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looking for chat buddies and friends
BBW seeking Friends
yes friends , just friends, i like to talk i like to be amused and mentally stimulated, but lets face it i am not gonna be actually stepping out.
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I think and muse and sometimes rant about all sorts of stuff thats what a blog is generally with a complete lack of punctuation and capitalization
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Begging the most Fervent Forgiveness (mobile blogging)
Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I wanted to post an annotated blog post,  one of the distressing have noted is that when you post from your mobile phone, or I should clarify, when I post from My cell phone I am completely unable to spell check , or capitalize or use punctuation beyond commas and periods,  while I age I realize I use periods less and less,and while that in and of itself is a good thing, and a normal part of a woman's aging process. Admittedly personally to an extent preferring it that way, I just thought I would share my poor-poor grammar in some of my blog posts, may the society of English majors forgive my wicked ways.

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death and wow amazing thing this little connected planet
Tuesday, August 23, 2011
so lastpost i mused about finding out about how someone who usedto work emfor me had passed today i get another email. oh yes i did, another former employee has crossed the rainbow bridge. i suppose in deference i should say went to heaven he was catholic after all. but now i beging to wonder has the state of wisconsin becme hazardous to life...
i dont know but it does make you think when you find out two people who worked for you have died. granted it was years ago,still makes one wonder.

maybe i should use that during my attempts to retain valuable people who tur in this year alone two people who used to work for me ended up dead... lol
no i guess not a good idea
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"friend " or online friend? or "real" friend.
Sunday, August 14, 2011
Always moving forward!?
Spoke with a former supervisor, touching base, letting her know what was up in my life, and just general professional networking the other day , hadn't spoken to in a long long time,(about 2 years) found out one of my previous employees had been hideously murdered about a year ago and the sentencing had just happened the end of July.
the thoughts that come to mind are multi fold ,
 1. i hadn't spoken with him in over 3 years , he worked for me and i trained him ,yes its a personal process, but he wasn't exactly a "friend" so to speak , just someone who worked for me. His life was a mess when i knew him , but all in all he was a decent guy, in fact when i left the company i had reccomended him for my position.

Murdered ,like hideously from page headline murdered.
(shot 3-4 times, wait half hour and come back shot again. killed by his landlord, his body dragged behind a golf cart across a frozen field and attempted to burn in a burning barrel, that kind of  hideous) 
2. how do we now define friend? has Facebook and the internet changed that , and how much , are they not a "friend" if you have never met them face to face? really? i have an online pal. who i have chatting and facebooking with for almost two years, we met online cuz we were both on bed-rest when pregnant with our twins at the same time, but she lives in Canada and i'm in Texas , so we have never met. so is she my friend?
3 what about on here,i mean ,just like anyone else i've seen private parts and had some very indepth intimate talks with people, both sexual and not , does that make them a friend ?
 how do you define friendship  and how much has it changed with the internet?

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wow youve been gone and now youre back why?
Wednesday, July 13, 2011
i suppose its an honest question but since i only have actually known two real people from here one of whom is here cuz i sent him lol look out world it just seems wow i dont know how to desribe it within the limits of a phone keyboad how well awkward it is       nothing has changed in my personal life still w husband cant afford to leave some of yu know the story on that and just looking to reconnect to some great people who help me feel good abt me in spite of or because of my other ties in life so i guess that is it in avague sort f nutshell
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generally unperfect
Thursday, June 30, 2011
L;ife can go so well for a while then , poof bam , out of nowhere blindsided by the hugest f???ing train in the world, just pushing you along on its pre chosen course, regardless of whether its where you want to go or not 
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