Male, 66   United States
Minnesota, USA
2,354 mi from you
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5' 6"
A discreet relationship, Casual sex
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Lover of BBWs in (and then out of) pantyhose
Men Seeking Women
My name Dennie; I'm 57/5'6"/150 brown hair, blue-green eyes and moustache. Travel quite a bit and would love to get together for an evening of "indoor fun"!

Looking forward to helping you relax... over and over and over again as often as you like!! I am very oral and love licking, licking and even more licking. Love women who ejaculate or are lactating... yummmm!! Will be very discreet.
Let's get together for some 'indoor play time'!!
Men Seeking BBW
Looking to get together with a special woman to 'explore and enjoy' each others company... and bodies... hehe. I travel quite a bit and would love to get together for some 'indoor fun'. If your interested in some oral attention on/in some of your 'special' areas, then we should chat and see what develops.

Looking for a woman will to 'endure' an evening which would go something like this...

I would love to give your beautiful body a nice long massage. Starting with you on your stomach, I would lay on top of you so I can feel all of you (in those pantyhose if you happen to be wearing some) underneath all of me and of course, you might feel something of mine*wink*. I would then massage your back so you are nice and relaxed. Giving your neck and back some kisses, nibbles and licks, I work my way down to your butt. I would hug it, kiss it, suck it and lick it. Then... I would massage your legs. Starting at your feet and working my way up, up and up. First the outside of your legs and then the insides... working my way up slowly to where I like to be the most but just gently touching your lips, until you are wet... very Wet. And then.... the process starts all over again with you on your back. Kisses, lots of kisses and nibbling and then the breasts... kissing, licking and of course suckling, lots and lots of suckling on your tits for a very long time. Gently licking and sucking your nipples, drawing them slowing into my mouth, deeper and deeper. Massaging them with my mouth and tongue until they are hard and perky. I would love to drink your sweet warm milk if you were lactating. Having it flow into my mouth, down my throat and feeling your warm milk inside me would feel soooo good. It would be sooo special to feel your milk and your warmth you inside of me that way. I would then kiss and lick my way lower and lower and lower until I’m so close... so close I can feel your heat. But I stop and go no further. I rise to I massage your legs again... starting with your feet and working ever so slowly, closer and closer to your wetness. When there, I would gently and softly touch you but just your outer lips hoping to increase your wetness even more. I lower my head to get close, close to see your beauty, to smell your fragrance and to gently blow on your lips. Slowly, I begin flicking my tongue on your lips... little by little I begin drawing your lips into my mouth.... first one side then the other. Gently sucking on them and rolling them in my mouth and playing with them with my tongue. Hopefully, you are now not only very wet but dripping, I love dripping. So, I bury my face and take care of the dripping... licking and drinking every drop of your excitement because it tastes soooo good (and I know you will!). You wrap those beautiful thighs of yours around my head so I don't miss a thing when you cum right in my mouth. You would also tell me if I missed any places that my mouth should visit. Then, I would put some of my fingers in you and massage your G-Spot so you can cum again and again, slow and soft... fast and hard. Then I would enter you, slowly a little at first and then deep.. very deep... then hard... then slow.. until you cum again and again. I would make sure you cum as many times as you would like to. After we are finished, we can rest a bit and then start all over again. I wake you with some gentle licking and nibbling (where ever you would like) and we can begin again. (Or you could wake me the same way!)

Hmmmm.... I'm ready... are you!!!
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My Travel Plans
I travel quite a bit for work. Will try to keep my schedule up-to-date here.
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Travel to El Segundo, CA
Saturday, January 10, 2009

Arrive afternoon of the 12th and depart afternoon of the 16th.

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