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Strong, Vital, Experienced Man seeks Intelligent and Attractive Woman for Sex, Company, and Sharing
Men Seeking Women
I am a great masculine Firehose of love.... I seek an equivalently great, deep, feminine Pool of love to pour my passions into. My wife is much older than I and simply cannot meet my sexual and romantic requirements. However, I am not currently in a position to depart my relationship and, moreover, I still have a great affection for her and don't wish to cause her any undue and preventable suffering.

I have a great deal of life experience to share with the right woman; I ultimately desire more than just an excellent "piece of ass" (though I certainly would not refuse such from a woman, lol)... I would, within the context of my part-time availability, share a great deal of myself and provide, not only my prodigious capacity to satisfy a woman sexually, but to be OPEN, as a source of emotional support, as an Intellectual partner, and as a man capable of helping a woman open to a deeper spiritual and philosophical understanding.
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Baudy Poetry
Read and and have a laugh ;-)
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Victorian Era Sex -- "Won't you remove your Petticoats, please?" ;-)
Sunday, January 4, 2009

I do enjoy a good laugh with a feminine woman with Class!
So, for a laugh lets entertain a period piece as a game.
Let's create a skit, that might just permit
A Victorian adventure, let say...
and in that vein, lets not abstain but debauch
with glorious Champagne!

So, a bawdy Rhyme? My Dear?


Will you play, Are you game?
Would you be my Victorian Dame?
I'll be a Man from the time...
with a Coat a Vest, and a rhyme.

Won't your remove your petticoats, please?
O dear, how your Tits bob when you sneeze!
Bless you! and don't be remiss
take my wondrous member...
do give it a kiss :)

Notice its inexorable rise
as I place it between your lovely firm thighs.
Oh, My! you exclaim as your passion does flood
Dear Sir! you compare with my equine stud!

And amidst all your frippery,
your hoops and your lace
I bend you over my trophy case
Oh YES! you do shout, I cannot relate
to my poor fucking husband of late...

Quite! I reply as I thrust deep inside
the poor trophy case near collapse
My wife is a hag! and my passions did flag
Till I found you to fuck and to shag!

So as I did cum, through my cummerbund
I marveled at our great reward
you then came once more
as we fell to the floor
the trophy case shattered in four.


The End (for now, story will likely continue...)

copywrite 2009

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Lick, Kiss, slurp, sigh
Sunday, January 4, 2009

Lick, kiss, slurp, sigh
might I bend you over my thigh?
Would you like for me to taste
your deepest, wettest, sweetest pie?

Oh yes, my dear, I have a grin
above my currently laughing chin
as I conceive of what next to do
as I bend you over a sofa or two :)

I'll ravish you first with your legs in the air!
Or should I position your butt to hang there
In perfect alignment that I might plow in
to my, very, very, chinny chin chin.

And then when you beg for it I will relent
and fill up your cunt my thick member unspent
and plow you quite nicely as I hear you cry
Oh FUCK ME, Azti!!! Oh My! Oh My!

Of course, all this fucking will go on quite a time
as I continue to fuck you and suck you in rhyme :)
And when I am ready, and you want my cum
I'll pull out and blast a big wad on your tongue!
And watch with great glee as you swallow it all
O yes, Woman! Gobble it, Gobble it all :-O

So now we'd relax and cuddle a bit
my chest offering support to your lovely left tit
and I'll kiss you and tell you Babe, you're the best!
See you next week, and... do get some rest :)

copywrite 2009

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