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I love being naked and giving pleasure to my lady.
Men Seeking Women
I love taking chances and doing things naked. I'm am a very sensitive guy who loves to pleasure my mate. My partners pleasure is more important than mine. I love bringing my partner to multiple orgasms with my tongue. Right now I'm just looking to find a friend to chat with. Read my Blog to see how I would bring pleasure to my partner.
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Casual Encounter
I was sitting at home and my wife's niece came to visit, she's in her mid 40's. She is a very sweet woman has a very pretty face, but she has some self esteem issues because she is a BBW. We chatted a while and she wanted to know how I was doing. I told her I was fine but I really wanted to know how she was doing. She said she was doing fine. I asked again, are you really ok, how are you and your husband getting along. She was a bit reserved and I urged her more. How are you really doing? I then asked her if I could ask her a personal question and I told her I hoped she didn't get offended. She said Ok; go ahead she wouldn't get offended. I then asked her when was the last time she had an orgasm. She looked at me with those big brown eyes with a startled look. I told her that I said I was going to ask a very personal question. She then took a deep breath and said I can't remember. I then asked her if she gave herself her last orgasm or did her husband give it to her. She just smiled and laughed and said, I gave myself an orgasm. I then ask her if her husband had ever given her an orgasm with his tongue. She smiled and laughed again, Hell No. I then looked her in the eyes and come here. She gave me a puzzled look and I said come over here. READ ENCOUNTER CONTINUED BELOW, for the rest of the story.
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Started Exercising
Saturday, October 2, 2010
I just recently started exercising, cause I've got to loose some weight. I'm walking for 30 minutes on the treadmill and I have it under the carport and I walk every morning early NAKED! It feels so good and I love the feel of working out in plain view. Just posted video of one of my walks.
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Picnic In The Park - A Tale of two online friends
Thursday, November 26, 2009
This story begins with Sue who is middle age and has been married for 20 years; she lives a comfortable life with her husband. Her children are grown and married and she has 2 grandchildren. Sue is a very attractive full figured woman with large breasts that complement her hourglass figure. She has taken good care of herself over the years.

John is also middle age and he has been married 29 years. His children are grown and he has 3 grandchildren.  John is a handsome guy about 6’1” who may be carrying a few extra pounds, but carries them well.

Both are missing something in their lives that they are not finding at home. They both carry on normal lives with their families but they miss the occasional intimate touch or loving caress from their spouses.

They met online in a chat room, and overtime they developed a close friendship. After chatting online for over a year they decided that they would meet one day for lunch, just to meet and have a face to face conversation. Neither of them had much free time, and any meeting would have to be during the week. They had to be very careful; they couldn't just go to a public place with a lot of people and chance being seen together.

Finally John suggested a picnic lunch in the State Park which was located about half way between both of them. It was Fall, and kids would be in school, summer vacations would be over and the park would not have many visitors. They decided they would have a picnic basket lunch and just enjoy a couple of hours alone together.

When the appointed day arrived Sue was up early, but she still had to get her husband off using her usual daily routine. About 7:30 her husband left for work and she was alone and it was time for her to start getting herself ready for her lunch date with John. The anticipation was exhilarating and she didn’t want it to end. She went upstairs and started laying out the clothes she was going to wear. Since it was a picnic in the park she wanted to wear something casual, but sexy, so she had bought a special dress for the occasion. The dress she had picked was a long flowing Sun Dress that buttoned up the front with about 20 buttons. The buttons started right below her neckline and came to within 6 inches of the bottom hem, this way she could control how daring she wanted to be by adjusting the buttons. Now she had a decision to make, what was she going to wear underneath the dress? She had picked out a matching set of black lace panties and bra, but she was still undecided, so she decided to take her bath and then make up her mind.

Sue ran a tub of hot water with her favorite bubble bath in it. As she started bathing she couldn’t stop rubbing her nipples and pussy as she lathered up. She felt so alive and she couldn’t get over how good it felt. Then a wicked desire came over her, she wanted to shave all the hair from her pussy and she wanted it to be slick as a baby’s bottom. She had dreamed of doing this but she could never get the nerve to do it, not that it would raise any alarms with her husband, since their intimate moments were few and far between, he probably would never know.

So, she told herself, “YES”, and proceeded to shave every hair until she was slick as a baby’s butt. When she was finished she couldn’t help but rub and stoke herself and it felt good. She wondered if John would have the opportunity to find out she was shaved, during their brief lunch. The thought of him running his hand up and down her bare pussy was almost too much; she could feel the first tingles of an orgasm beginning. She just lay back in the warm water and savored the moment.

When she finished bathing she got out and dried off and looked at herself in the mirror, her breasts were still firm and standing out and she liked what she saw. She then started fixing her hair and makeup and she decided to just stay naked. Standing in front of the mirror naked felt so good; her nipples were hard as a rock and poking out about a half inch. As she went about putting on her makeup she would let the inner part of her wrist brush against her nipples and when she did, she would just shiver all over.

She was liking this so much she decided to just stay naked as she went about getting her things together; roaming around the house naked felt so good. She even ventured downstairs to get a glass of water and the feeling of being naked as she sashayed around the house past all the open windows felt so liberating. Her husband was such a prude about nudity; he even liked the lights to be off when they had sex.

Sue glanced at her watch and decided she had better start getting dressed. When she got back to the bedroom she remembered she still had a decision to make, what to wear underneath the sun dress. Still feeling kind of wicked and aroused from the feeling of being nude she decided she would not wear anything underneath the sun dress.

She had dreamed of going out in public without anything on underneath her clothes. Going shopping and letting the salesman in the shoe store look up her dress and see her without her underwear on, trying on clothes in the department store change room and being completely naked with the door ajar and some bored husband getting a glimpse of her naked body, going grocery shopping with a short skirt on and bending over to get cans of the bottom shelf and flashing the stock boy.

Now with her hair fixed and her makeup on she picked up her perfume and spayed a little in the palm of her hand, she took one finger and dipped it into the perfume and dabbed a little on each nipple, then she dabbed a little behind each ear, then dabbed a little on the outside of her pussy’s lips; “didn’t want to overdo it”. She slipped her arms through the sleeves of the sun dress and pulled it closed and started buttoning buttons until it was completely buttoned. She turned around and slipped on her shoes and stood in front of the full length mirror.

“Oh you look good girl”, she whispered to herself

She reached up and undid a couple of the top buttons and glanced at herself again;

“She undid one more button”, just right she thought to herself.

As she stood in front of the mirror she was glowing and had a giddy feeling that she hadn’t felt in years. Sue was excited and aroused and could feel the wetness between her legs, she was ready to go.

When she got to the car she did a quick inventory to be sure she wasn’t forgetting something.

I’ve got my purse, I’ve got my keys, I’ve got plenty of gas, I’m presentable if I get pulled over by a cop, John’s bringing the lunch basket, Hair’s done, Jewelry on, naked under my dress, “YES”.

Then she remembered how wet she was between her legs and she didn’t want her dress to get wet from her sitting on it. She decided she’d just pull her dress from underneath her, so her naked butt would be on the leather car seat. When she tried to pull the dress from under her, she realized that she needed to unbutton some of the bottom buttons, so she undid about 6 buttons and this allowed her to pull the dress’s skirt from underneath her.

Oh, it was such an exhilarating feeling, sitting in her driveway with her naked butt on the leather seat and her shaved pussy almost exposed; she could fell herself getting more turned on by the minute.

She glanced at her watch and knew she was still on schedule. Sue put the keys in the ignition and started the car and pulled out of the driveway. As she drove from her house to the interstate through town she did not even try to cover herself up. “God this feels good”, she thought to herself

It was going to take about 45 minutes to get to the park and she didn’t want to be late. It was a sunny fall day and the temperature was about 75 degrees, “PERFECT”.

As she maneuvered through traffic and got onto the Interstate highway she became aware that the drivers of the big trucks might be able to see her exposed pussy; and that thought excited her even more. Feeling more daring, Sue reached down and unbuttoned another button and another and another until she was exposed from her waist down; “Oh, I love this feeling” she whispered to herself.

She reached down and rubbed her exposed pussy and slipped a finger inside her throbbing pussy lips, it felt so good, and when she pulled her finger out it was soaking wet. She slowly brought her finger to her lips and touched the tip of her finger to her tongue; “Oh god it tasted so good”.

When she came back to reality she noticed a truck had pulled up beside her and she knew he had to have seen everything she had just done. She sped up a little bit and the truck honked 3 times broadcasting his approval. She reached over and pulled a handkerchief from her purse and ran it between her legs to wipe up some of the flowing juices from her pussy, her car seat was soaking wet. The thought of the truck driver watching as she played with herself almost brought her to an orgasm.

Sue glanced at her watch again; about 15 more minutes driving time before she gets to the park entrance. Still swirling on a sexual high, she felt even more daring. She reached down and started slowing unbuttoning more buttons.  When she unbuttoned that last button, the front of her dress flew wide open and her breasts stood straight out and her nipples were hard as rocks sticking straight out. Her pussy was throbbing and she knew she was going to have an orgasm. About that time she noticed another truck had eased up beside her, she was in the left lane and she knew the driver had an open view of her from the shoulder down.

God this was so exciting and she knew she couldn’t stop now; she did not try to speed up, she wanted him to watch. She eased her left had between her legs and started rubbing her pussy and flicking her index finger inside to rub her clitoris, and she found just the right spot. On and on, her and the truck, side by side, all the while rubbing her clitoris until she shuttered all over from an orgasm.

Immediately, Sue lifted her foot off the gas pedal and the truck pulled away, tooting his horn as he did. She slowed down even more and pulled off on the shoulder of the Interstate. She stayed parked a few minutes to compose herself  and savor the orgasm and pull herself back together before meeting John. Sue buttoned herself back up except for the lower buttons on her dress so she could keep her skirt out from under her, until she got to the park. The seat was soaking wet from her orgasm.

Sue pulled back onto the Interstate and drove the last few miles before she had to exit into the park. When she got to the park she was still a few minutes early, so she pulled into the public parking area to wait on John.  She picked up her keys to go to the public restroom to freshen up a bit before John arrived.  She knew that the back of her dress would get wet when she got out of the car and stood up, so she looked around the area and didn’t see anyone around, so she grabbed the hem of her skirt as she stood up and walked to the restroom nude from the waist down. “Oh what a rush, that felt good”, she thought.

After drying her bottom with tissue she checked her hair, straightened her dress and checked her buttons and unbuttoned 3 on the top and left 3 on the bottom undone. Sue looked at herself in the mirror one more time and nodded with approval and headed back to the car. When she came out of the restroom she saw John sitting in his truck, smiling.

John got out and walked around his truck and opened the door for her and when she was inside he closed it and came around and got back in the driver’s side. He reached over and touched her hand and asked if she had a good trip. Sue just smiled and said “Oh, it was great!” John said; let’s go find a spot to have lunch. John knew this park well and he knew an area where they could have a picnic lunch and most likely, not’ be disturbed.

As John drove through the narrow park roads he glanced over at Sue and said; you look really great, you are glowing.

“For the first time in a long time I feel really alive”, Sue replied

“Do you want to elaborate”, John replied

“Ever since I started getting ready this morning, I’ve felt so uninhibited and free”, Sue replied

About that time John pulled over and parked the truck. He told Sue that there was a picnic area back off the road and they could walk down to it.

John got out and came around and opened her door to help her out of the truck. John moved in real close and held both her hands and whispered in her ear “You really look lovely today and I’m so glad we did this”, he then kissed her on the cheek. She turned her head to face his and they embraced in a long passionate kiss. After the kiss John stepped back a little and as Sue slid out of the truck her skirt rode up a bit and John noticed her gorgeous legs.

John reached into the back seat of the truck to gather up the picnic basket and a blanket.

Sue quickly unbuttoned a couple more of the top buttons as John was getting the basket.

When John turned around he thought something was different, but he couldn’t quite put his finger on it. It did seem like Sue was showing a lot more cleavage than before. John reached out with his free hand and grabbed Sue’s hand as they walked toward the picnic area.

The picnic area had a picnic table with benches out in the open, but the overall area was somewhat secluded.

“Do you want to put the blanket on the ground or on top of the picnic table”, asked John?

“Just spread it on the table”, replied Sue

After John had the blanket on the table Sue stepped up on the bench and sat on top of the table. John set the basket down and came over and sat in front of Sue on the bench. Sue looked down at him and said; “I’ve waited a long long time for this moment”.

I have too’ replied John

John looked up into Sue’s eyes and began slowly rubbing and squeezing her legs and thighs through her dress. Sue leaned over and held John’s head in her hands and kissed him. John returned the kiss with passion and she could feel his tongue darting in and out, the kiss lingered for what seemed an eternity.

When their lips parted Sue leaned back and smiled. Looking directly into John’s eyes, Sue began to unbutton the bottom buttons on her dress. John said, “I like your dress”. As her legs became exposed John ran his hand under her dress, up, up, up, up, and then he stopped and smiled. He realized she didn’t have anything on underneath the dress. Sue continued to unbutton the buttons, she stopped when she got to her waist.

John looked up at her and said; “aren’t you a naughty girl, what other naughty things you been doing”

Sue replied, “Well I drove most of the way over here dressed just like this”

Then Sue unbuttoned the rest of the buttons on her dress and said, “And I drove the rest of the way like this”

John said, “Got to be some lucky truck drivers out there, did you put on a show for them”

“Yes I did”, replied Sue

John could see her pearly white skin and her shaved pussy.

“I love what you have done with your hair”, John said with a big smile on his face.

“I couldn’t resist doing it this morning, it feels so good”, replied Sue

Sue leaned back a little and wrapped her legs around John’s waist pulling him closer. As Sue leaned back with her hands behind her, the dress fell off her shoulders and she was completely naked, on top of a table, in a public park, in the middle of the day.

“God I feel so free, I love the way this feels”, Sue shouted

John reached in and rubbed and caressed her pussy lips and slipped a finger inside and pulled back a dripping wet finger and brought it to his mouth and he tasted her juices.

“You taste so good”, John said

“If you’re hungry, help yourself”, replied Sue

John then reached his hands behind her butt and pulled her closer until his face was right in front of her dripping wet shaved pussy. He started licking and kissing her pussy and he parted her lips with his tongue and flicked it several times. John buried his head into her soaking wet pussy and found her clitoris with his tongue and starting sucking and licking, he could feel Sue’s body shutter each time he flicked her clitoris with his tongue.

After a few more minutes John stopped and whispered to Sue, “lay back”.

John got up off the bench and walked around and set the picnic basket on the ground.

He then grasp Sue’s hand and lay her back onto the picnic table with her feet on the end edge of the table, and her knees sticking straight up and her legs spread, he started kissing and licking her hot wet pussy again. He continued his assault on her clitoris sucking and licking and flicking, over and over and over until her body shook from her first orgasm. He did not stop his assault, he continued sucking, kissing, licking over and over giving her multiple orgasms.

He finally stopped when she screamed “oh god, please I can’t take anymore”, she just lay there whimpering. John crawled up on top of the table with her and wrapped his arms around her and held her tight and kissed and caressed her gently.

“I’ve waited a long time for this moment”, John whispered

“I’ve dreamed of this moment so many nights”, replied Sue

Sue moved John’s had down to her throbbing pussy and said, “Can you feel that, I’ve never had such a powerful orgasms as that”.

She was still having mini orgasms.

“Yes, I feel it Sue”, replied John

“After about 15 minutes of silence, with both just cuddled together”, Sue looked at John and said; “Are you ready for lunch”.

John quipped, “I just had mine, it was delicious”

“Are you hungry”, asked John?

“No, I’m fully satisfied”, replied Sue
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Encounter Continued
Saturday, November 7, 2009
She was sitting on the couch and I was sitting in my recliner. I then said very forcefully, Anita come over here. After what seemed like an eternity she stood up and walked over to me. I stayed seated and looked her squarely in the face and put my hands on her hips, she didn't flinch. I then reached my hands up under her dress and slowly worked my hands up her legs letting my warm hands caress her silky skin. All the time I never stopped looking into her eyes. When I got to her waist I slipped my fingers in the waistband of her panties. I slowly started pulling them down, down, down until they were at her ankles. I grabbed each ankle and lifter each leg and stepped her out of her panties. Still looking her in her eyes I slowly eased my left hand up the inside of her legs, up, up, up until I could feel the hairs on her throbbing pussy. I began to rub and caress the outer lips of her pussy and I could feel the warmth and her wetness. I slowly slipped one finger inside of her and she was very wet. I just kept looking at her while I found her clitoris and began slowly massaging it. As I slowly flicked my finger she began to moan. She was getting wet and hot and I could tell she loved every minute of it.
I stopped and she opened her eyes and I took my hands from under her dress and I stood up and I whispered to her, come over here. I took her over to the couch and sit her down and told her to lay back. When she was lying back I got down on the floor and started kissing and caressing her legs and I slowly worked my way up her inner thighs. With the skirt of her dress covering my head I  slowly kissed my way up to her hot wet pussy. I slowly eased her legs open wide as my tongue flicked the outer lips of her pussy. I kissed and sucked and found her clitoris with my tongue. I sucked her clitoris into my lips and my tongue started flicking back and forth trying to find the right spot. I continued this assault until I felt her start quivering and shaking and finally she convulsed through several orgasms. I slowed my assault until she stopped moving. I gave her pussy a big kiss and slipped from under her skirt and looked at the glazed look in her eyes.
I then leaned back and said, how was that Anita.
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After the Encounter
Thursday, November 5, 2009
I got up and went back to my chair and Anita remained real quiet, she seemed to still be recovering from her multiple orgasms. I picked up her panties before I sit down. When she roused she looked over at me and smiled and said that was the most powerful orgasm she had ever had. Thank you she said, I told her she was quite welcome. She told me she had better get going her husband would be wondering where she was. I told her to come over to my chair. She got up off the couch and stood in front of me and I handed her her panties, but I held on to her hand before I released them to her and I told her not to put them back on. I told her that from now on I did not want her to wear any underwear. She gave me a startled look and I squeezed her hand and told her she was not to wear any underwear, I wanted her to go without underwear all the time. She said I can't do that and I squeezed her had again and Anita, NO MORE UNDERWEAR. I told her I would be calling her to be sure she was following my instruction. I released my grip from her hand and told her to put her panties in her purse. She followed my instructions and I slipped my hand under her dress and started feeling how wet her pussy was and I told her I wanted to keep her wet. I then gave her a stern look and I told her I wanted her to go home and shave her pussy. She said I can't do that. I then repeated my command, Anita I want you to shave your pussy and I don't want you to wear any panties anymore. I said, you will follow my instructions! She looked down at me and said yes. We said our goodbye's and I told her I'll be in touch.
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