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Older Man seeking love
Men Seeking Women
I'm a 57 years old White Male 5'5 Dark Brown Hair and Blue eyes. I'm trying to find someone one special, someone that is willing to share the rest of OUR life together. Here are my thought on the woman I like to have in my life.

What I'm seeking is a Woman. Someone who know what a Daddy is and know what a daddy and daughter relationship is. For those that think it mean SUGAR DADDY don't even bother getting in touch with me. The baby girl must love to be kiss, cuddles and touch. She must love to have her hair comb and brush, she must enjoy getting spanks and punish. When the time come and it is right, I'll be willing to move in and help pay for half the bills. I have done itin the past. Well so if my pictures didn't break your monitor or scared you always and you are looking for someone that is Kind, Gentle and have a heart then write me and let see What kind of a Daddy and daughter relationship we can developed into. You must also enjoy giving and receiving Massages..

1. I start at your feet and massage your sole and between your toes for 30-45 minutes on each feet, never going past the ankles. I also try and pop each toes.
2. I then massage your calf's for 30-45 minutes on each legs from your ankle to your knee never passing the knees.
3. I then massage your thighs for 30-45 minutes on each legs, from your knees to your buttock.
4. I then do your back, from your waist to your neck and spend 30-45 minutes there as well as try and pop your back.
5. I then do your neck and head, yes I give scalp massages and last about 30-45 minutes.
6. I then turn you over and massage your temples for 20-30 minutes.
7. I then massage your chest and breasts and belly. Yes your breasts are massage as well and that last for 30-45 minutes
8. I then do your thighs and calf's down to your ankles that last 30-45 minutes
9. I then do a quick massage on your feet again.

so it can last between 2-6 hours
Remember that an ad ....
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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I'm BACKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK...Well after a week in the hospital and having things done to my inside and a Whole day of recovery,  Decided to come in and say hi to all. Still a bit shakey on a few things, but I'm sure I'll get over the hump as the days goes on by.

So my today tropic is Wonder if any one had ever met and found out DAMN there is nothing here like there was online. Online you were sure you found MR./MISS/MRS Perfect and then met and found out shit I got to get rid of this person.  But you're thinking  how to do it without hurthing the other one feeling.  So like to hear from those that can come up with some ideas.....Only brought this up because of something that happen to me a few years ago when this Lady came to visit. From what her picture was like and from what she was like when we first met I thought damn the pic must been her daughter. Anyway I never left the airport with her, I had some money and ask my daughter for a 100.00 went to the airline ticket booth and said a One way ticket please back to Tampa bay. Paid for it walk to the lady and handed it to her and said, My suggestion in the future is be honest to the person........As my daughter and myself turn to leave, her replyed to me was FUCK YOU CHUCK you don't know me....True I didn't know her, but her lies was enough alone to convense me that we would not be compatable.....Not to mention her outburst like that in a public place.....So now that is why when I talk to someone I want to see them on cam as well as pictures.

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Farewell to All
Sunday, February 15, 2009

Today I just cancel my recurring billings. Due to some Real Time issures I won't be around for awhile. I won't get into it here, but let just say, it some strong family problems that need to be deal with. I will not delete my account here, that will be staying. So once things get taking care of I will be back.  I made many friends here, and I don't think I really made any enemys, but if I did so be it.  Just know that I'm sadden by this and really wish to not go through what I'm going to be dealing with. So saying this going to go into the chats and play around a bit then I'll say my byes to all. I'll be thinking of each and everyone of you. I wish I could truely say how long I will be gone but I truely can't say. It could be 2 weeks or 3 weeks, it could be 2 months or 6 months, I have no idea, I just hope that when I return many of you will be around still. Bye my friends.

Chuck AKA UnicornWarrior


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Happy Or UnHappy Valintine Day
Saturday, February 14, 2009

For those that have their love for someone Happy Valintine Day.

Now for those that have no one Unhappy V-Day

What is Valintine Day? Why is it some are lucky to find that special someone and others just get hurt worst when this day come along. Why are we/they alone? Is it because we're picky?, is it because we no longer trust people to come close to us? or is it that so many of us try so hard to find that person for us that past someone on by without knowing. How about those of us that just act like Scrooge's, Bah' Humbug, Do we really mean such words to ourself or do we say it because other are happy?.  Well for myself I'll be honest.  I say Humbug because I have no one to share this day with. Oh yes I have many friends, but those that are like me understand my meaning deeply. It hurt, and it hurt badly.  I woke up and went outside, and here it's is only 5:01 walk down the street to eat. While waiting for the waitress I observe my surrounding at Denny's and seen couples, both young and old, holding hands and kissing. I ask myself how did this Start and Why, I said who ever started Valentine must had been some young people so deeply in love they wanted to help others that was not. So I swore when I return home I was going to research and find out what this day is suppose to be all about. I got up after eating and headed home. Here is what I found out about this misable day.


Valentine or Valentinus, is the name of at least two celebrated
saints. The most celebrated are the two martyrs whose festivals fall
on February 14, the one, a Roman priest, the other, bishop of Terni. It
would appear from the legends that both lived during the reign of the
emperor Claudius (Gothicus); that both died on the same day; and that
both were buried on the Via Flaminia, but at different distances from
Rome. Many authorities believe that the lovers' festival associated with
St. Valentine's day comes from the belief that this is the day in
spring when birds begin their mating. There is another view held,

In the days of early Rome a great festival was held every February
called "Lupercalia", held in honor of a god named Lupercus. During the
founding days of Rome the city was surrounded by an immense wilderness
in which were great hordes of wolves. The Romans thought they must have
a god to watch over and protect the shepherds with their flocks, so
they called this god Lupercus, from the Latin word, lupus, a wolf.
One of the amusements on this festival day was the placing of young
women's names in a box to be drawn out by the young men. Each young
man accepted the girl whose name he drew, as his lady love.

This custom has changed throughout the years, during Christian times
the priests put the names of saints and martyrs into the boxes to be
drawn out. The name that was drawn out was called one's "valentine" and
the holy life of that person was to be imitated throughout the year.
It was at one time the custom in England for people to call out "Good
morning, 'tis St. Valentine's Day", and the one who succeeded in saying
this first expected a present from the one to whom it was said, making
things pretty lively on St. Valentine's Day.

Paper valentines date back to the 1500's but it took the enterprise of
America to make a buck at it. Esther A. Holland, who produced one of the
first American commercial Valentines in the 1840's sold 5,000 dollars worth -
when 5,000 was a LOT of money - in the first year. 

AD: Valentines Day gifts have become a big part of American tradition.
Valentine's Day gift baskets are just one of the many forms of gifts that
loved ones give to each other. Through the Internet you can easily
send gift baskets and other gifts without ever leaving your home.

So after all that research and all, I Still have that one question....WHY

Why are so many of us alone.  Well enough Ranting on this BAH HUMBUG DAY..Have fun all.


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Mind Games
Thursday, February 12, 2009

Now before anyone jump the Gun, this is not about the problems that was happening the last 2-3 days, that been clear up and things are good.

This is about peoples that say mean things on messenger and playing with peoples feelings. All of us are a person behind the monitor and have feelings So why deliberletly hurt someone by rubbing things into their face. Yes I know Block and Delete.  But come on peoples we have feelings so what will happen when it done to you? I bet you would be hurt if someone do things like that to you.  Anyway that it for now.


Yes I know this is most likely the shortest I wrote. So all that love my blogs forgive me for this shorty blog.

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Behind peoples Back
Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Listening to a few friends telling me that a certain lady been going around and talking about me behind my back. Funny I'm in the chat room yesterday and she say it openly that if I have anything to say to say it to her.  Well let see now.

1. Everything I told her was in my ad.

2. Strange I never mention any names yet I did't know who she was until she said that in her new nic.

3. So she tell me to say it to her, then she goes around and telling peoples things about me. Well Sweety go ahead. Because those that are my friends and read what was in my ad will know I was not playing games. Why Because it all there no hiding words or double meaning.

4. I didn't delete my account and come back as another. But without mentioning names I been told that this is not the first time. Sooooooooooo...Let the records speak for itself.

Finishing that up, I just like to say sure hope the next guy don't spill his feelings then get dump cold turkey. I just want to say I'm not turning this into a Feud that for little kids. I'm willing to remain friends and let it go at that.

To everyone else, I'm sorry you guys have been drags into this. So asking you guys to please let this slide and just be friends. So enough let the truce flag fly with honor.


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    Hey hoping 2010 is a much better year for you and everyone you know!!  Not seen you in a long time....take care!  Your friend....BN4U
Added: Friday, January 1, 2010 10:33pm
  Just dropping in to say HI!.... hope all is well... your friend BN4U
Added: Monday, September 28, 2009 4:53pm
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