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Do you like pina coladas..........????
Men Seeking Women
Gettin' caught in the rain.......Or the sun, or the cold, or the heat.......

If you're not into yoga..........but you appreciate the benefits of flexibility..

And you have half a brain.......so you cn carry on a conversation more than "Oh, baby, yes!!"

If you like making love at midnight...or midafternoon, sunset, or sunrise..

In the dunes at the cape.....or the kitchen, the hallway, the floor, in a warm, fluffy featherbed....

You get the idea. If you think the most erotic thing in the world is exploring your way around a new partner, learning what makes her giggle, moan, sigh......discovering the way her lips become soft and puffy from prolonged kissing......learning her taste, her scent, the feel of her skin........then drop me a line. You sound like someone I'd like to meet.
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A Bunch of Thank-You's & a big I'm Sorry
Saturday, January 15, 2011
 I need to say thank you to all my friends here who were concerned when I suddenly disappeared from the chats.  We've finally finished with the appointments, consults, surgeries, follow-ups, and rehabs.  My wife has been declared healthy subject to long-term checkups.

You were all so kind and, once you knew the story, were very considerate to let me devote my time to the immediate problem.  I can't tell you how much it meant.

I also need to say a very big "I'm sorry" to a wonderful, beautiful, sweet, loving woman I barely got to know right before all this happened.  We had the chance to spend only a few hours together, but you made me feel so special. 
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Waking up
Monday, February 15, 2010
 It's still dark out.  I can tell without even opening my eyes.  I'm all snuggled up under the comforter.....the flap of it partially over my face, directing my warm breath back under to create a little nest of my own.  As I lie mostly on my belly, I begin to stretch my legs, aware in my state of semi-conciousness of the friction of my half hardness against the smoothness of the sheet and the warmth of the mattress that my leg recently rested on.  So soft, warm, and smooth.  I can feel myself growing without even thinking about it.  Disjointed erotic images begin a slow, sensual crawl through my brain.  They come to me unbidden as I continue to allow myself to slide millimeter by millimeter over the fabric.  Time has no meaning to me now.  The only sensation is the incredible feeling my mind is processing.  I have no other senses......taste, smell, sight, sound are all meaningless.  I have to roll over, to lay on my back, to give my hardness a little freedom.  As I turn, it springs free, and I have a new sensation.....the tension created by my mast holding up the soft weight of the comforter.  Even the beating of my heart creates enough movement to prolong that exquisite tingling.  I can't let this feeling stop, can't even settle for merely letting it continue.  I have to have more.  I know I must reach down and feel myself.  Almost as soon as the thought enters my mind, I feel fingers slowly tracing up and down the shaft, as if thinking made it so.  One of the fingers slowly, methodically circling the head, beginning to spread my wetness.  Now the fingers begin their journey downward, toward my balls, deliberately cupping and kneading them as they hang low in the heat of the bed.  The combination of these feelings is dragging me out of sleep, filling me with an urgency, the images in my mind no longer abstract.  I have a mission, a goal, a need.  As I begin to cross the barrier of conciousness, I have two separate, but equally pleasurable thoughts.  I'm going to cum..........and the fingers aren't mine.
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The unwritten rule
Thursday, February 11, 2010
 First, I'd like to say that I've met some really great folks here, both online and a few in real life.  I consider some good friends, even if we only have an online relationship.
Next, I HAVE actually met a few people from here in real life.  Everyone that I've met have been very nice, whether anything sexual developed or not.
Having said the above, I have to say that those RT meetings were difficult to arrange.  The biggest obstacle in all cases was distance.  I used to travel quite a bit for my job, and that eased the difficulty, but for the last 6-7 months, I haven't been in a position to travel.  It may be that I live in a "member-poor" area, but I'm beginning to think that there really is some unwritten rule that says "Thou shalt not meet anyone online who lives close to you."
I'll keep trying, but for anyone who stumbles over this blog......if you're in the area, don't be shy about getting in touch.
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First Kiss
Sunday, May 24, 2009
Last night was another first meeting with someone I met here.  It went like most of these meetings go.  Although we had chatted and spoken on the phone, there was that initial bit of awkwardness.  But once we settled into conversation, and after a couple drinks, we were almost like old friends chatting away.  Eventually, however, the evening had to end.  As we were preparing to go our separate ways, the moment was quickly upon us.  Do I kiss her goodnight?  Do I settle for a friendly hug?
Taking that leap of faith has always been difficult for me.  After all, despite our previous conversations, this was the first time we'd actually lain eyes on each other.  As we stood by her car, the moment just felt so right.  I leaned into her, gently put my arms around her, and drew her to me for that first, gentle, tentative kiss.  Her lips were so soft.  I could feel her pressing her body into mine.  I could breathe her scent.  After far too little time, we broke off the kiss.  I didn't want to let her go.  As I handed her into her car, we made plans to meet again.  Perhaps we'll get to know each other better, perhaps we'll even go to bed together, but I'll always have the memory of that first kiss.
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A curious thing
Saturday, May 23, 2009
Why is it that most couples' postings always seem to say that it's the woman who's bi or bi-curious?  The guy is usually listed as straight.
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Happy New Years sweety!
Added: Thursday, December 31, 2009 9:03pm
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