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Memos from Ms Stexie
Ok, I have only been here a short while but I have to admit its been intersting to say the least...
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Ms Stexie's Memos #1
Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Its pretty close to 100% cool here.
Lets see, well I find it hard to get down and dirty dancin here, folks are too nice!
I almost feel need for some serious sexual proposals,as just some spanking doesnt rock my boat.

So what does it take to wake me up? Save me from myself?
Some Evanescense? umm thats a start, some cool music...
Then turn down the lights, geez you dont want to really see ever pore and flaw do you? or little clues to my gender? Or sure I pass most of the time, but kids are really good at clocking me at the mall ! ;-( little brats ;-)

Lets see, what else,,,, hummmmm oh yea, I used to trip on geting the full monty SRS but now dont see myself that way. But oh those cool plastic surgeons around here are sure artists for the rich and famous ! I dream of going under their canulas and being resculptured. It would be such a wonderful dawn to wake up to such modifications, ummmmmm now that floats my boat.

But in meantime, I did get some cool pics by a wonderful artist friend here, who just couldnt wait until I got a digicam, so he pasted me head up on various sexy pics. It was weird but, ya know, it really turned me on, and I was flattered that someone here would do such a fun thing for me.
I do have one fun pic to share with those who send theirs or ones they make of me doing something sexy or fun.

So there ya go, gotta run rabbit run and dig that hole against the sun...


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