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My wife and her adventures
I have been looking for a place to recrd my wife and my adventures.
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My wife's new job - Part 1
Wednesday, October 10, 2012
Thanks to the great Florida tax cuts, my wife of 9 months was out of a job with the school system and desperate in looking for a new job.  She had been considering her options and applied for a few service jobs... nothing that would have sex involved, but things like sexy maid service. These companies are flash in the pans and gone faster than she can get paid!
 Although new to the entire swinging arena, we have talked extensively, and even had a few encounters, mostly her, with me watching and she has no problem with that at all.   While actually chatting with someone from her about contacts, connections and possibilities, I was told to check out Craig’s List so I did!  There are all kind of ads and all time of things out there!  But anyway, I started an email correspondence with a guy that was going to open a Halloween store in our area and not only was he into swinging, but also need employees to start-up and then work the store.  He (David) knew all about our situation and how I would love for my wife to have a safe, steady guy to date.
 We agreed to meet him at the store to chat and fill out applications and get things going. When we arrived at the store, it was locked and pretty dark inside, but the note on the door said go around the back and knock.  So we did.  The large garage door opened and there stood David and he greeted us inside and closed the door behind us.  All about was every type of costume and Halloween item you could imagine (this is a major chain that does these temp stores).  There was a couch and a bean chair on the floor, he immediately had Kayla sit on the couch with him and pointed to the bean bag to me.
 He immediately started flirting with Kayla and gave her all the attention and before long his hand was on her thigh.  He told us how he had been looking for a steady girlfriend and Kayla just blushed. He told her that she would have a full time job and I would work weekends and when needed.
 She would be able to wear a different costume everyday also and could pick out several items to keep. There was a banging on the front door and he asked me to go up front, hand the people applications, fill them out and tell them that we would call them back for an interview.  It seemed he had an open application time from 1 to 3 pm and I was to stay upfront and collect them.  So, I took the stack of applications and went up front, and it seemed to never stop! (Oh I was supposed to put a mark on any applications where the girl was hot”.
 Several times I know I heard noises from the back that was not just talking, and when three PM and I locked the door, I went back to find Kayla sound asleep in only her panties on his lap while he was on his laptop. David said “great”, and that it seemed my plan for her to have a boyfriend has happened.
 He woke Kayla up and said he had to leave for us to be back in the morning (Saturday) as she got up they hugged and open mouth kissed. She found her skirt and blouse and we left.  On the way home this is what she told me:  After I went up front, they chatted and he told her how much he wanted her to be his girl! And as he asked she took off her skirt and blouse.  He asked her how much she liked to suck cock and she said she loves it so he told her to show him. She got on her knees and sucked him till he came in her mouth and then he told her to hold it for awhile and then swallow it.
 He then had her stroke his cock till it got hard again and he had her sit on the couch and spread her legs. She told me he kept having her tell him she was married and that turned him on more... he proceeded to slide his cock into her (she told me he is not only longer but wider than me) and he then slowly and rhythmically fucked her harder and harder till she could not stop Cumming.  He then had her get up and lowers herself on his cock. He kept asking her if she wanted to be his girlfriend and she kept saying yes, he asked her if she wanted to date him, and she said yes. He asked her if she would go away on vacations with and she said yes, he asked if she would meet his family and friends and she said yes!  And then she felt him stiffing and Cumming, after that she passed out and did not know anything till she was woken up.
 I pulled into the driveway and was so hard that I grabbed her by the hand and took her right into the bedroom.  I remover her blouse, and as she sat on the bed I simply lifted her skirt, I on my knees looked at her and saw how her knees where filthy from the floor of the storeroom, and as I looked at her pussy, her panties were soaked and the material pulled in and you could see how her lips were swollen. I removed her panties and had her bend her knees as I inspected her swollen red lips, I saw the remains of cum and I could not help myself but lower my head and begin to lick her lips... they were so hot to the touch my tongue slipped right into her, I did not care who’s cum it was, I just devoured all I could until she started cumming again. I was so excited that I just shot my load on her crotch since I did not have time to put it in her.  I cleaned up the mess and she went to sleep.
 As I sat there watching my wife sleep, my mind raced with the thought of what just happened and what was going to happen, since David and I made a lot of plans and steps in our emails and the first three just happened all within several hours of meeting Kayla’s new boyfriend.
 We are only two weeks since that first encounter and I will share, almost like a diary
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