TS/TV/CD, 54   United States
North Carolina, USA
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Pantiently waiting for a double dose of thick cock between my lips and pink
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Begging for cock...and pussy
TV/TS/CD seeking couples
I wanna eat some pretty pussy while I get my hot cunt hammered.
I'm an expert cocksucker too you guys

Looking for handsome and hung black guy
TS/TV/CD seeking men

looking for that charlotte guy to blow and have my pussy hammered
Remember that an ad ....
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blew crew
seeking major cock to suck on.
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Play Time!!!
Saturday, July 21, 2012
Having a party in my panties tonite. I loaded up my 38D bra with my fave boobs an hour ago. Just have to ply my panties next. I finally finished sanding my new 10 inch wooden dildo. I'll commence at 8pm est. Will record a monumental 10 inch ass fucking.
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Booty Strong
Friday, July 6, 2012

 I'm so excited for tonite. I'm all dressed up and Candi will be here in 5 miutes. She is sooooooooooooooooooo cute. She filled my flower pot once already.......OMG.... She's knocking on the door!!!!!
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New Gurly Clothes...
Saturday, March 31, 2012
Hey Everybody!!!    I just got back to the house with my new gurly clothes. Trying them on right now.

Would enjoy a hot stud right about now...
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Kati rightnow!!!
Monday, March 12, 2012
Kati just walked in and sat down next to me. This might take a while...
...Smoking cigarettes and doing shots of Vodka now....now getting hip to hip with hur so i can feel some silky red thigh highs bound by her white cotton garter belt.

 We start french kissing as I slide my fingers under hur red and white lacy
 boyshorts. Hur panties are getting tighter while i massage hur joy maker.

I pushed hur down on hur back and slid hur skirt down. Hur panties reflected in the light as I pulled them to hur ankles.

Not so much as a mumble as i was sucking feverouisly on my happy meal.

"I'm gonna fuck you...bitch", she yelled as she threw me over on the couch, lifted my dress up and pulled my panties down .

Shee had me from behind after grabbing my hips and spreading them to reveal my cute ass.

Shee popped hur gurl in my little tight cunt and slowly slid all the way in.

I'm moaning right now.... It is soooooooooooo enormous I can feel hur throbbing Wand grow and grow while filling my pussy to the hilt.

Shee's fucking me harder and harder..

Kati then thrust her hips to my sweet cheeks, arched her back and exploded a round of joy juice into my cute, little tight and firm ass. There was so much that Kati scooped some up from my sticky buns and slid hur fingers into my mouth.

I was purring with delight as shee kept hur pace ramming my sore flower.

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Kati Liscious
Sunday, March 11, 2012
Kati stopped by today. Shee has such a wonderful fat and long surprise.Hur tight pink panties left a 9 incher sway to the left. I Massaged her thong and found a woody staring at me up close. I licked my red pretty lips and enveloped the tip between my lips. I was sucking furiouslly when Kati pulled me close and made me deepthroat her. She rolled me over and grabbed my hips. I could feel the heat of hur wand between my crack. She popped hur head in my cute, little tight and firm ass. It's on now... 3 inches so far and no worry. Pretty soon it'll be 9 inches of glory.
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