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One Sexy Beast on the prowl........................
Men seeking erotic email
Hello!! I'm glad to see you've made it to my ad and profile and I'm hoping you stay for a few minutes and check me out. My other ad pretty much spells out what I like in people and what type of people I'd like to communicate with here. I think of myself as well mannered gent who is polite and treats all people with dignity and respect. I like to associate with good people who recognize that there are plenty of positives in life and find that looking forward is more rewarding than looking back. I would love to chat/email with ladies who are like minded.

What I really like about this site is that it provides a place where good people can be naughty. I'm GOOD when I'm BAD. I'll bet you are too!! There is no reason why we shouldn't have a great time on here. Throughout our lives, we are conditioned to behave in a manner in which our society expects us to act. That can lead to some repressed emotions and I know I don't want to hang on to any of those. This is a great place to let those emotions out and not have your neighbors peering out the windows to see who that man is leaving your house. Not only that, we can let it all hang out here but not have to feel like we led someone on or that we have sacrificed our principals. We just say what we want here, share some laughs, eroticism, fantasies, and spill some dirty secrets with a willing partner and get the extra sexual outlet that we want without sacrificing the relationships that we need.

Please be comfortable sending me messages that are friendly, sexy, playful, kinky, or downright dirty. I won't think less of you (unless you want me too!!), I'll think your fun and honest. I'd love to get to know your hidden wild side and hope that we can have fun exploring each other's interests: sexual, sensual, erotic, rapturous, sweaty, sloppy, deviant; you name it. I am ready to take a slippery roll in the hay and get freaky with you. I'm really gearing up to share fantasies that might never come true but that doesn't mean I don't want to share them. Hey, if they've made me hot under the collar, why not share them with you. You might like them as well or be able to add to them making them that much more enjoyable for me. Mmmmmm. There are also some things that I might not actually do in real life but I sure do get hard thinking about them with you. Don't you have those too? I'll bet you don't feel comfortable sharing them in your day to day life but let's share them with each other.

In the fantasy realm, I become a sexual being that I am simultaneously ashamed of and exhilarated by. In fantasy, I relish in the struggle between my humanity and my sexy beast within. This is where my sexual appetite sometimes crosses into the perverse, where I question my own secret thoughts, and where I find the greatest sexual thrills. These are times when I slowly bring myself to a heaving climax and shower my chest in milky ecstasy. I'd love to share these moments with you. I'm dying to know what your thinking about when your juices start flowing or when you are driven to touch yourself in the most sensual manner possible. I'm sure I could give you something to keep you going!

I'd really like to read some things, and say some things that you & I wouldn't say to a coworker at lunch or to a date over dinner. I could also be coerced to show you some photos that I keep hidden away! I think they are very sexy and it is such a shame that no one sees them but me. I'd be willing to share them but only to ladies who will tell me what they think of them and what they'd like to do to me.

Reach out to me. I'm anxious to feel your touch.

One Kool Kat looking to purrrrrrrrr...........................
Men seeking penpals
One Kool Kat looking to purrrrrrrrr with a soft, furry, finicky, fun, feminine, feline. I am a friendly Tom Kat with the heart of a lion, a strong mind, and a fit physique. I am not a Fat Kat in any sense of the word. I don't need food, toys, or any type of catnip to make me feel better about myself. I walk tall with my tail in the air. I feel good about myself. I am patient and I am willing to take the time it takes to know when the time is right, and the place, and the person.

I love to curl up in warm places, nap in the sunlight, and cuddle up next to my favorite warm and willing pussy. I think I look cute lying on the bed and I often give those inviting glances where she knows I am ready to share some pleasant moments or ready for some petting. I am playful and enjoy rolling and frolicking with my friend. I enjoy being playful and I am always ready to get a little rough but never to hurt her, only to pleasure her.

She should be confident and alluring in and out of her fur. She should have as much to share with me when she is in her fur as she does when she drops it to the floor. I love the one that feeds me well and keeps a variety of life's nourishments available to her (both mind and body). I am not particular as to what kinds of nourishments she enjoys only that she has a variety of them and that they are good for her. If her bowl is always being refilled with good stuff, I'll continue pawing at the door to come in.

She should be comfortable in her skin just as much as she is in her thoughts. She should be able to retain the positive vibrations life begets us but do her best to shed the negatives in a healthy manner. She needn't be religious but she should maintain some level of spirituality. She should understand that our world is about all of us, not just her. I am warm and responsive when she does something for me intellectually & emotionally. I know how easy it is for us to be physically drawn to one another and to be sexual. I also know how hard it can be to be endlessly desirable. Sex is great but only love, mutual understanding, sharing, and selflessness will keep us together.

I like it when she eats from my bowl, drinks from my cup, and keeps me in the bed long after I've awakened. I love when she is playful, rolling on her back, touching me with her paws, her wet nose, and her sandpaper tongue. It really feels good! She needs to be careful with her claws as I have spent a lot of time chasing the ball with the bell in it. The bell always rings but, when I capture the ball, it doesn't always contain what I thought it might. While I do enjoy being playfully scratched from the beginning, I am somewhat cautious about how deep, and how quickly, she intends to bury her claws. I need to be comfortable with her person and her company before sharing in her existence. I have found that a physical relationship depends as much on our relationship outside the bedroom as in. If we can't excite each other intellectually and endear each other emotionally, then we won't be able to continue pleasuring each other physically while the pressures of life pull us apart.

I don't care how long she's batted around that tangled ball of yarn as long as she has learned that she could fashion it into sweaters and socks. I am not looking to play with the tattered edges of a frayed mouse toy. I'd like to wrap myself up in the fabric she has woven with all of the formerly loose threads life has delivered her.

I look both ways before I step off the curb because I live on a two way street. I am willing to give and take and don't expect that everyone is going my way. I do expect that my counterpart and I will be going in the same direction and that we do not need to have a debate at each intersection as to which way we should go. Together, we should already know. We can draw up the directions together and enjoy some unexpected points of interest along the way. If there is a difference of opinion, we work amicably to choose the direction we can pursue together.

I don't expect that I will keep giving and get nothing in return; I already have several levels of government performing that futile exercise for me. I can't blame them, I have never looked to them for love and, consequently, they don't offer any. I do expect that my mate will not duplicate this task but will, instead, offer me a place of refuge when the world seems cold and callous and I will gladly do the same for her.

I don't need a friend who likes to arch her back and bristle her fur too much. While I don't expect that she never hisses and spits, I do expect that she likes to purr more than she likes to hiss. It takes fewer muscles to smile than it does to frown. While she doesn't need to see the world through rose colored glasses, I hope she doesn't see the world through dark blinders either. It is sometimes difficult to extract the good from the world and I'm not looking for someone who always looks for the easy way out. I am looking for somebody who will recognize what is good about us and continue to grow along those lines. It's easy to be sad and angry but there are also many things in this life to smile and laugh about, do you see those too?

I love the outdoors but I'm not into roughing it. I love the grassy meadow or a walk in the woods when it suits me. I like skinny dipping and, occasionally, being nude outdoors sunbathing and relaxing. I also enjoy the comforts of home. I am always ready to stretch out on the sofa with my favorite person. I never sleep at the foot of the bed and love to share my pillow. She must enjoy it when I lick her: her face, her cheeks, her ears, her neck, and all the way to her furry tail. She must also enjoy chasing my bird and watching him fluff up. He loves to be sought after with desire and he swells up with pride when he is. He keeps his feathers groomed so his fine feminine feline friend won't need to do that peanut butter on the tongue thing. I am always there for her when her heater is on and love when she puts her tail in the air. I am very reciprocal and I am a Kat that doesn't mind being on his back when his trusted feminine feline wants to take charge.

I don't care what type of breed you are, if your fur is long or short, light or dark, or how many are in your litter. Your beliefs are not important to me as long as you know you are not the center of the universe. I don't want to gravitate around you, I want to twirl together. I am only interested that you have taken responsibility for your actions and that you can be proud of your accomplishments and can accept your shortcomings. Nobody's perfect. I'm willing to live with that. I am fully house trained and do not intend to make an emotional mess in your head, your house, or your life. Your physical make up is not the end all. As long as I am attracted to your inner beauty, we have a shot. The opposite is untrue. Beauty is not skin deep, it is below the skin. What makes you beautiful?

Are you purrfect for me? I like to chase things on the screen at first and bang my pads on this letter thing a few hundred times before running into traffic and hurting myself or somebody else. I have a few wounds which I'm still licking and my cropped mane needs a little time to grow back. I would like some friendship and encouragement from ladies who would like to share some thoughts, dreams, whims, ideas, laughs, smiles, or feelings, in pleasant conversation. I do email and instant messaging if you'd like to chat. If you think you'd like to scratch behind my ears, share a warm bowl of milk, and get to know me, then meow in my direction. Please tell me about yourself and how you would make a good lioness for me. Take your time, I could lie here all day and do nothing but yawn!

Wow, you made it all the way to the end! Thanks for hanging in there. As a reward, if you can call it that, I'll let you in on a little secret. If you would like my pic psswrd all you need do is email me and tell me you read both my ads. If you can't email me, tickle me three times and I'll know. Be forewarned, I keep my profile pics PG-13 because, in my humble opinion, there are too many dicks swinging in the wind on this site (hey, maybe I'm wrong). I'm pretty comfortable with my nudity but I try to have a little decorum. That said, if you would like to see one more, email me or tickle me three. It's all soft core.
Remember that an ad ....
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Thoughts and observations
There are instances in life that make you say "What the!" Other times you just say "oh well". Sometimes you say both. Included here are things that made me stop & think......but then I let them go.
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Life is no bowl of cherries
Thursday, July 19, 2012
I recently read a blog where a family member was suffering an illness and the SA member was upset for themselves and their family members. I posted this comment and decided to include it in my blog...............

Unfortunately, life is no bowl of cherries. In the movie Fight Club the lead character says "On a long enough timeline, the survival rate for everyone is zero" and in reality, that is the fact of the matter. Be comforted that we live in a time when medical science can decipher illnesses that our parents lost friends and loved ones to, and they were presumed to have died of natural causes. As we age we need to come to terms with the fact that, someday, we'll lose everybody, including ourselves, and that is part of our destiny. Be comforted in the fact that we can't be cheated by death because we were blessed with life. We didn't ask for it, we certainly didn't earn it, but we were gifted with life. And life gifted you a son. Life is about what we manage to acquire or create for ourselves, not what we've lost. We take nothing with us but we leave behind the love that we've shared and only that, the love. Be comforted that the only reason we are saddened, is because we know love. To be loved is to be missed.

Remember the good times...............and the regular day to day times as well. John Lennon wrote "Life is what happens while you're busy making other plans". Let's remember to appreciate the small things, the simple pleasures, and the company of those around us. After all, isn't that what makes up our lifetime?

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Things I've Learned along the way........
Wednesday, July 18, 2012
When you are this don't have to clean the house!


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for your photo comments...
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mmmmm nice pic dear..,now show that sexy smile dear
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 for the lovely message you sent me . xxx
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Thanks for visiting my good-looking man you!!  
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