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Bored Ebony Wife Seeking Ivory Playmate for Adventure
Women seeking men
I'm a bored ebony female in a lackluster marriage seeking to add some excitement and thrills. I love passionate kissing and lying with my body entwined with my lover's body for hours. I love feeling a firm hand on my backside as my lover slides deep into me. I like running my tongue over my lover's body and feeling his tongue sink deep between my thighs. I swoon at the thought of having my nipples flicked until they are erect and standing to demand attention. My love and sexual desires drive me and create a fire within me but I need someone to share this passion with.

I am seeking an ivory playmate that is looking to add a little spice to his "vanilla" life just as I am but not looking to permanently change his situation. My playmate must desire a discreet, passion filled affair that fulfills his deepest sexual yearnings and fantasies. I am only interested in real time, skin-on-skin encounters once we chat and find that the chemistry is right. So, if you're not ready to delve into the sweet darkness with me, then please don't tease. Serious inquires and well articulated exchanges only please...I know what I want, so you should too.
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Affair Adventures
I am amazed at how many websites are out there for married individuals that are seeking discreet pleasure. Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining, because it provides me with lots of options to select from. :) I just wonder if bored individuals like me truly and successfully connect with someone for adventurous adult affairs? Well, I suppose I'll see if my risk pays off and keep a little hope alive on finding a few erotic thrills along the way. As I do, I'll be sharing my thoughts and experiences with all of you!
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Submitting to YOU...
Sunday, February 19, 2012

YOU are walking down the street when YOU happen to see ME walking on the other side. There is something about ME that catches your eyes. YOU cross the street and follow ME as I enter a theater and purchase a ticket for the balcony section.  YOU follow and do the same. After waiting a few minutes for ME to get settled, YOU follow ME upstairs. I am seated in the first row at the railing; there is no one else in the balcony area.

YOU take a seat directly behind ME. Once the movie begins, YOU reach forward and stroke the back of my neck with your fingers.  I am startled but something within me stops me from turning around to face you. My body stiffens at your assault but does not object. Your hands stroke the front of my neck then start moving downward. I get a little more flustered and my body tenses but still I offer no real objection to YOU. Your hands slide down inside my blouse and reach my nipples. YOU pinch them hard and then gently roll them between your fingertips. I tremble at your touch that brings pain and pleasure to me.

YOU lean forward and whisper “Do not talk or turn around; just slowly rise and stand against the rail.”  I slowly rise following your instruction. YOU climb over the back of my seat to stand behind me as I anxiously look out over the theater.  Slowly your hands begin exploring and caressing my body with even more urgency. YOU undo the buttons of my blouse and pull it away from my body.  Then YOU unfasten my skirt, letting it fall to the floor. Your hands again begin exploring my body as you unfasten my bra and slide my lace panties down.  I now stand completely naked in the theatre’s balcony.

I hear your breathing quicken behind me as YOU strip out of your clothing. YOU then wrap your arms around ME and as our bare skin touches we feel an electric charge. YOU pull ME back against YOU as you take a seat in the chair.  I stumble onto your lap as your hands move like lightning over my body going here, there, and everywhere. Your fingers stroke my neck, my full breasts, and finally find their way down to the wetness between my thighs.  They circle around my clit causing me to become even wetter. My juices flow around your fingers as they dip into ME.

Your cock throbs and hardens against my backside. YOU lift ME upward and then slowly lower ME down onto your lap.  As I come down, I feel your cock spreading my moistened pussy lips. YOU continue to lower ME down until I have swallowed your cock deep inside of me.  YOU enjoy watching your head penetrate and disappear into me with your entire shaft quickly following behind.

YOU continue guiding ME as I slide up and down on your hard cock. YOU press your full weight against me as your cock remains buried in my ass spewing the last of your seed into my ass.  We are in heaven, but quickly spiral back down having lost track of time. The movie is drawing to an end and we still stand locked together totally exposed. YOU place a few quick kisses on my neck before telling ME not to talk or look around at YOU. YOU then quickly move back to your seat.  I hear the rustling of clothing and can only imagine that YOU are redressing.  Once YOU are dressed, YOU skillfully direct ME to get dressed without allowing ME to turn around.  I awkwardly find and stumble into my clothing then my theatre seat.    

As the movie credits begin to roll upon the screen, I feel your breath against my ear.  YOU whisper to ME demanding that I remove my wallet and hand it to YOU. I hesitantly rummage through my purse and do so. YOU quickly find, remove my driver’s license, and calmly recite my address three times before returning it to my wallet.  As YOU drop my wallet into my purse, YOU roughly grab my shoulders and growl into my ear “YOU will see ME again!”  

My body tingles from both excitement and fear.  I feel your tongue slip from between your lips to softly tickle and suck my earlobe.  A moan escapes my mouth and then YOU instruct ME to keep looking forward while slowly counting to 20 aloud.  I begin counting and watch as the people below begin making their way to the exits.  After reaching 20, I turn around only to find myself completely alone. YOU are gone, but I know without a doubt that YOU will find ME and ravish my body again when I least expect it.
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Desire to Dominate
Sunday, January 8, 2012

Somehow it seems that I find myself in all kind of odd situations... a few of my own devising and others that just happen.  All this excitement is probably what leads me to more than my fair share of trips to the ER.  Creativity has a price! Anyway... in my latest adventure seeking, it seemed that most potential playmates wanted a woman that would be open to taking on a more "dominate" role. Giving it some thought, I decided that it may be fun to explore something different.  After all, you can't knock something until you try it!!! 

Connecting with an old play mate that had always expressed an interest in me dominating him... we chatted over dinner and oddly this time the fantasies he shared turned me on.  I couldn't wait to move things along and take charge!  My opportunity came soon enough and the excitement of it caused my hands to shake as other parts of me tingled as well.    

Watching my playmate respond to my every command and submit to me was turning me on like I never expected.  The thrill of seeing him on all fours before me, his body tense with the uncertainty of what was about to come next but at the same time visibly excited by my touch and commands.  As I placed the restraints and eye mask on him, I gave his bottom a few swift flicks with the leather whip.  He winced in response, but firmly held his position as I tightened the ankle restraints.    

Leaning down, I whisper to him that he will soon be mine as I slip the small plug from his ass only to place a much larger plastic device in his puckered hole.  I want to savor every moment and prolong the pleasure that I derive from spanking the delicate flesh of his ass until it glows bright red. The moans and winces that escape his lips stir new feelings within me. Beads of sweat drip from my forehead unto his back.  I bend forward and share with him that things are about to go a little farther than he ever expected.   

Opening the nightstand, I pull out the lube and begin to squirt a generous amount between his cherry red ass cheeks.  Spreading his cheeks, I slip a dildo in that is slightly larger than the last.  I work the dildo in and out of his ass with my right hand as I give his cock a few quick jerks with my left hand.  His body tenses against me and the wincing turns to sounds of pleasure so as quickly as my motions started I bring them to a stop.  I am not ready for this to end just yet!  

Reaching into my bag, I pull out a brand new toy purchased in anticipation of this occasion.  I pull the thick 8" purple jelly strap-on from the box and step into it.  Securing it in place, I move in front of my bound lover, remove his blindfold, and place my purple cock upon his lips.  His surprised eyes dance back and forth, but he obediently opens his mouth and takes in as much of my cock as he can.  Hungrily sucking the purple jelly until it is nice and wet.      

I slap his face hard to get his attention and bring him to a stop.  I move around behind him and place my purple cock at his waiting hole.  He pleas with me to be careful, but I simply let out a little chuckle then ease the saliva lubed cock into him. Popping pace his tight ring and coaching him to relax, the 8" strap-on gradually disappears into his accepting ass.  The butt plugs nicely did their jobs and opened him enough for me to slip in with a fair amount of ease.  

As I increase the pressure and pace, he hisses through clenched teeth that it hurts but at the same time feels oh so good.  Pounding his ass and grabbing his cheeks to spread him wide for me, I work him over nicely until his hole gaps...allowing me to slip the full length in and out of him repeatedly.  Watching his ass impaled with my purple cock sends an orgasmic ripple through me and my hips thrust hard against his.  He takes each thrust as I give it until he can no longer take anymore and explodes into an orgasm of his own.  

How amazing! My mind spins as I lean up and give his ass one last firm slap before loosening his restraints. Unsure of where conversation can go from here, we simply curl into each other and drift off to sleep. Awaking, I can't believe what had transpired but I do know that discovering my dominate side has been amazingly fun and I want to do it again!!!  Too bad my playmate's bottom isn't up to it for the next two or three days though.  

I'm ready to go again because as I watch him examining his sore bottom in the full length mirror, I am truly pleased and a feeling of pride washes over me. Hopefully the next time will be just as much fun...  I think I could get use to taking control!

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Thursday, September 22, 2011
Somehow...the weirdness that is my life continues.  It started off like a typical, uneventful evening but it surely didn't remain that way.  I head to bed but wake up shortly after midnight to some very sharp chest pains along with difficulty breathing.  Three hours and 22 minutes later, I find myself in the ER.  After being hooked up to this and poked with that, the physician finally walks into the room and my mouth drops. 

Have you ever had one of those moments that just leave you truly and completely speechless?  Seeing someone that you haven't seen in years, but with one glance you are instantly transported back.  I couldn't believe it...the only doctor working in the entire emergency room happens to be the one guy that I actually left the country to get away from!  I guess everyone's past truly does catch up with them. 

Awkwardly, we go through the motions of talking about this test and that test to determine if I would need to be admitted or allowed to go home.  Then just as suddenly as he appeared, he disappeared.  I truly had thought I'd never see him again. Oh how ironic it truly is... the one guy whose heart I completely shattered is now treating my broken heart. 

I guess you just can't run from your past forever.
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Happy Hour is...
Tuesday, August 30, 2011

"Two Buttery Nipples, a Hot Pink Pussy, a Dirty Dick, a Slow Screw and ending with a Flaming Orgasm all before a Blackout."  The bartender on Wicked Wednesday can not be shy...LOL 

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Bumpity, Bump, Bump, Bump
Saturday, August 13, 2011

Ugh!!!  My body hurts in places that I didn't know existed and it's not even from anything fun!   Thanks to a driver that wasn't paying attention my car and my weekend have been totally wrecked.  I'm thankful to have walked away with just a few bumps and bruises, but darn it sucks not being able to celebrate your birthday as planned.  So, play dates will be cancelled for a short while and my poor body will be given a chance to fully recover before I get back into the swing of things.  Speaking of swings, why is it that my husband who seemed to have completely lost his sex drive now appears to be hornier than ever when it hurts me to blink!  How ironic!  His recent attention doesn't come without some form of sexual advance even though I am somewhat incapacitated.  Do bruises and groans of anguish have some secret sex appeal that I'm unaware of?  Anyway, I'm wiser now after having previously fallen for the "relax and it won't hurt a bit since I'm just going to put the head in" speech once; however, I will not be fooled again.  Instead I will just drift away in the blissful dreams my pain medication render me.

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