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Want to find my bffwb - best friend forever with benefits...maybe more
BBW seeking men
Lonely lusty lady seeks a new man in her life. One that thinks he can handle a special friendship with a really great loving woman. Wanna come over and play I have the toys, contact me and lets get to know one another then I will let you play with my toys and the "Girls".
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This time in Life
Life and love at an older age.
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That dreaded air!
Friday, July 27, 2012
Since when is the air that I breath become poison...It is the same air that was out there when I was 20. But instead of a nice warm day communicating that it is the perfect day for a jaunt to the shore; It means that I should close up the house and crank up the air-conditioner! What happened that makes me become a hermit over some hot air. I can't blame it on my asthma because I had that when I was what is it? Why because I am older is the most excitement in the summer consist of sitting in the pool watching my grandson splash around for a half hour? I mean not that I don't love being with my grandson but where has all the fun gone in my life. I am starting to feel like I am an old woman! And I am not old by far...barely halfway through the like I want to live! I have a WHOLE LOT OF LIFE LEFT! But every time I try to go out and live it the DREADED AIR is there!
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Wednesday, June 20, 2012
Living in "that year" right now - you know the year when it feels like God is sending all the challenges your way. Got through the hospital stay, still recovering but alive and well. Miss my mom but got through her death, too. Lost my step-brother to cancer - will always remember him. Lost a piece of my soul when my love fell asleep forever and I know this too shall pass. All I want to know is:  WHEN WILL THIS YEAR NEVER END?!?

I am back here because I am starting over - again! But being a cup half full kind of gal I have high hopes that it will all work out!
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Young at Heart
Tuesday, June 19, 2012
No one told me that when I reached a certain age that everything I had learned up to that point would be of no help in facing the later years. That the challenges that I had already faced during my growth would pale in comparison to what I was yet to face. You know the old addage that once you hit 50 it is all down hill? Well it is starting to feel like that may be a truth in life.

Growing to this maturity I decided long ago to maintain a young attitude. It is fact that if you think young you feel young. There have been many studies to support this idea. So I have tried to stay young in my heart and mind. BUT my body won't co-operate! Since I turned 50 I have been dealing with so many things that I am ready to throw up my hands and find another way...well I would if I didn't enjoy playing in life so much and laughing and loving my way through life.

Oh well I guess I will have sit my body down and  a a long talk about it's non co-operation...perhaps I should punish Make it work with me! Hmmmm that may take awhile so I guess until then I will have keep on smiling and working my way through life young at heart; a big smile on my lips and mischief in my eyes!
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Happy Birthday
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I like the pic with the yellow best, Thanks
Added: Sunday, August 9, 2015 7:46pm
 Welcome back! A dear hug and many kisses

Added: Monday, November 19, 2012 7:09pm
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