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Looking for local friendships (Friendship is open to interpretation.).
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I am a returnee to my local area, I moved away in 2000 and returned in May 2008. Unfortunately I have lost touch with nearly all of my local friends, ex-girlfriends, lovers, and acquaintences because of reasons explainable in correspondance. I am lonely, not homely, and work an odd schedule that prevents me from meeting people through normal methods. Like my profile says I am looking for nearly everything a straight man might be looking for as far as friendship goes (Friendship, pen pals, phone chat [not neccessarily phone sex or cyber sex, but they are options], correspondance, love, discreet encounters, friends with benefits, etc...).

I am shy as well as a gentleman, but once I get to know someone I can start being as crude or as explicit as the next guy if it is requested or warranted (I don't like to offend people, so I observe and figure out what kind of a person one is before using crude language or being suggestive.). That doesn't mean it will take forever to get to know me, I am an open book and often offer more information about myself before it is wanted, so if you want to know something just ask.

This is an open invitation to all who find me interesting, but I would prefer to get to know, become friends with, meet, hang out with, and more with locals above all. So if I have peeked your interest, let me know, and lets start getting to know one another.
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Sunday, October 19, 2008

I was born in April 1978 here in the city of Erie in Northwestern Pennsylvania, to parents of different family backgrounds.  I know my family heritage on my fathers side of my family as if it were drilled into my head, even though it hasn't been.  My Grandfather was half French and half Welsch/Irish (The Welsch, Irish and Scottish are all Celtic people, my last name has both Irish and Welsch origins and my family emigrated from Wales, but there is no definitive proof that they didn't emigrate to Wales from Ireland.), and my grandmother was half Polish as well as half German.  I don't know with any certainty what my family origins are on my mothers side, but through familial name research, I know that my Grandmother was definitely Irish, and that my Grandfather was definitely Scottish/English (His last name is a common English last name adopted from the Scots.).  I have heard great speculation that I am also Italian and Native American from my mothers side of my family, but nothing that I have been able to find out for certain.  Religiously, my father was raised a Catholic, where as my mother was raised Baptist, which kind of explains why I do not adopt any mainstream Christian faith (I am a Christian, and I will describe in detail my beliefs at a later time in another blog.).

I was raised here in the city of Erie, living with my parents as a couple till I was 5, then staying with my mother for another 5 years after they divorced, then moving in with my father till I ventured out on my own (In a sense.) when I was 16.  My mother died a gruesome death when I was 12, a long story that some people may not want to read or even hear about, but I am okay with telling if anyone is interested.  When she died, she was losing her war against cancer, a war she fought for several years.  I have a total of seven sisters and six brothers, not including foster siblings or individuals who (In a sense) adopted me into their own families.  Three of my brother share a biological parent with me, two of my sisters share a biological parent with me, three other sisters and one brother share a biologic sibling, and the rest are siblings through marriage (Step siblings with no common blood relative.).  When I moved in with my father at age 10, I found myself living in a household of women/girls (At first I was the only boy excluding my father, had three step sisters, and later my father had two other children with their mother, a daughter and a son.).  Sadly, today two of my brothers are not with us (One half brother and one step brother with a common biological sibling.), they died at infancy, and another is incarcerated for life (Half brother).

Like I said, I moved out at 16.  My father refused to allow me to become emancipated, but did sign over his custody of me to my girlfriend at the times Grandmother.  She allowed me to act as an adult as I saw fit, provided I acted like an adult (Maintained my grades, graduate, maintain a job, pay room and board, respect her and her home, and maintain the cleanliness of the house in respect to where I slept and relaxed when I was home or used.).  I graduated from highschool locally with honors and as a member of several prestigious groups (National Honors Society, ROTC, Student Politics, School Newspaper, Mentoring program, Honors program, Advanced Placement program, Football program, Wrestling program, Baseball program, Track program, as well as a few others.) while working a fulltime job.  Upon graduation I joined the United States Marine Corps Reserve and left for college in Ohio.  I haven't completed my college educatio yet, leaving my college in Ohio after being unable to continue the pace I was goig while trying to stay in school (I was working two full time jobs and attending school full time, paying for nearly 85% of my schooling out of what I made at my two jobs.).  I have earned additional credits through the military and military schooling (The Marine Corps requires its members to complete correspondance courses in order to advance and be promoted.), but have not completed enough credits overall to receive a degree in any one area.  At age 21 I was granted a request to become an Active Duty Marine within a special program with the Marine Corps Reserve, moving me away from the area to New Jersey.  I was stationed across the bay from New York City and was a distant witness to the attrocity that is called 9-11.  My unit was immediately put on standby notice a week after the attacks, then mobilized just months before the final invasion of Iraq with "Operation Iraqi Freedom."  By this point I have had met, married, conceived and birthed my youngest son with my wife (I am separated, been that way since May 2008.).  I did notserve "In" Iraq, I was home support for my unit, despite my constant pleading to be sent.  My service during "OIF" (Operation Iraqi Freedom), though not as dangerous, was equally important.  I provided expert technical support from my homebase, while being there to support the families of the members of my unit who were in Iraq, as well as provide honor guard details for those locally who were lost during the operations or were Veterans past who finally found the end of their road in life.  I was honorably discharged after 7 years 1 month and 1 day of service, with the option to re-enlist if I so desired to do so.  I chose not to, because I had a young family with problems that needed addressed and corrected.  In January 2007 I was hired and deployed to Iraq as a civilian contractor for the Marine Corps, as a duty expert in the operation and repair of an experimental piece of equipment designed to save lives.  I served in Iraq as a civilan from January 2007 through May 2007, returning home after fully training members of the Marine Corps of how to do my job.  The equipment is the IED (Improvised Explosive Device) Mine Roller, which was designed to be pushed by military vehicles in order to safeguard personnel from anti personnel land mines, anti tank mines, Improvised mines, roadside IED bombs, and unexploded ordinance.  After returning, my marriage was in shambles.  I spent the next year trying to fix it or decide to leave.  In May 2008, my wife refused to follow me in my pursuit to return home, here to Erie PA, despite many hard times we had dealt with for the preceding year, and showed me that saving my marriage was a waste of my time and effort.  So I returned back here and marrinated on the issues that had happened in our relationship, deciding that it was time to walk away and stop trying.  Technically she left me, but I am the one who is resolute in ending what once was, adamantly refusing a reunion between her and I in any way other than just friends and cooperative parents to our son.

I know this is almost as long as a short book, so I will end it here, returning in other blogs to fill in the gaps and provide more insight into me.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

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