicating he wanted them pushed together. I slid my knees together and he resumed rubbing his cock between my ass cheeks, up and down against my slippery pussy. He grabbed my ass cheeks firmly in each hand, and pushed my cheeks together around his cock, his cock sliding easily between my butt cheeks. He stopped then, I could feel his hard cock against the entrance to my waiting pussy. I pushed my ass out slightly while still trying to appear submissive. Trying not to seem suggestive, I offered up what was already his to take. I knew he could read my thoughts. He knew what I wanted, but he continued teasing me.

My husband slammed his cock deep inside my dripping, wet pussy in a swift, forceful motion. I threw my head back in both pain and pleasure, releasing a cry as his big, hard cock impaled my tight pussy. He didn't move, he simply held his cock deep inside me, filling me up. I pressed my ass hard against his pelvis, the contours of our body forming perfectly against one another. He grabbed my pigtails and pulled my head back and began thrusting his cock in and out of me. His hips slapped against my ass as he fucked me hard and fast. I rocked back, meeting each and every thrust. I wanted to bring him the same pleasure he had brought me. I wanted to feel him cum inside me. I clenched tightly around him, firmly gripping his cock with my pussy. He fucked me harder and harder, deeper and deeper. My pussy was aching for him. I could tell he was close. I looked back at him, my eyes pleading with him to cum inside me. I squeezed my pussy as tightly around his cock as I could, attempting to milk the cum from him. His engorged cock began throbbing as he started to shoot his hot, sticky cum deep inside my pussy.

Suddenly, my husband rolled me over, laying me flat on my back at the top of the stairs. He climbed on top of me. Pulling my face into his, he began kissing me deeply. Infinite love and passion written in his eyes, he kissed me as we made love...

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