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I love the curves!
Men Seeking BBW
I'm not new to the feel of a BBW and I know the fact that sensuality is far more pronounced in bigger women. I love that. I love pleasuring my woman and the reciprocation is great because of the ecstasy I created.
I love the feel of a real woman and I love what I can do for her. I want to be able to do that and this site is perfect for it.
I like interesting things, but I respect my woman so if it's not cool, I'm fine with it. Sensuality and attentiveness is important though. I am drug and disease free and I'm expecting the same of you.
Bi couple play
Men seeking couples
I've recently become increasingly interested in playing with a couple or two individuals--preferably a woman (BBW) and bi guy--in a bi situation. I'm very, very oral and sensual. I'm vers, so I'm NOT a bottom, but I get off by giving. And give I do with generosity!

If you're into having an awesome, slow, deliberate and orgasmic time, let me know and a night with me will be UNFORGETTABLE!!!
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Monday, August 16, 2010
Curious: are there any groups of SA members here in Brooklyn? Or individuals who like it casual? I' love to meet some people--particularly larger women--and have a good time...
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If I had a wish...
Monday, August 16, 2010
My birthday was a couple of weeks ago and I had some day-dreams of what the perfect celebration of it would be. I thought of the person I'd fulfill this dream with--an ex whom I had some awesome sex with over the years--but I never conveyed my idea to her and I still feel like I want to do it. But since I can't, I figured I'd write it down, share it and at least get some smidgen of satisfaction from this.
I admit I have some fetishes that some think outlandish. On this website I'm hardly unusual, as I'm glad to see; nevertheless, I know what I want to try next, and thereafter I'll have other things I want to try. If I was to get the whole picture into words, I'd begin like this:

Eliza (my ex, whom I still fuck from time to time and the model for my rant henceforth--though, any of you BBWs who'd like to fill her place are very, very welcome to) is around my height, maybe an inch taller, at 5'7". She weighs around 300 lbs and has these large, luscious, full lips. She's Black and everything about her--physically--is exquisitely beautiful. Some things about her drive me nuts, I'll admit, but otherwise she's awesome. Flirty, highly sexual, very sensual, large tits, deep and drenched cunt and a true cummer. She squirts moderately, but whatever it is, it's exquisite! I love nothing more than to make a woman cum, because it makes me feel like a man to be able to actually PLEASURE a woman adequately.

When we were dating I'd stay at her apartment frequently and we had the sweetest sex; but I loved some other things we'd do. Lounge around in the buff or do activities in the buff; very stimulating. I love the power I felt over my body and the closeness I felt toward her as she lived, comfortable within her skin and nothing else. We'd shower together in the morning, cleaning last night's sexual juices from each other, while making out, fondling and masturbating under the rush of the water pounding our bodies. 

Then I realized that I have some desires that I felt shy to ask her for back then, and I planned on asking her to join me in this year on my birthday. I'm no longer so shy or inhibited to pursue these things now, but I did not end up having sex with her, and so that ship's sailed.

But I want to tell you my desire: 

I come into her apartment and all she's wearing is an oversized t-shirt as she usually does after getting comfy at home. Actually: she dons that when she has guest over; she's usually in the nude. But now she's wearing her oversized t-shirt, stained and comfy, and I give her a huge bear hug. She swallows audibly and presses up against me. Her semi-hard tits heave with her breath and I feel like I'm about to peek into heaven.

I love huge women. Those who allow themselves to be tickled, slapped moderately and teased. 

I love those who kiss with abandon and caress me, while I tease, tickled and caress them back. I am very oral, and like for her to be very oral too. 

I actually love foreplay more than what I read most men like. In fact: I love the foreplay more than the sex, because it gets her excited--and makes her cum a couple of times to boot--and gets me all hot and worked up... She has a fucking AWESOME mouth, which knows the art of the Blow Job. She's very thorough and full of humor, so sex is not a contest; it's pure carnal enjoyment. We laugh; we whimper; we moan; we groan; she even has this vice that I find endearing: she sucks on her thumb as I give her body a tune-up...

Anyhow: we lie on her futon bed, wide and strong (around 500-600 lbs on it, thrusting under the fucking and orgasming that is shuddering our bodies...) and we go at each other. 

After a couple of hours or slow petting, sucking, fondling, kissing, fucking, moaning and cumming we part to the bathroom. We're smeared with cum from head to foot--hers and mine--and we just need to freshen up so that after a nap we could resume our love-making. 

Just in case, I check: she's SOPPING WET!!!

I know it's because of me and I know it's for me. She looks at me like I'm some super-model, though I'm just a simple, albeit good looking, guy, who knows how to please her and make her feel beautiful.

As we get up to go to the bathroom to wash each other, I come up from behind her in the kitchen area and hug her tight. My cock's semi-hard and poking deep into her ass-crack, and I kiss her neck and ear to the tune of her ecstatic moans and groans. her ass tightens up around my dick, and I give a light hump; she chuckles and moves ahead...

In the bathroom she turns on the water and tempers it, as I fondle her butt-rose... She wiggles out; I slap her on her tushy; she laughs her flirty little laugh; I have a little secret for her. I need to piss badly. Only, I'm waiting for us to be in the bathtub before I let it flow...

She gets in and pulls me in by my schlong. I fondle her erect, tightly hard tits. she bites her lower lips and moans... I'm hard again. I can't piss. I let her get the soap onto me; my erection subsides a bit. I let my bladder go.

All over her large tummy; into her belly-button... She looks horrified at first, but realizes that I'm loving it.

Guess what:

Her bladder begins spilling its contents all over me, now. I shut off the water. I stick my finger into her gushing cunt. She falls back to the wall in ecstasy as I masturbate her pissing cunt. It smells musky and salty: My dick's harder than diamond. I grab her shoulder to coax her to bend toward my throbbing dick, and as she puts her tongue tip on my engorged dick-head I cum with such force  that I feel the power pushing me backward... 

Thus I'd have my first Golden Shower. But it hasn't happened yet; wanna help me celebrated a belated birthday?

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Summer in Brooklyn
Thursday, July 23, 2009
The days and nights in this city are spent on the streets; it's almost a tradition to find people hanging out on their front stoop and gab about everything under the sun.

The women come out and inadvertently look their best: even in the most casual and non-assuming clothing make the imagination fly! And the curvy (or BBW--as you wish) ones, pouring out of their tight clothes: how beautiful!
All I can think of is asking one of you for some conversation; perhaps a drink...maybe even a bit of fun n' frolic under the sheets...
Anybody interested?
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A night in Queens
Monday, November 24, 2008

I had acquired a good friend a couple of months ago with whom I chat/text on a semi-daily basis. She’s 34, and I’m 24; age, I’ve found, is irrelevant to anything between two people who will be friends—or more.

My idea was to help her find a job—a near impossible thing to do in NYC these days—and try to help her in any other way. She’s a size 26 and extremely cute. Her personality is a typical fusion of Puerto Rico and Queens: spicy and sharp, yet kind and flirty.

Naturally, I was very attracted to her; so last week, when I happened to have a car, and I happened to have the wifi card she needed and it happened to be 1:30am and our heroine happened to be very, very horny: she asked if I’d drive out to her. To deliver the card…

All know that NYC is very frigid already; you gotta keep warm. Only: I like the cold so I don’t really wear a jacket. But neither do I wear gloves. So my hands were cold.

As I neared her home, as I was traveling on the BQE (where, if you don’t know this road already I’ll tell you, you do NOT want to be distracted) she informs me that she doesn’t have her panties on.

Well thanks a lot!

I kept my cool; I know how to be nonchalant. I text her that I’m outside and down she comes, opens the door and leads me upstairs. Leads me upstairs: that means I could get a nice glimpse of her fine ass.

She invited me to make myself comfy so I took my sweatshirt off, placed it on the width of the bed and lay down across the bed. The Food Network—a favorite of ours—was on and we made small talk. She lay there on her side propped over me and subtly teasing me. I did nothing; my hands were still cold.

All that was between my clothed self and her beautiful body was a thin gauzy nightgown: too small for a lady her size…

Then I tried something that had worked with an ex who was also large: running my fingers along her belly, the tickling and tingling to be an arouser. Then she busted my bubble: she’s not ticklish. Well, on to the next attempt: massage. And this worked. Off came the nighty, out came the awesome mass of her body and my hands went to work.

But she had a complaint: I had too many clothes on. So I stripped down to my undies and went back to work on her. Then she turned over: what a gorgeous sight! I must say: I still love the folds… great supple tits with thick, erect nipples; big beautiful midriff; trimmed crotch; sweet, tangy cunt; the works.

First I gave her tits a good work-over. Delicious! Her moans only told me that the bit of sensitivity that she lacks for my tickling efforts are at least to some extant in her tasty nipples.

She was dripping wet in her succulent love-hole and I found that that area too was sensitive and receptive; great relief after the tickling turn-down. She’s tight, and she has a great hairy expanse above that does happen to be ticklish. I loved finding that out late: it had been a pleasant surprise then.

In the meantime, she found my throbbing cock, pulled it out and began stroking. She’s very good at it; my shaft was as hard as sapphire and she knew just how to polish it.

At the same time I got her cumming by fingering her. She was so juiced up that she couldn’t stop panting. Presently, she offered me the condom (now I have my own supply) and presented her naturally greased cunt for some good, old fashioned fucking. I found her tight little chamber and began fucking…but…oh!... I mustn’t cum yet!

So I went down on her. I lifted her wide, strong legs, to reveal the bulging cleft of her pussy. I spread her lips and found what I was looking for. A deep red-violet clit was staring right back at me. Her pungent aroma was only more distinct as I poked ever so carefully my tongue at her most vulnerable nerve. She reacted instantly, of course, and thus began the avalanche of a mighty orgasm. I kept on going at her relentlessly until her panting became moaning, her moaning became whining, her whining became screaming and her screaming became creaming!!!

She came hard and by the time I picked up my head a pillow had materialized across her belly; she had to crush something… I was now ready to cum too. So she turned over doggy style for me, and I entered her again. But I was just too excited by now; a couple of strokes and I was cumming too…

After this little roll n’ fuck with her, she invited me to come by again. She kept on ranting that I am the youngest guy she’s been with (she began fucking at 19 and it was with a 33 year old guy; she’d always only been with older guys), yet I ate her and fucked her like a pro. She wants me back.

What do ya think? 

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My own little controversy...
Thursday, August 21, 2008

This was my original posting that garnered some stern responses:

I am 24 years old and in many ways a typical young man. But since my first girlfriend I've never dated anybody younger than at least ten years my senior. I have always been attracted to women older than me--and indeed, older women--and they usually are attracted to me as a person; my age never being an issue.

So I wonder here: why do women, who otherwise like me, are attracted to me and would date me, stop short when they hear that I'm "only" 24? I've always been told how I'm far more mature than my years; what, then, is the quandary with the years?

I must say that here on this site, due to the fact that everybody is very open and life takes on a simpler face in that we can enjoy our sexuality together without any hang-ups; why not frolic with a person who, age notwithstanding, is everything you want next to you in bed?

What is age anyway? It is but a number...

Some of the responses went thus:

“Personally, I don't wish to date a man who would not consider me as a potential life mate. I'm 52 years old and I've been through the casual sex thing long ago. Now I need much more. I need a partner in life, someone who will be there to do things with me and can appreciate the same things as me. I personally would find that a man in his 20's or even 30's most likely would share few interests with me and there would be a maturity gap.
There is also the matter of children. How could I date a man, knowing that at some point we possibly could fall in love and while he is young, able and wanting to have children, I am not. I couldn't have children to begin with even, and at 52 years old I certainly don't want to consider being a mother via adoption. How unfair that would be to a man.”

“Ive dated and been very happy with men much younger than I am, but then the child question comes up, Ive had mine, I dont want to be a mother again at 48.....but its so unfair to the man.”

“I choose men who are compatible with me on all levels. We have to share commonalities beyond the bedroom. With men who are quite younger than me, this is sometimes difficult to achieve, simply because of the infamous Generation Gap.
I am into oldies music, jazz and 70's classic rock - most young guys prefer hip-hop, heavy metal and alternative. Younger guys tend to enjoy going to clubs and bars. I prefer sharing good conversation over drinks at a subdued restaurant. Most younger guys are too eager to 'get down to business' and I like a man who knows how to seduce me slowly and teasingly. Younger guys also tend to want drive-by or 'convenient sex', as opposed to repeat encounters built on friendship. And many younger guys simply want a 'teacher' where I am wanting a man who can match me sexually and sensually.”

In way of response I want to say this:

Since I’m quite green to this type of site I find that making a few mistakes at first based on misconceptions are possible—perhaps even necessary and acceptable. But I find that in this case, for what I wrote and how I was responded to, I’m suspended in the midair of age-deficiency. On the one hand I really am more compatible with women who are older than I am; on the other hand I am chronologically “deficient.”

As much as you cannot believe that a youngster cannot be attentive and sensitive, it really is true. I don’t frequent bars and parties, I’m not part of the Hip-Hop culture or the ghetto/stoner cultures, and I’m far mellower than my contemporaries.

But I’m here: instead of having guessed about my intentions and qualities, a question or two would have had some facts clarified.

For instance: though I’m younger and single, I’m not looking on a site like this for my life-partner; and certainly not for procreation. In fact, if you are here for that, I’d imagine that you’d be finding yourself in the wrong place… I am not a one-night-stand type either. Of course I love to play, but I do happen to value friendship, companionship and camaraderie as much as a roll in the hay…

Furthermore: I’m the kind o’ guy you’d find in a museum or the opera truly enjoying the art; hardly the wild, unpredictable mule. I live life slowly and passionately, not quickly and impersonally. I respect people who command respect, and detest people who demand it. My mind is far more in sync with those who teach me and they in turn find a fine companion in me.

Now: I was also severely reprimanded for my use of the acronym MILF. I want to point out a couple of things: first of all, the acronym is a common and simple form of addressing a preference of someone; I understand that it can be construed as offensive if you work hard at it. WASP doesn’t have to be offensive, BBW doesn’t have to be offensive, TS/TV doesn’t have to be offensive and MILF doesn’t have to be offensive. If you want to stick it to someone for his terminology then some bitterness comes forth in the fact that you can’t appreciate that acronym.

MILF does not represent to me a type of diminutive aspect; in fact it simply is a way to communicate my point that I want to make; I won’t use that in conversation. I happen to be attracted to MILFs; how else would I be saying that? If I said: “I’m attracted to older women” I would be castrated for that too. Therefore, keeping it simple and real, I might as well use the common term.

But to that I want to add: if you are attractive, older and NOT hung up with age—which in the gist of things is really just a number and CANNOT be a gauge for maturity—then why limit yourself? Here in this site I found most people who were older than me to be engaging and interesting; why is it that a number would otherwise matter? Are you here for that deeper connection? Are you not able to deal with the stigma that you created yourself about men who are otherwise pretty much what you’re looking for, but must deny because of age?




I do NOT mean any disrespect, but I do not like, in turn to be clumped together with those whom you think I'm part from, but am not. Just like generalizing is not attractive in socio/communal situation, so I too do not appreciate it as it is done to me...

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Hope all is well with you down in Brooklyn!! 





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