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Married Horny Couple
Couples seeking women
Ok my mans ad is lame so i decided to change it.

We are loking for a sexy ass woman who is down with anything to be apart of what we do. She has to be fun, love sex and Bi because it does me no good if she only likes men hehe.

To describe me im a sexy ass black woman who is a nympho and loves to party. Im half ghetto half valley girl. I can be sweet if you are sweet to me but also i can be a super bitch if you act ignorant.

My honey is sweet gentle giant who is the only man i ever met who totally repect women. He is gifted as hell in bed and i love his left ass cheek hehe.

I am a stingy bitch but if we meet the right peeps and they aint about games then im gamed.
Remember that an ad ....
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Couple in love
We have been married for six years and are looking for a single bi-sexual female to join us.
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Long Time
Friday, May 4, 2012

Hey all.  Its been a long time since we have been  on this site.  Life has been very busy for us and also we wasnt finding the things that we wanted.  Anyway I hope everyone is well.  Wife and I are planing to come back on the site this wed hoping to meet new people and have lots of sexy fun.  Maybe this time we will find what we are looking for.

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Eating Out
Tuesday, October 11, 2011
Hey everyone.  We miss you all but with our crazy schedule its been hard getting on the site lately.  But Hopefully the rest of this week we can have some fun

Todays subject deals with a very special activity of mine and thats eating a woman out.  Last Night my wife and I had a wager on how long I could eat her before she could take no more.  It was something new and exciting and I was all for it.  The first 30 minutes went kind of fast.  She doesnt orgasm as quick as other women I been with so I knew how to draw it out.  But for some reason that we still cant understand she came quicker than before.  By the time we got to 45 she was done and she had 5 orgasms.  She was so tired that for the first time we didnt do anything else the rest of the night.  Afterwords I sat down and thought about everything.  I love womens orgasms.  It just does it for me.  I especially like it when she orgasms in my mouth.  Now for those men who think a woman cumming and her orgasms are the same they are not.  YOu will know the difference if you pay attention. 

But then I was talking to an old friend of mine and he was asking me what do you say or do to a woman who does not like a man to put his mouth down there.  I didnt have the foggiest clue because i didnt think there was a woman out there like that.  Me and three other guys had formed a sort of pussy eating club because we love it so much.  I asked them and they felt the same way i did  that they had no clue to how you have a woman who doesnt want you down there with your mouth.  Maybe Ive been married to long but i always imagined that every woman I walked by would love a mans tongue on her clit, but im starting gto find out that maybe that is not the case.  We have some girls we are talking to about a threesome and Im starting to wonder if maybe i should asked them before i assume they like that.  In any case if she wants fun with us she has yo like that otherwise how would a threesome work.

Well thats it for me I hope everyone has a good day and hope to see you soon.
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Thank you all
Saturday, October 8, 2011
I wanna thank all our friends for your support.  Everything went well and we can get bact to some normancy or at the very least get back to freak mode again:)xxoo.

OK so we havent had sex in awhile so I ask all the female friends we have to forgive us if we want to stip you naked because its the best way we know how to relieve stress.  Anyways me and justice will be writing more blogs and hopefully getting up new pics and videos.  Thanks again and I hopw everyone has a nice evening.
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Pray for us
Wednesday, October 5, 2011

For all my friends plz pray for us as my little angel has surgery.  Shes my angel and we love her dearly.
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Monday, October 3, 2011

Hey everyone.  Ok this was not going to be my topic today but something happened last night and i kind of want peoples input on this because i didn't understand my wife about this subject and so i am honest to admit when im lost.

Ok as some of u made of read and for those who don't know my wife has kind of put me on a very restricted no masturbation policy.  It has been really hard for me because i love sex a lot and i feel the need to at least get off four times a day.  Because of our busy schedules that  is not always possible by us having sex.  Im a nympho and one of the things that I thought we both had totally in common was the need to get off as much as possible.  Boy was i wrong.

My wife doesn't masturbate.  Its weird for me to say that but its true.  She says she can't get into it unless someone stimulates her.  She can only get off if im figuring her or eating her out or fucking her.  In the past 5 years ive spent a lot of money on all kinds of toys for her but she doesnt use them unless im using them on her.  Shes not into a lot of porn either.  I mean she likes certain things like watching shemales or some lesbian type porn but for the most part its not her thing.  The funny thing is is that hasn't always been the case.

When we first got together she use to masturbate a lot.  Our best times when we use to watch each other do it.  But the last 3 years shes doesnt do it in all which brings me to last night.  So i decided to talk to her about it and explain how i felt about masturbation in general.  Because of her she approaches sex i always thought that she was a nympho too.  I mean i thought you have to love sex to beable to be comfortable enough to make films and pics and show them too the world.  But she told me she loves the attention.  She told me its not totally about the sex it was about knowing that other people would be getting off watching her.  I mean i understand her because i love watching others have sex.  But does that mean shes a nympho or is it just about the attention.  She told me that she doesnt want me to masturbate because she feels it is like cheating to her.  She says that it sometimes make her feel like im saying she cant satisfy me when that is nowhere near the case.  I just like to cum.  After the end of our talk she wants me to get her to enjoy masturbation as mush as I do but to be honest im not a woman and dont know how i can achieve that.

We plan to experiment tonight with some things and see how it goes.  SHe has totally released me of the restriction but i want to wait until i understand beteer why she had felt the way she did.  She is always honest with me and i believe her when she tells me shes ok with it.  But our love for each other is more important than this issue.  But I am also honest to know that masturbation is important to me and it keeps me satisfied until me and her can do other things.

Well thats it any help in making me understand is appreciated.  I have one last quick thing to talk about.  I was trying to get us involved with a female on this site.  Yesterday she brought some unnessary drama to me and I want those to know this.  Im on this site more often than my wife because 1. she works more hours then I do and 2. she doesnt want to deal with anybody who isnt serious enough for her time.  For those who have seen both of us on webcam we enjoyed your company.  But just like you may not feel like talking to people or interacting on a daily bases my wife feels that alot.  If you dont understand that thats your problem

Well I hope everyone has a good day and ty for any help on the subject because learning is a good thing to have a better relationship.

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May your 2012 be filled w love, warmth, laughter and happiness ♥

Added: Sunday, January 1, 2012 7:58am
Hello there!! Just wanted to see how your daughter made out yesterday!  Please keep us posted !! have a good day!
Added: Thursday, October 6, 2011 5:09am
"Power to the People!"

Good for you guys...BRAVO!....Love the attitude...

We all do it for our own benefits (however weird they may appear?)...and not for anyone else's....Live and Let Die.....(carry on Sir Paul...)

Added: Monday, September 26, 2011 12:06pm
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