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Saturday, April 21, 2012
His eyes fall on her lovely smile, noting the way the lips curl up at the corners suggesting of things to come. His heart beets faster a he approaches her and they embrace nervous at first, He pulls away, his heart thudding hard enough to be heard in London. "She's beautiful," he thinks numbly as his eyes focus on her lips again. She is smiling. His eyes move to hers and as they lock, he falls into the intense blue wells that are her eyes. Her hair cascading down her shoulders highlights her angelic face as he absorbs her image. It's like a dream, finally standing there in front of her after wanting, dreaming, hoping that this moment might possibly happen and seeing it in reality is enough to make his head explode with blinding pleasure. His hands touch her shoulders as they remain in contact after that first breathtaking embrace. He feels giddy and light headed, She's here, it isn't a dream, he wants to dance, shout; scream to the world the raw passion of his happiness and desire. 

After what seems like an eternity, her lips move, he loves looking at her lips, sensual, soft, kissable; she's talking to him. He has to stop and listen, pull away from those lovely lips and hear her voice. What is she saying? It's hard to listen when looking at her lips, he looks her in the eyes as she repeats the question, "shall we get going? I'm parked on level three." Numbly he nods and they move off together while the crowd parts around them. The way she moves, graceful, hips swinging. "She's got a great ass" he muses looking sideways at her as they move through the double glass doors into the noise and bustle of the real world. 


Her eyes are intense as he looks down into her upturned face, the raw passion and desire reflected there, her need reflects his own as they come together for their first kiss, lips brushing gently, teasing, softly nibbling, touching daring the other to make first contact. He breaks down and crushes her lips to his own, passionately kissing her. Only in his dreams, that spark of electrical passion passing between them, causes his heart to skip a beat, threatening to burst out of his chest as they embrace again passionately, aggressively needing each other taking what only the other can provide. 

They move as one, clumsily navigating their way to the bed hoping to make it there before one or the other collapses with the intense feelings coursing through their bodies. Clumsily grasping at buttons they help each other out of their clothes and, passionately kissing, lower themselves to the bed and embrace fully, feeling the silky smoothness of her legs against his, her nails digging into the muscles of his back as she tries to unite them, body and soul. 

She gasps with desire and surprise has he gently bites down on the muscles of her shoulder, moving to her neck and lower jaw, "god that feels good" she gasps as he turns his attention to the hollow of her jaw line, kissing up the side of her mouth and finally taking possession of her lips again, stealing her breath making her heart beat so heavily that she feels light headed. His hands move down the sides of her hips, back to her breasts as he cups them, feeling them, reveling in the feel of those perfect breasts that he has longed to hold, kiss, nibble. He is in heaven, can this be happening, "Who cares?" he thinks to himself as he loses himself in her smell, the sensation of her nipples hardening beneath his lips, the taste of her. She gasps as he pulls her breast into his mouth sucking, lightly nibbling moving his tongue across the tip. 

He moves his mouth to valley between her breasts and runs his tongue down to her naval, quickly exploring every contour of her flat belly down to her left leg, gently nibbling the flesh inside her thigh as she squirms with desire. She wants him, needs him. Bursting with desire, the need for release, her shortly trimmed hair moist with desire, he gently touches and kisses around her parted opening, teasing, playing with her bringing her closer to climax. She digs her nails into the muscles of his shoulder, urging, wanting; needing him. 

He looks up and smiles, laughter in his eyes as he moves back up and kisses her again gently probing with his tongue feeling her smooth teeth, tasting the sweetness of her mouth as she urgently pushes into his parted lips with her tongue seeking that parallel touch down below. He moves over her and slides his body between her legs, stopping, just before entering her. He plays with her using her moisture to lubricate himself; rubbing up and down around her opening, teasing and massaging her clit with his engorged member. He wants to make this last forever, this perfect nirvana; piece of heaven on earth. 

He, oh so slowly, pushes into her opening, pausing, moving back and forth, enthralled by the sensation as she envelopes him with her moist, hot folds. He pushes further and she thrusts her hips to meet his. They both gasp as their pubic hair meets, the fit, perfect as if made for each other. They move in unison, rubbing, touching, hitting all the perfect spots that send fireworks down her nerves causing her to cry out with passion; flame, as she digs her nails into the muscles of his back, urging him to go deeper, harder, His breath coming in short gasps, he starts to move faster, trying to hold off the inevitable, to make this last. It's hopeless, his lust winning over, he starts to move rhythmically, faster, in and out, lifting her hips off the bed with his strong hands, he pounds into her, lost in the sensation, reveling in the tightness that totally envelopes him, bringing him closer to climax. He cries out as, climaxing, he grabs her and hugs her to him, lifting her off the bed with his forearms, trying to make them one as he clasps her to him. The fire explodes through her body making her light headed as she comes with his climax, crying out, their voices making a perfect harmony to the fire in their bodies. 

They collapse in each others arms, gasping for breath, eyes closed, totally involved with the sensations of their combined bodies; their hearts beating out a rhythm, native to all lovers in unison with each other. Slowly, heart breakingly, they come down from heaven, her eyes closed, he looks at her lips, smiling, parted, with breath coming in short gasps. Her blue eyes focus on his as she leans closer and kisses him with those perfect lips. He starts to talk but she holds her finger to his lips and pulls him close. Lying there, eyes closed, living in the minute, she sighs, gently relaxing, in his arms, her head cradled in the cleft of his shoulder she slowly drifts off to sleep...
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I am not sure what you mean by  maybe too little penis... Size doesn't matter if you know how to use what god has given you.. And sexy you look like you have alot to give.. Sex is not just about sex, there is so much more to explore and enjoy.. I hope you find what you are looking for..  Beth
Added: Monday, January 3, 2011 9:23pm
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