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A talented tongue for word or deed
Men Seeking Women
Funny, well-educated, sexy author with a dry wit. Dreamy bedroom eyes and a proclivity for pleasing women. Love discussions, flirting, chatting.

I am that rare combination of night owl and early bird, I'm there when you need me. I'm a good listener, and have a positive outlook on life. I love to laugh and make others laugh as well. I am a well educated man looking for a relationship with a like-minded woman to share chat/email conversations on a variety of topics (from thought provoking to down-right nasty). I love to laugh and flirt and talk and discuss just about anything and trade stories of growing up and just growing.

I love going to the symphony and watching movies on DVD, ride roller coasters over and over and over and hate ferris wheels; I make movies for a hobby and am writing the next Great American Novel between dinner with friends and trips to places with dark clear skies for stargazing. I'm a whiz with computers and know my way around a Scrabble board; I love to play cards and solve logic puzzles.

I love the summer, but can't wait for the crisp clear nights of fall. I love to write love letters and enjoy it more when there's someone there to read them. I enjoy a good steak, have salad almost every day, watch the carbs and sugar, but can't pass up Oregon's berry season. I like waterguns and super soakers, find it easier to cool down than warm up, learning to play the guitar and banging on the piano, and sing like there's no tomorrow!

I'm married, looking for a little NSA arrangement with someone in a similar position or someone who likes older men. I'm deeply in love with my wife, but our sex drives are wildly different.

I am cut, thick (a dollar bill won't go around) and if 6" is the average, I'm a little above average (7"). But it's not just the equipment, it's how you use it. Frankly, I am more interested in sucking - nipples, earlobes, lips, face, chin, your other lips (major and minor) and that special little rosebud. I enjoy bringing a woman to ecstasy with my tongue as many times as she'll let me.

I have led a very sheltered life and although I love giving oral, have never(!) been on the receiving end. Something I'd like to experience before I shake this mortal coil.

If you want to know more, ask!
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Thoughts and Musings
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Just wondering...
Tuesday, May 3, 2011
I've had a fairly small number of visitors to my profile over the years.  I have had brief email conversations (a single exchange, maybe two) with a very small percentage of them, (but not for lack of trying).  And I have yet to have anyone  come close to hinting about even the possibility of grabbing lunch and having a nice conversation.

So, I'm wondering.... Is there a giant warning flag surrounding my profile?  Is there a keyword or phrase that tells the ladies not to make contact with this man?  Has a secret cabal blacklisted me?  Have I passed my expiration date?

If constructive criticism is your forte, give me a list of improvements I could make to my profile.  More photos?  Fewer photos?  Funnier blog entries?  No blog entries?  I'm honest to a fault, and I won't try to win friends or influence people by lying.  Am I too honest?  Too revealing?  Maybe a little more mystery?

Time to beat down the insecurities and offer my apologies for this little rant.  But I can't say I wouldn't be excited at seeing something other than 0 for my incoming mail count

Thanks for indulging me
Posted at 7:45pm (MST) | Comments (2) | Add Comment | Report Post
A quiet moment
Tuesday, May 3, 2011
I was thinking of her again. 

I don't remember exactly when I went from concentrating on my work to thinking of her.  Why my mind wandered from its focus to begin wondering about her wasn't clear.  But...

I was thinking of her soft lips, forming words for her client, speaking softly as she does, but making her point all the same. 

I was thinking of her gentle curves, firmly encapsulated in the garments she wore. 

I was thinking of her succulent breasts, the warm suppleness that had been cradled by my hands, the pointed nipples that beckoned. 

I was thinking of her hands, the fingers that caressed me, held me, touched me. 

I was thinking of her eyes, the fire that drew me in.

I was thinking of her feet, the perfect size and shape, the kissable toes.  

I was thinking of her again.  And I was smiling and I was ticklish within. 

And now, i don't want to think of anything or anyone else but her...

Posted at 3:09pm (MST) | No Comments (0) | Add Comment | Report Post
Up front and personal
Sunday, May 1, 2011
Oral sex.  I love it!  At least, I love giving it.  It is the ultimate in an intimate kiss.  It requires trust and a willingness to put someone else in the driver's seat.  There are very few things I would rather do than have my tongue and lips caressing the inner thighs and garden of bliss between a woman's legs.  I would willingly spend as much time as she would allow, as much as she was willing to take.

But, as much as I enjoy giving, I have never(!) been on the receiving end.  After 50+ years on this planet, my curiosity is piqued.  So I have to ask the female members of my SA family a few things....

Are there any women out there that truly enjoy the art of oral lovemaking?  Is having your lips, mouth and tongue kissing and caressing your male partner's member a turn on?  Are you excited at the prospect?

And if by chance there are women who fall into this category, are there any close to me who would be willing to introduce me to the pleasures?

Happy May Day everyone! 
-- Sexy
Posted at 11:42am (MST) | Comments (3) | Add Comment | Report Post
Sunday, April 3, 2011

That's how it goes sometimes.  One minute, cruising along, minding your own business and then - Wham! - it hits you.  It shouldn't have been a surprise.  You've lived with it all your life.  It certainly has been a mainstay these past couple of years.  And it really isn't something new. It's something that almost everyone forgets at one point and then rediscovers.  As a child, we instinctively know its true.  But sometime in adolescence, we push that knowledge away, bury it because it isn't "cool".  But when that truth resurfaces, it almost always seems like a bolt out of the blue; some fundamental discovery, an awakening. Why is that?  I don't have an answer.  But there it is.  That sudden realization that all that really matters in life is family.

Here's to my family at SA....

Posted at 11:12am (MST) | No Comments (0) | Add Comment | Report Post
What I'd like to do....
Friday, April 1, 2011
What I'd like to do is...
... Cuddle up next to you on the couch and stroke your hair, follow the contours of your face with my fingers, a soft, gentle touch down your neck until I reach your shoulders.  Then my touch grows firmer, kneading your shoulders and melting away the tension....

...Sit across from you on the floor and stare at your exquisite form, memorizing each soft curve.  Reach out and lay my hands on your knees, imparting my warmth.

...Kiss you on the lips, gently at first and then with ever increasing passion, our tongues dancing in playful delight, our breathing synchronized.

...Whisper in your ear the plans I have for us tonight, my hands furtively touching you in various places to emphasize my words.

These things and more are what I'd like to do...
Posted at 9:24am (MST) | Comments (1) | Add Comment | Report Post
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Just curious what pic looks like you now?
Added: Sunday, March 27, 2011 11:19am
Wish you were closer; I think we could have some fun ... even if I'm not younger  (chronologically speaking). Hope you find the friend/s you seek.
Added: Thursday, January 20, 2011 11:51am
Sorry hun, disappointed to say I can't read Ur email...send me a comment?
Added: Sunday, November 7, 2010 12:46am
Gotta agree w/what Shannie said...Ur ad made me smile!
Added: Wednesday, November 3, 2010 10:50pm
Added: Friday, December 11, 2009 8:41pm
Just browsing new members profiles.Came across yours and wanted to give you a kudos on a well written ad! Nice to see a man put some thought into his ad. Good luck in your seach and welcome to SexyAds darlin' :)
Added: Saturday, March 21, 2009 1:00pm
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