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Life is great for me. In a relationship with a beautiful man (woman).
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Wednesday, November 3, 2010
Life has it's ups and downs, but nothing that can't be delt with. Our 14 yr old son is trying to be disrespectful and rebelious. He will get  over it and we will all live through and be better people for it in the end. Then we have 2 more boys to go through this stage, but we will deal with those as they come a well.
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Who Else Is Disgusted By This!!!
Friday, October 29, 2010

I was and have been under the impression that the Salem Witch Trials had been over since late 1694. Now some idiot in my home town, thinks that this makes for a wonderful Halloween decoration. NOT ME!!! I don't find it very funny at all, as a matter of fact I find it very distasteful and have made a formal complaint to the PD and our local newspaper. The PD still has done nothing to make them take this down.
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Lyssa Dragon
Thursday, October 7, 2010
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"The Dragon's Blade"
Thursday, September 30, 2010

"The Dragon's Blade"


The Dragon's Blade is plundged into her heart,

It reduces it to ice.

The Blade withdraws and coterizes the wound,

With the Dragon's Fire!

As the ice runs thru her viens,

She becomes emotionless.

She cares for nothing,

As nothing cares for her.

It is her Lord, her Love who holds such Blade.

Will there ever be such a Dragon's Fire,

To melt, this beautiful heart of gold.


By: Aisline Earthstorm

January 18, 2010

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Little mans Birthday!!!
Sunday, September 26, 2010
Lyssa and my youngest little man had his 5th birthday party today. Lyssa made his cake, I love her so much, she is so domesticated. Little man had a great time and so did we, even though we had to tolerate my ex and his family, it was very cival, Everone got along just fine. I didn't know if Lyssa would feel very comfortable, it all worked out great though. His actual birthday was the 21st.
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hello from a mature manslut who loves to serve both in many ways xx
Added: Tuesday, September 3, 2013 3:49pm
Added: Saturday, January 1, 2011 4:13am
I am so happy to have you in my life.  You have made this last year a great one, and I am very much looking forward to 2011 with you!

Added: Saturday, January 1, 2011 3:22am
I thought I would bring some presents over for you...

So I left them under the tree...

I hope you like them!

Added: Saturday, December 25, 2010 6:33am
Added: Saturday, December 25, 2010 5:20am
Thankyou so very much Trish, I have beautiful Lyssa in my life and my life is wonderful!
Added: Saturday, December 25, 2010 4:38am

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I love your pix ! I feel that you look like a sexy woman !

Added: Saturday, December 25, 2010 4:28am
Added: Friday, December 24, 2010 3:24am
Hey beautiful!  Glad to see you here my love!  Great pic!
Added: Saturday, July 31, 2010 12:42pm
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