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Sunday, November 11, 2012

I’m nervous and excited to meet you as I’m getting dressed for the evening. I’m thinking about what will happen tonight. I decided to wear a simple black mini skirt, (no panties, need to be prepared for anything) a white sheer halter top, and a black cardigan sweater. We decided to meet at a nice place for dinner.

You told me what you’d be wearing, and I spot you right away already sitting at a table. I find myself very attracted to you, so handsome, just like I imagined.  I approach and you ask “Carrie?” and I tell you ‘yes, it’s me’. You stand up and reply “wow, you look great” as I feel your eyes move up and down my body. I’m a little unsure of what you’re thinking, but then I look down and can see that you’re cock is already growing bigger by the second. We exchange some polite conversation and you look at me as if you want to devour me right then and there.  We order some wine, and after drinking a glass we order another. I’m starting to feel just a little tipsy, so I excuse myself to go to the ladies room. I find that my pussy is getting wet and it feels sooo good. I check my makeup and apply more lipgloss, as I turn to leave I find you standing there…in the ladies room! You tell me “I’m sorry Carrie, but all the online chatting and stuff, I just can’t wait anymore…I need to see and have my hands on those tits and that pussy now!” I’m a little taken aback, I mean this is a public place, but since I’m feeling a little dizzy from the alcohol I decide to go with it. You take me into a stall and push me up against the side, kissing me fully on the lips, nuzzling and kissing my neck “you smell and feel so good baby, I need to fuck you…here….now.” We both moan as you cup and squeeze both my breasts thru my top, flicking & rubbing your fingers over my nipples, making them soooo hard. I move my hand down to your cock, feeling it thru your jeans, growing with my touch. You tell me “MMMMm no baby, not yet, I want to play w/ your tits first, now show them to me.” I untie my halter top from around my neck and let it fall around my waist, revealing my 38D’s. Pink erect nipples on creamy white skin, aching to be touched. You gasp, “Fuck baby, those are amazing! I knew they would be.” I tell you that they’re all for you to enjoy. You start to flick one nipple and then encircling it with your tongue before drawing it fully into your mouth, using your other hand to pinch and rub my other nipple. I moan, my eyes closed as I am in fuckin’ ecstasy as u continue gently sucking. You tug on my nipple w/ your teeth for a few seconds and let it drop out of your mouth. I look down and see the most erotic site…my nipple, now bright pink, very hard and extended, wet and glistening. I realize that for the next day or two they are going to be sooo sore, but I don’t care because it feels sooo fuckin’ amazing, as you continue sucking on the other nipple. “MMMMM fuck baby, you suck my tits sooo good, I love it!” You reply “well, you have such nice ones to play with, and I just can’t keep my mouth off them!” You moan as you continue greedily sucking my nipple.

“MMMM I think it’s time for some cock sucking now baby” I tell you, hoping you’ll give me the gift I love, fucking my throat. I get on my knees as you take your cock out for me, springing out of your jeans, hard and big. “MMMmm here’s your dinner baby..come get it. Suck it all the way down for me”. I happily take it into my mouth, like an excited schoolgirl, sucking hungrily and eagerly. Moaning, you tell me “MMMMm that’s it baby, all the way down and hold it. YESSSs Fuck! Now lick my balls…..Mmmmm good girl.” I’m gagging, slurping on excess spit as you grab the back of my head, forcing your cock down my throat deeper, holding me there for about 5 seconds before you let me come up for air. I gasp and breathe deep trying to catch my breath, looking up at you w/ my watery eyes and spit running out of my mouth, wanting to see your approval. “MMMMM, such a fuckin hot sexy slut you are looking like that, you ready for more?” Yes, I nod, as you continue to fuck my throat hard, gagging me for another 10 minutes.

“MMMM such an obedient slut you are Carrie, I think that pussy is more than ready to fuck now.” I’m a little scared of the size of your cock, my pussy is always really naturally tight, and I haven’t had many big cocks. You sit on the toilet seat and ask me to straddle, facing you. I place my hands on the sides of the stalls so I can steady myself. You place a couple fingers in me first to feel how wet I am, and I am drenched. “Oh man baby, you are so tight, even with just my fingers. I’ll go slow so I don’t hurt you.” I slowly lower my pussy onto your big cock, biting my lip a little because it hurts, feeling every inch and thickness of it. We both start to moan a little as you say “See now, that’s not so bad…..but goddamn girl, you are fuckin tight!” I start riding you up and down slowly at first, you begin sucking my tits as we move together in unison, moaning….”Oh baby, I love the way you fuck my pussy..sooo good”. You tell me “MMmmmm, your pussy is so tight, you’re going to milk my cock dry.”

We start to fuck a little faster now and deeper, my pussy has become so slippery now that it’s not hurting anymore. “mmmm shit…..I’m getting close baby..I’m going to cum!” With each urgent thrust I’m getting closer, I can tell you are too by the way you are hungrily devouring my tits, moaning and grunting.

As you feel my pussy throbbing and clenching your cock, cumming all over you, I let out a little squeal/scream of delight, “Fuck baby….YESSSSSSS, OH GOD!!!” You grab my tits hard and give me one last thrust of your cock before exploding cum into my pussy, “OH GOD….FUCK YEAH!!!” Your cock still in my pussy, we sit there just holding each other for a few minutes, completely satisfied. We both say at the same time “Wow, that was amazing!” We get up and you have me quickly sit on the toilet seat and spread my legs, both of our cum mixed together dripping out of my pussy. You insert 2 of your fingers, scooping it up and push them into my mouth, having me suck and clean your fingers. “MMMM, I want you to remember this Carrie, this is how we taste together.”

After we clean up some more you ask, “Should we go see if we still have our table out there and get some dinner?”

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First gangbang
Friday, December 24, 2010


About a year ago my boyfriend called me at work asking if I wanted to go out for a nice dinner with him. He wanted me to dress very sexy because he said he had a special evening planned. I picked out a nice black mini dress with matching thigh-high stockings. The dress is one of his favorites and he loves the way I look in it. We went to a very nice place where he plied me with wine.(maybe a little too much)

On the way home he said he needed to stop at a friend's house to get something back that he loaned him. I wanted to just wait in the car but he said it was too cold out and to at least come in and say "Hi". There were two guys watching TV in the living room. They were introduced to me as Bob and Tim, friends of my boyfriend. They said they had heard alot about me from him. I told them I hoped it wasn't anything bad and they assured me it was all good things and that they were happy to finally meet me. My boyfriend told me to bend over for them and show them my ass as I had no panties on. The wine from dinner was really relaxing me now, so I thought WTF I'll just go with it. I mean, I really do love to fuck. He asked his friends, “It’s as nice and sweet as I told you it was isn’t it?” then he slapped me on the ass.

They were standing around me when Bob started feeling my tits thru my dress. I was somewhat apprehensive not knowing what I was in for that night, but I started to feel incredibly turned on. Tim slid his hand under my dress and started to rub my clit, which was making me wet real fast! My boyfriend (his name is Greg)was watching in amazement as his friends were fondling my body. I know the look he gets and he was really getting off on it. He took my dress off and had me kneel on the floor. Greg told me to suck their cocks really good like I always did his. I began sucking Greg's first while using my hands for Bob&Tim. Eventually I began to get into a rhythmic sucking order going from cock to cock. After about 15-20 min. of this, Greg told me to lick and suck their balls. Bob got so turned on that he grabbed me by my hair pulling me to his cock and started to fuck my mouth hard. He groaned and grunted a few times then pulled out and came all over my face. Greg & Tim thought it was hilarious, teasing him, “Jesus Bob, can’t you hold out any longer than that before you pop?”. Tim felt left out so he did the same thing, grabbing at me and having a go at my mouth with his cock. He was a little more brutal than Bob. After a few min. of some hard slamming into my mouth he groaned loudly, pulled out and I received another spraying of cum onto my face. Greg was loving it so much that he then shoved his cock deep into my mouth up to his balls, thrust a few times and spurted a load of cum down my throat. By now my pussy was so wet and I was aching to be fucked and fucked hard!

Greg bent me over the couch and worked his hard cock into my soaked cunt. He fucked me so hard,ramming his cock into me, pulling all the way out before slamming me again, each time deeper than the one before. As he continued to pound me he said, “Holy shit baby! Your pussy takes cocks so well…MMmmmmm, so very nice and tight.” I began to realize that I enjoyed being the center of attention, these guys watching me getting fucked by my boyfriend, waiting for their turn to use me. They were stroking their cocks, making themselves hard again waiting for their friend to be finished. Greg asked me, “I know you want more cock don’t you my slut?” I replied, “Yes please…so much more…..Mmmmmm Ohhhh Fuck!.” He thrust hard in my pussy a couple more times then pulled out and instructed me to suck his cock and balls, cleaning my pussy’s juice off him. He smeared his cock on my face first before sliding it into my waiting mouth.

As I was on my knees still sucking Greg's cock, Bob got behind me and started to fuck my my pussy. He reached around and started squeezing my tit, running a finger over the nipple and then rolling it between his fingers. I just fuckin’ lost it at that point, moaning loudly and sensing that I was about to cum. He whispered into my ear, “MMmmmm, you have such a sweet pussy and a great pair of tits. They are so luscious and the perfect size, not too big, not too small.” I could tell my moaning with his cock still in my mouth as my cunt was being fucked was pleasing my boyfriend. Tim came over and slid underneath me, so Bob pulled his cock out of my pussy so we could re-position ourselves.

I straddled Tim as he guided my now soaked pussy onto his huge cock. MMmmm, man, his cock was fuckin' huge! I sat myself forward holding myself up with my arms rocking my cunt back and forth on this monster cock. It was so fucking tight in there, no room to spare at all. Bob came back and pushed his cock into my ass, which caught me off-guard at first. It really hurt at first, but then it started to feel really good. We all fucked like that for a good 20-30 min. Bob and Greg wanted their cocks sucked again so they positioned me in reverse cowgirl so Tim could bounce me on his cock. Greg and Bob squeezed my tits as my mouth went from one cock to the other. Tim was pulling me down hard onto his cock and my pussy was definitely feeling every inch of it. I started moaning, “OH FUCK!! It feels sooooo fuckin’ good… OMIGOD!! I’m going to cum! MMmm” and then I let out a cross between a scream and a high-pitched squeal, my pussy clenching and literally “milking” this guy's cock, hearing him groan from the sensation.

Greg then had a special surprise for me. He told Bob and Tim,“We are going to creampie her cunt so she will have a souvenir to remember her first gangbang.” They laid me on my back on the living room floor. Bob was first as he held my legs open and pushed his cock in, stroking in and out for all he was worth, “Damn, you are so fuckin’ tight!”, a few more hard thrusts and his cum spilled into my cunt. When he pulled out some of it dribbled out and onto the floor. He pushed his finger deep inside, pulled it out and told me to suck and clean the cum off his finger. Tim repeated the process, his cum load was a big one. Greg was the last to go and when he slid his cock in, the other guys' cum leaked out around it. With every stroke more would dribble out, he was really fuckin’ turned on by that! He fucked my pussy the hardest. He squeezed my tits as he was about to cum, groaned loudly and blew a big load into my cunt. He stuck his finger in, cum running everywhere now, and as I sucked and cleaned off his finger he said, “Congratulations baby, you’ve survived your first gangbang and I couldn’t be more pleased." And I couldn't have been either.
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Pssst, want to know one of my fantasies?
Friday, December 24, 2010

 I am dragged into a van by 5 men. I am helpless and scared as they tie my wrists and ankles in a spread eagle position. They tell me they're not going to blindfold me because they want me to see the look of lust and enjoyment on their faces as each of them fuck me.

The leader (I assumed he was) said "Let's have a look at them big titties of yours!" I am terrified as he grabs the neck of my tank top and rips it completely open, jerking at the fabric so hard my tits bounce, which turns them on even more! "We can definitely have some fun with those babies..DAMN!" They start to grab at them and hungrily suck on my nipples making them rock hard which is making my pussy so wet. I try so hard not to be aroused but I can't help it. The leader slips 2 fingers inside me and sees that I am already extremely wet. "Holy shit! This chick's cunt is so fuckin' wet, we've found us a great fuck whore this time boys!" Of course he is the first to fuck me and it seems to go on forever. I tried to close my eyes but he yelled, "NO! Keep your eyes open. I want you to see and fully experience us using and fucking you. You are nothing but a fuck slut for us, you got that?" I nodded. I kept my eyes open from then on and saw the animal-like look on their faces as each of them came inside me.

While one of them was fucking me the other four were either shoving their cocks down my throat forcing me to suck them off until they came in my mouth, or fondling my tits, pinching, twisting, biting my nipples. I couldn't hold back anymore and I moaned as I started to cum repeatedly.

They kept me for the next 8-10 hours as they came in my pussy, ass and mouth until I passed out. I woke up in a field in the middle of nowhere with bruises on my tits, ass and thighs, my torn clothes next to me and a note that said "We'll be looking for you again fuckslut! Have that tight pussy and ass ready for us!"

Nice huh?

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The joys of throat fucking...what a rush!
Sunday, December 19, 2010

I love the sensation and sounds of having my throat fucked. The gagging, slurping, gasping for breath when a cock is being shoved down my throat, the balls slamming into my chin. I find the whole thing very erotic and a complete turn-on. At that moment you are at the mercy of someone who is in control and usually is thinking about how hard and deep they can slam their cock into you.

My boyfriend taught me how to deep throat, and he made me practice ALOT! His favorite position is w/ me on my back, head over end of bed. He likes to grab my tits with each thrust into my mouth. He usually sprays his cum onto my tits, but sometimes he'll give me a facial, which is a treat for me. I love the taste of cum, just can't get enough sometimes. He has his friends come over sometimes so I can suck them off for their cum, and they don't mind volunteering. My boyfriend loves watching me, he totally gets off on it! On those nights I usually have one cock down my throat, one in my pussy, and giving handjobs to the other two guys simultaneously. It ends up being a surprise gangbang fuckfest for me! YAY! And everyone goes home happy, which is the way it should be!
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The glory of glory holes...
Sunday, December 12, 2010

I love going to glory holes. The whole anonymity of it really excites me. My boyfriend took me recently to one in an adult bookstore. We went in and started casually looking around at the toys, dvds, your basic porn stuff. There were 2 other couples and some other guys milling around looking at the stuff. My boyfriend pointed out a deep throating compilation dvd (I think it was one of those "throat gaggers volumes") and said, "Look honey, she sucks it down to the balls just like you do." I was so embarrased, I hoped no one heard him. A few of the guys looked over at us then turned away. So then he suggests we go to the back and see what's going on back there. I knew then the whole reason of why he brought me here and what he wanted me to do. Being the cum slut I am and I love him, I gladly follow him.

It was a small room, a little bit bigger than a bathrooom stall with a small stool and 2 holes cut out on the opposite walls. I sat on the stool and my boyfriend kneeled between my legs, pushed my denim minskirt up and began licking my pussy. It felt sooooooo fuckin' good, I pushed my shirt up and started rubbing my nipples. They became instantly hard and I started to moan softly. I didn't even realize someone had come into the "stalls" on either side of us. After a few min. 2 arms came thru the holes and starting groping&slapping my tits, pinching and tugging on my nipples. My moaning was getting louder, "YES!! FUCK!...feels so fuckin' good. Play with my tits!! MMMMMMM more!" My boyfriend looked up from my wet, saliva soaked pussy surprised to see 2 unknown hands squeezing and rubbing my tits. He wasn't even aware that 2 guys were in the adjoining "stalls". He loved it and eagerly went back to working on my sloppy pussy with his tongue and slipping his fingers in fucking it.

Then to my disappointment the hands disappeared. But they were replaced with something even better, 2 big cocks for me to feast on! Yummy! I feverishly began sucking one, then the other, while they rammed them down my throat as hard as they could. I could hear them moaning and grunting on the other side of the walls. One told me, "That's right bitch! Suck it all the way down! Fuck yeah! Maybe next time your boyfriend will think twice before he brags about what a good little cock loving slut you are!" His comment turned my boyfriend and I on even more. My pussy went into overdrive as his finger fucking got deeper and faster, alternately sucking my clit. I was gasping for breath as both guys were fucking my throat, spit and drool running out of my mouth. "That's what I like to hear, choke on my dick slut! You ready for me to teach you another lesson bitch?" In between gasps and slurps I breathlessly said "Yes, I am" The guy on the other side was mostly quiet except for some moaning and occasional grunting. But this rough, crude demanding guy was a real fucking turn-on for me! "Get up and put your ass up against this hole, I'm going to fuck that sloppy cunt of yours!"

Of course my boyfriend was quick and eager for me to oblige him. We moved the stool out of the way and I put my ass against the hole. I resumed sucking the other guy as "rough" guy began to push the head of his cock into my "sloppy cunt". "Goddamn! You've got a tight cunt and so juicy....MMMMMMMM...My dick's already coated with your cum." I found myself pushing back on his cock harder and harder. My boyfriend got on his knees and started sucking on my swaying tits, then whispering in my ear "Baby I'm so proud of you, such a good little slut for your man..I love you so much!" My mind is reeling from everything I'm feeling, a tasty cock in my mouth, my pussy being relentlessly pounded and my tits being sucked by the man who told me how much he loves me. "Yeah, that's it,fuck my cock with your cunt bitch! MMMMmm Fuck!! AARRGGHH!" With a couple more loud grunts "rough" guy shot his load into my swollen, sore pussy. As he was pulling out I finished off the guy on the opposite wall and he came in my mouth. I didn't swallow it yet though. We weren't sure if we should take it, but the guy said I earned every penny of it and that he usually comes to the store every other Sat. night if we were interested in Round 2.

I sat back down on the stool and my boyfriend said, "Show me baby" I opened my mouth and showed him my cum reward. "Good girl, now swallow it." He told me to spread my legs wide as he got on his knees and started to lick and clean my pussy of "rough" guy's cum. What a night it was. We haven't decided yet if we're going back to meet up with "rough" guy in a couple weeks
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Added: Thursday, July 7, 2016 5:44am
Added: Monday, October 29, 2012 3:39pm

Very sexy videos. :-)
Added: Sunday, July 8, 2012 7:31pm
nice nipples.  I could close my eyes and enjoy them for a long time.
Added: Sunday, April 1, 2012 6:05pm
 happybrithday may you get a orgasm for each year
Added: Saturday, October 29, 2011 5:05pm
recently moved to the tri cities and looking to meet some new and sexy ladies and you certainly qualify in the sexy department
Added: Wednesday, February 23, 2011 9:07pm

I thought UR tits were perfect. Then I read your blog and realised U R perfect.

Loved the stories.

If you want to read one of mean leave me a comment and I'll post one on UR comments for U.

Have fun.

Let me know when U write another blog.

Added: Monday, February 7, 2011 10:55pm
Added: Saturday, January 29, 2011 6:15pm
Hi babes,

Thanks for ur email message but for some unknown reason I can't open it unless I a m a VIP.  Come chat to me in the Chatroom plse hun.

madguy2 xx
Added: Saturday, January 1, 2011 7:09pm
Hi hun,

I am waiting to cam and chat with u now.  Plse come back soon.

madguy2 xx
Added: Saturday, January 1, 2011 7:02pm
Feel free to join me in chat anytime gorgeous..@};- ;)
Added: Sunday, December 19, 2010 5:02pm
do u like young cock ?
Added: Sunday, December 19, 2010 3:12pm
lets chat sometime
Added: Sunday, December 12, 2010 5:41pm
love the video......wanna fuck your tits mmmmmmmmmmmmmm
Added: Sunday, December 12, 2010 2:54pm
Evening gorgeous, came across your profile thought I'd give you a shout.  Just wanted to say that I think your incredibly gorgeous, and would love the opportunity to talk to you further.

Would also like to add that I think your absolutely stunning..;) @};-

Hope to hear from you soon, take care and all the best. 

Keep smiling gorgeous.

Added: Wednesday, December 1, 2010 5:19pm
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