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looking for a bi-couple
Couples seeking BBW
we would like to find a bi-couple that is close to us,, that are looking for a long term friendship with benefit's ( fun benefit's too), if not select bi-singles male and or female will not be turned downed,, but do note-we do have to get to know you first, we r not looking for some to jump into bed with us right away,, we can get those all day long, we looking for a lasting friendship,ok well if interested feel free too yell at us,,,,later
Remember that an ad ....
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sick of looking !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
we have been looking for 2 yrs, for freinds and bed buddys with no luck
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new yrs fun,,,,,,,,,,
Sunday, May 25, 2008

i want 2 tell u a story,(true 1)

    it started around christmas when a couple of our friends came over to give gifts to our boys,,,, well thay asked if thay could stay the night, and we said yes so me and the other guy went to the liqure store and spent about 40. dollers  ,,, gotta have holiday cheer right,,,,,,,,lol,,,,,well we drank a bit ,,, and played some music, and my wife and the other gf,, was danicing just a bit close so u know it made me think,,,,,,    well thay went home  but before thay left thay asked if thay could do something for new years day over here,, we said sure why not ,,,,, well it came new yrs day,,,, took for ever i think,,,,,,, but we all played cards and drank againand played music again (( i know its repition )) but its all good,,,........ well thay started tyo dance again,, and thay got drunk  i mean drunk,,,, so the other girl went to lay down on our bed,,, and my wifewent to get to come back in the livein room but she laid down too right beside her,,,,, well all in all,  me and the other guy stayed in the livin room for a bit,, he went in ther first,, and set down beside them,,, and thay wasnt doing nothing yet,, and he said i bet you wont finger her (( 2 my wife)) and she said ya i will do anything i want to do,,,,,, well that went on n on for about 25 min,,    and when i went in there the covers was pulled up over them so i couldnt see nothing but one thing------ the other girls eyes rolled back in her head, so i looked at him and hummm whats she doin,,, he said ur wife is fingering her,, i said no way (( now mind you i have never saw this and or her doing this before when came out )) and thay looked at me and said yes, and pulled the covers back ,,, wow that shits hott i thought  so i set back and watched,,, the other  guy well got off on his old ladys leg and passed out,,,, but any way,,,,,,,,,, my wife moved a bit and opps her face was on the other girls shaved pubic region,,,   and you know i was think oh shit,,, ya i was,,,, well the girl kinda moved a bit to get her finger in side my wife and by this time i was sittin behind my wife  (( just observing 4 now ))  and she slide her finger in her tight hole and my wife moaned a bit,  and that just made her lick even lick harder,,,,and thay both were moaning and groaing,,,,,,,,,, and well since the both had to much to drink that ,,, aat that point ended the night,,, i got to see a couple of things after but not much,,,,,, that was 2 1/2 years ago,,,,, and i and her would love to do that again,,,,,,   ok well hope you injoy

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well what do we do now,?
Saturday, May 24, 2008

      well what are supposed to do know,,, we have tryed every site out there to try to find peopl with the same interestes as us,, but nobody wants too,,,, the one and only one couple contacted us nothing happened, and then come to find out she got caught cheating on her old man and thay split up, and wanted nothing to do with the life style no more,,

     so i just dont know what we are doing wrong,,,,

   WILL SOMBODY TELL US IF WE ARE,,,, we are a bi-and bi-couruse couple and all we are looking for is friends and then after we all see if we click then do what ever comes to mind,,,,



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We get up that way couple tiems a year. Would love to get to know yall. We are a like minded couple.

Added: Saturday, November 1, 2008 1:18pm
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